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The current rapid downward spiral / decline in the economy was started by the previous regime and is mostly a part of the dangerous anti – state agenda of the previous regime

1. Record Historical Loan Taken

2. Record Corruption and Scandals

3. The Horrible IMF Deal

4. Economic Landmines Laid Down

5. Record Decline in State Bank Reserves

6. Foreign Funding

7. USA in Cohoots with PTI

8. If Government of PTI had Stayed in Power

9. The Agenda including the Great Reset

Following evidences provided in the blog are from government sources, PTI’s media & economic team and other reliable sources

Record Historical Loans Taken

The PTI’s legacy

Record Corruption and Scandals

More corruption scandals:

Basically its a gang/mafia (عصبة) of people which destroys economies.

And these mafias were running amok in the previous regime and remained active in Punjab and KPK under Pervaiz Ilahi and Mahmood Khan

Extensive Helicopter Misuse (430 Million Rupees) by IK Who Advocated Bicycle Use

Why does’t IK present himself before the courts, despite the judiciary apparrently siding with him?

Nicely Summarized here:

The Horrible IMF Deal

Economic Landmines Laid Down

PTI’s Chairman FBR and economic expert Mr. Shabbar Zaidi himself admitting how PTI destroyed the economy:

Record Decline in State Bank Reserves

Foreign Funding

Proved by one of PTI’s favorite journalists, Mr Arshad Sharif (marhoom):

PTI diverted Shaukat Khanum hospital funds to party funds:

Where did all the foreign funded money go?

USA in Cohoots with PTI

IMF Giving Pakistan Tough Time:

Raza Baqir: Common Economy Destroyer of Pakistan and Egypt:

This man Raza Baqir was a governor of Eygpt’s State Bank and he had destroyed their economy and then he was appointed by ex PM Imran Khan, as the Head State Bank Governor of Pakistan , that destroyed Pakistan economy too

The following journalist is mentioning the financial crisis similarities between Eygpt and Pakistan’s economy, but he had forgotten to mention one important thing, Raza  Baqir.

Egypt Came Close to Default? – Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kay Saath – Geo News

PTI ex – Finance Minister’s Secret Letter to IMF Against Pakistan’s Interests:

Other Zionist – influenced institutions and countries like World Bank, Saudi Arabia etc are waiting for the IMF deal, while Pakistan’s Foreign Reserves Dwindle Further

If PTI Had Stayed in Power

The country would have defaulted long time ago!

The Agenda

Dr. Israr Ahmad RA was right!

PTI clearly an Anti – State Party!

PTI Turned out Worse than the Status Quo!

PTI: The Great Deception or Dajl

Basically its a gang of elitists (Gog and Magog) which create economic fasaad and destroy economies.

All this is part of ‘The Great Reset’ which shall be discussed in our next blog in sha Allah

And Allah Knows Best!

3 thoughts on “The Unimaginable Damage Done by PTI to Pakistan’s Economy

  1. Sir I want to ask. Why did Sheikh Imran Hossein released a video in favour of Imran Khan one year ago after his ouster? He vividly showed support for Khan

    1. Wa alaikum salam wa rahmat ullah

      I had asked the same question to Sheikh Imran Hussain in reply to his Vlog,

      And he indicated to wait and see that Imran Khan will shun the west

      *Why Sheikh I.N. Hussain is supporting IK?*

      This is because of IK’s anti – US stance (which he has now back-tracked on


      Because of his anti – establishment stance

      *But respected Sheikh should try to understand that this establishment is different from all its predecessors*

      From Yahya Mirza, Ayub Khan, Zia ul Haq, Musharraf to Bajwa, all were following the commands of USA.

      *But not General Asim Muneer and that is what is hurting the American lobby and their puppet stooges in Pakistan*

      Imran Khan has now clearly sided with USA and many USA Congressmen and women are supporting him

      So we believe that the Sheikh has been mistaken this time

      And Allah Almighty Knows best

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