He said, “You certainly cannot be patient ˹enough˺ with me. Moses assured ˹him˺, “You will find me patient, Allah willing, and I will not disobey any of your orders.” He responded, “Then if you follow me, do not question me about anything until I ˹myself˺ clarify it for you.” (Holy Quran : 18 : 67 – 70)


Alhamdulillah, what we have written or predicted in our blogs about Imran Khan and PTI in the last decade or more has proved to be true today. Following is the sequel of events (in a nutshell) that occurred in the last 5 years:

1. Today Pakistan sits on a volcano of multitude of crisis which threaten the very existence of the state, society & the country. Pakistan is a robust country & has seen much bigger crisis in the past & rode the waves & there is NO doubt that this time too, it will sail through.

2. The last 5 years particularly have been the most chaotic & destructive in Pakistan’s stormy history since 1947, only comparable to the dismemberment of half the country in 1971. 

This orchestrated & deliberate demolition was done under a 5GenWar axis called “Bajwa Doctrine”.

3. Ironic as it seems, named after the ex-Chief of army staff of Pakistan army, General Bajwa, this subversive policy was actually a vision & wish list of 3 most powerful individuals in the country. 

COAS Gen Bajwa. 

PM Imran Khan. 

DG ISI Gen Faiz. 

The “BIF “doctrine

4. In this trio, Bajwa was the man of the international establishment & Qadianis. A liberal secular, who was staunchly against Islamic ideology of Pakistan, believed in Indian hegemony in the region & destruction of Pak armed forces & nuke program. 

Again, most ironic…

5. Imran was the village idiot, useful for international establishment to deploy their agenda through Bajwa. Being highly immature, naive, arrogant, egoist, semi-literate, self-centered, dangerously ambitious for power & a debouch playboy, he fitted the profile as a front man.

6. Faiz was the evil genius responsible for deploying the Bajwa-Imran doctrine. Armed with a dark, cunning & unscrupulous nature, unlimited powers as DG ISI & a cutthroat ambition to replace Bajwa as the next army chief, he was willing to go to any extreme & that he did.

7. If I give a parallel to this trio in Pak’s history, it can only be the trio of Bhutto, Yahya & Sh Mujeeb in 1971, whose savage & dangerous ambitions led to the dismemberment of the country & death of a million Pakistanis & a humiliating surrender. 

It’s NOT an exaggeration!

8. Gen Bajwa was appointed in 2016 through a secret backdoor deal between Bajwa’s Qadiani father-in-law, General Ijaz Amjad & Nawaz Shareef. 

But things soon went wrong between Bajwa & NS & in 2018 elections, Bajwa & Faiz managed a deal with Imran khan & brought him into power.

9. Imran was already an agenda coordinator for BG/WEF & had extremely close ties with British establishment, MI6 & the Zionist Goldsmiths & Rothchilds. His children were being raised in UK with Jewish grandparents, so he was totally vulnerable & controllable for Bajwa/Faiz.

10. Since 2016 to 2019, General Bajwa was consolidating his hold in the army & in the country. In 2018, IK was brought into power and then the “Military & the political Govt were on the same page…”

But now Bajwa needed an extension into his tenure as COAS as he was retiring.

11. Imran also wanted to give another extension to Bajwa for his own power-hungry ambitions. He had begun to enjoy the glamour & glory of power & the international limelight & wanted another term into office as PM after 2023 too. But he needed Gen Faiz as the next COAS for that.

12. But Faiz was only a Major General running the entire political govt of Imran as DG(C) of ISI. He was too junior an officer to be promoted as next Chief of Army staff. To promote him into that seniority slot, Bajwa had to continue for another 3 years to hold the seat for Faiz.

13. This is where the real destruction of the Army, ISI and the country began. Never in history of Pakistan it was done that the entire country was put on stake & compromised to make way for a junior Major Gen to get promotion to become COAS to rig the next elections for a PM.

14. Imran has already signed the extension papers for General Bajwa but the Supreme Court of the time, created a crisis. SC ordered that the extension must be approved by the full parliament, which included the known Mafias of Zardari, Nawaz, Altaf, Fazal & criminals of all sort.

15. Imran was desperate to give extension. His entire future & next 5 years govt depended upon Faiz becoming the next Chief. 

SC had thrown a spanner in the plans. Now Mafias in the parliament wanted their own pound of flesh. 

All cases of corruption were dropped for the deal.

16. Bajwa got the extension. 

Nawaz Shareef was allowed to leave the country. 

All cases of corruption against Zardari & NS were stalled. Convicted criminals of their family were given bails, allowed to leave the country…

Imran had signed the death warrent for the country.

17. But now the trio of Bajwa-Imran-Faiz had achieved their goals. 

IK was the PM, Bajwa got extension, Faiz was all set to be promoted to become the next COAS in 3 years. Dozens of capable & competent Generals were to be removed, sidelined, superseded in army to promote Faiz.

18. Now the real Bajwa doctrine was set into motion. 

Agenda 1 was Kashmir. 

In 2019, IK had a thumping tour of white house, met Trump & was swept off his feet in glamour and glory. He was ripe for the picking. 

Trump told him to stay silent on Indian plans on Kashmir.

19. Within weeks of his American tour, which IK compared with his world cup win of 1992, India unilaterality cancelled all internal, bilateral & international treaties on Indian occupied Kashmir & annexed the entire Kashmir valley, Jammu & Laddakh regions into India.

20. It is surreal & unbelievable that India had annexed Kashmir & changed its disputed status & integrated it into the Union & divided it in to 3 regions & had begun to change demography & crush the local resistance & what was IK’s response? 

We will stand in the sun as protest!

21. For 75 years, Pakistan & India had remained in perpetual state of war over dispute of Kashmir. We had fought multiple major & minor wars & Kashmir was considered the jugular vein of Pakistan because all rivers that flow in here originate from the valley. All gone in 2019

22. Apart from standing in the sun light & honking horns of cars and changing the name of a road, IK even gave a firm speech declaring everyone an enemy of Pakistan who tries to cross the line of control of help the Kashmir struggle. 

A ceasefire was announced on LOC as well.

23. Once assured that there will be no resistance from Pakistan, Indians locked down the valley in a brutal crackdown & curfew, the longest ever in any country in modern history, stretching for almost 10 months non-stop, killing or kidnapping thousands of resistance youth.

24. Simultaneously, Indians began building 13,000 concrete bunkers on the LoC, installing radars & mines – taking advantage of the gifted ceasefire to prevent any future intrusions of freedom fighters from Pakistani side of Kashmir. 

The LoC was turned into a permanent border.

25. Taking advantage of the BIF doctrine, India also began largest military preparations, weapons acquisitions, deployments & training in Indian occupied Kashmir for an offensive war against Pakistan to capture GB & to unilaterally abolish the next treaty – Indus water treaty.

26. While the Indians were purchasing $100 billion worth of military hardware & were rigorously involved in an offensive conventional war preparation, plans were being drawn by Gen Bajwa to downsize Pakistan army to 150K troops from 600K at present. 

100 years peace was planned.

27. Secretly, contacts were made by Bajwa/Faiz with Indian national security advisor. Moeed Yusuf, a CIA planted analyst, was appointed NSA by IK to write a secret National Security Document which envisioned 100 years of peace with India bypassing Kashmir altogether.

28. Not just Kashmir, entire Pakistan was being softened up for an implosion & invasion. 

Faiz had become the DG ISI & immediately began dismantling the secret service in the name of restructuring. All divisions were dismantled, hundreds of officers were fired, even logo changed.

29. On the economic axis, IK changed the laws & made the State bank totally independent of the Govt of Pakistan, appointing an economic hitman Baqir Raza, who was the demolition man for IMF in Egypt & now sent to Pak to repeat the destruction. 

State eco collapse began….

30. Then comes the Covid in 2020 & the real WEF/BG agenda began the societal destruction. 

Lockdowns destroyed jobs & income for hundreds of millions. Education was sent online & destroyed. 

Society was in turmoil. Dangerous experimental MRNA injections were forced.

31. In return for jabs, BG paid millions to IK govt. He funded the welfare programs of the IK, which were then used for PR purposes to build the image of his govt which was crumbling despite full support from Bajwa & Faiz. 

BG was awarded the highest national medal by IK.

32. By 2022, deep rooted landmines were already planted in Army, ISI, economy & in all of the society. 

Social divide, societal fractures, ideological anarchy & disrespect for the armed forces & rise of separatist & terrorist gangs had clearly become a threat to the state.

33. Earlier, US had withdrawn from Afghanistan & Afghan Taliban had come to power. Creating another grand strategic opportunity for Pakistan to create a friendly govt in Kabul & destroy the cancer of TTP & BLA insurgencies for good.

But Pak was betrayed again…catastrophically.

34. Not just that the IK/Bajwa/Faiz refused to recognize Kabul govt, they actually started talks with the terrorists TTP to bring back thousands of cut throats into Pakistan, give them safe passage, resettle them & allow them to continue their war..

Immediately, bloodshed began.

35. But things started to fall apart between IK, Bajwa & Faiz in late 2021.

Bajwa wanted another extension. 

Faiz wanted to replace him & objected. 

Imran wanted to keep Faiz as DG ISI but also appoint him as next Chief which he could not do as Faiz had not commanded a Corp.

36. Finally, in 2022, when Faiz was not DG ISI & could not help Ik in political engineering, Bajwa switched sides & allowed a no confidence motion to go through in parliament & brought back a coalition of crooks from the opposition parties. 

Imran was ousted & he went ballistic..

37. In the chaos that followed, Bajwa was not given an extension by the new govt, Faiz decided to resign & IK went on a dangerous street rampage which is now seriously threatening a civil war & total societal chaos as the IMF continues to destroy whatever is left of the economy.

38. New Army Chief Gen Asim is a solid man, clear headed & a patriot & he has already trashed the “Bajwa-Imran-Faiz” doctrine. But he has been handed over an impossible situation. 

Political mess. 

Economic collapse. 


Close & real Indian invasion threat.

39. IK is butt hurt & wounded & feeling humiliated at being ousted. He is clearly not thinking straight. His obsession is that Army should overthrow the govt, manage elections & bring him back to power. 

Since new COAS has other priorities, IK is attacking him too dangerously.

40. As I have said, I have personally NO doubt that Pak will pull through this crisis, but the cost will be staggering. 

Bajwa/Imran doctrine has primed Pakistan for demolition. 

The challenge & crisis is as severe as 1971. 

It’s going to a baptism of fire from now on…

Link to blogs on Pakistan Tahreek Insaaf:


And Allah Almighty Knows Best!

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