Introduction to the Deep State

Reality of PTI’s Anti – Establishment Narrative

The Necessity of Patriotic Army Leadership in Pakistan’s Politics!

Reason for Imran Khan’s Luxury in Jail

The Bigger Picture: Connecting the Dots

Imran Khan’s Links with Jewish Lobby & Vice Versa

IK’s Hero – Worship Continues


More detaills on the deep state here:

Some of them keep on jumping ship, from one loyality to another

PTI’s stance is NOT anti – establishment and never was. 

They had no problems with all the generals who brought the party in power and the COAS in their tenure:

Until the generals turned against PTI due to it’s disastrous economic policies which brought the country close to default

And even now:

PTI would have no problem with the establishment if General Faiz or any other general brings it back to power, as was planned in the military coup attempt on May 9

It’s the same stance PTI has with politicians, judges, journalists etc

It is okay if any politician joins PTI from any party or if any judge rules in favour of PTI, but once they leave PTI or rule against PTI they become foes?

This stance taken :

“You are either with us or against us’ is absolutely ridiculous and the major cause of polarisation within the society”

And the ultimate statement :

Now, one can easily understand the reason for Imran Khan’s luxurious life in jail, despite his strictest anti – state stance


It is all due the fact that:

Review the following blogs:

Review the following blogs:

Allah’s Apostle said, “There will be afflictions (in the near future) during which a sitting person will be better than a standing one, and the standing one will be better than a walking one, and the walking one will be better than a running one, and whoever will expose himself to these afflictions, they will destroy him. So whoever can find a place of protection or refuge from them, should take shelter in it.”

It doesn’t matter which government is in power unless it is loyal to the state, supports the national security establishment including the Pakistan army and works for the betterment of Pakistan and its masses


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