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Official Position on the Letter or Cable

Freedom from America Drama

Loyalists and Traitors

Imran Khan’s New Election Cards

Pakistan, PTI and the IMF

Establishment and Imran Khan

The Power Struggle

Missing Links filled

Followers of Gog and Magog

More than 700 Laws Against the Holy Quran and Sunnah

Deep Pockets

End Notes

Official Position on the Letter or Cable

We have written a lot on conspiracies and we can smell one immediately now when it comes but this is no conspiracy

This is the first conspiracy that I will try to debunk or disprove

It is being alleged by Imran Khan and PTI that a letter or cable sent by a Pakistani ambassador discloses a conspiracy by the US to remove his government

Conspiracy Theory Rejected By National Security Committee:

Chaired by Imran Khan, and in the final government official written statement, read out by Mr. Shahid Masood, with several criticisms

With no country named, no conspiracy mentioned and only a protest will be made:

National Security Establishment gives its Verdict:

From the most credible news source:

“Pakistan’s security agencies have not found credible evidence to confirm Khan’s complaint of a foreign conspiracy, an official with knowledge of the matter, who declined to be identified, told Reuters.”

Another story in Reuters citing a security source mentions that security agencies disagreed with Khan’s assessment and about ‘foreign conspiracy’ to topple his government and so was communicated to him and therefore nothing related to conspiracy was endorsed in NSC readout.

Don Lu : The American Diplomat Alleged to Have Written the Cable:

“Thank you Don Lu” says our envoy to the man who allegedly told him of Biden Admin’s desire to see Imran Khan fall.

And this over ten days after the alleged threat was made.

This also tells you how a stupid fiction has been used by con artists to plunge Pakistan into chaos

Minutes of the national security committee meeting were read out in the supreme court today

Supreme court has also rejected this narrative in its historic decision today

It was basically failure of governance by PTI that caused his downfall and this American conspiracy is just a conspiracy

Freedom From USA: A Political Drama

Queries : Is he really talking about freedom from USA?

1. Why keep quiet for three weeks since that cable came?

That cable is not a conspiracy to remove the government, according to your own national security committee, headed by Imran Khan

Copies of such cables are also sent to the ISI national security agencies

2. Claimed to have won the world cup again after his visit to USA few years ago,

Where he also spoke of Pakistan’s contribution in the ‘war on terror’ and

3. Stated that relations with USA were vital for Pakistan

4. Bowed down before IMF, of which USA and Europe have the most shares

5. US dignitary was invited to the recent OIC summit AFTER the so called cable

6. Has met several US foreign secretaries during the last three years and last decade

7. Voted for Musharraf in his referendum, knowing his support for the ‘war on error’

8. His foreign minister and security advisor Moeed Yousaf have kept contacts with US officials even until March 21 this year

9. In his tenure Imran Khan refused to expel the ambassador of France over the blasphemy of the Holy Prophet issue, citing that this would affect the economy

And so many other points proving that this American conspiracy theiry and slogan of freedom from USA is just a political drama.

Loyalists and Traitors

Mr. Shahid Masood indicates that:

If those who left you are ghaddar now, they were ghaddar when they joined you

And he says that the number of core PTI members are very less

“Most of the others are khottay sikkay”

(Most will leave PTI after the success of the no confidence vote leaving these 5 – 10 members behind)

Corrupt and Traitors:

Fine line of difference,

There may be hundreds of thousands of people involved in different types of corruption (bribery, riba, corruption in business transactions, riba, etc),

But that does not necessarily make them traitors per se or disloyal to one’s country

That is why we always say:

Politics : The Great Divide

How They Keep You Divided

Similar points in many countries, especially after dividing us into nation states:

1. Division in the establishments

(National Vs International establishment)

2. Further Division in the national establishment

(e.g. Army Vs ISI/agencies)

3. Division in political parties

(e.g. PTI vs PMLN)

4. Division in the Judiciary

(e.g. Justice Saqib Vs Justice Qazi Faiz Isa)

5. Division in the media

(e.g. GEO vs ARY)

6. Division among the media personnel

(Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi, Mansoor Ali Khan, etc Vs Imran Khan, Arshad Sharif, Kashif Abbasi, etc)

And other points as well.

This is besides the already existing sectarian differences, cast differences etc., running separately, often pushed to the back burner among the more educated class

Hold Fast to the Rope of Allah

Imran Khan’s New Election Cards

Imran Khan’s main cards at the previous elections, i.e. inflation and corruption, have failed miserably, with both inflation and corruption increasing tremendously.

Now he has two new cards all of a sudden for the next elections:

The anti – US Card and the Islam card

Imran Khan’s narratives have been full of hypocrisy, broken promises and lies

Thus these are just election stunts and he doesn’t really mean any of these, once again,

Judging by his past words and actions

Reasons Why My Prediction About PTI Came True

The Islam Card: PTI is a Fake JI?

PTI on the footsteps of Jamaati Islami (JI)?

The reasons:

1. The change from central – wing party to a right – wing party, with a new call for

امر بالمعروف ونھی عن المنکر

Which has been a life long slogan of JI

2. The anti – US stance which has been a JI favourite for decades

JI is popular for holding anti – US rallies

3. The anti – Establishment stance: again a JI stance, especially during Musharraf’s rule

There are very big differences, especially PTI has still not spoken against Riba

The doubts:

1. Whether this change of stance is only of Imran Khan or the party as a whole is debatable as there are many secular left – wing people including in his federal cabinet like Fawad Chaudhary, Shah Mahmood Qureshi etc.

2. And whether this is a true stance or just a pseudo change in stance just to appease the masses (just political gimmick)

There are many other differences:

The Pros & Cons of Jamaati Islami Pakistan

Dr. Shahid Masood mentions one other major difference in his program :

Other points mentioned below under 700 laws against the Holy Quran & Sunnah

Pakistan, PTI and the IMF

US Shares in the IMF and World Bank

The USA has the most shares / votes and say in the IMF and World Bank,

Far more than any other country,

17.25 % share in the IMF and 23.66 % shares in the World Bank

We will be forever enslaved as long we remain enslaved to these Zionist bankers

This government of Imran Khan bowed down (and even prostrated) before the IMF, thus again debunking the anti – American narrative :

(This blog also has some details of the corruption scandals and other points about the economic failures during Imran Khan’s government)

Imran Khan’s Last Card After Surrendering Pakistan to the IMF

Our Central Bank of Pakistan had  Autonomy. We have lost it. We will be Facing the same Fate in Future as Egypt

The damage has been done by the same person who destroyed the economy of Egypt (Raza Baqir)

How to avoid the IMF:

Avoiding the IMF

Establishment and Imran Khan

It is obvious that the military establishment and Imran Khan have been on a collision course since the last some months

Imran Khan Praises India Again

For its independent foreign policy,

Another anti – establishment taunt; continuing his anti – army stance,

Knowing very well that Pakistan’s foreign policy is mainly formulated by the military establishment

Reported on Indian media;

He continues to express severe anger and frustration at the army

Despite knowing that it was the very same establishment that brought him into power

It is only since his differences with the establishment that the devil put this ludicrous idea in his head of playing the anti establishment card

It is not an anti US or anti Western stance but an anti establishment stance,

Otherwise he has been pro US and pro West almost all his life, supporting many of Musharraf’s policies, as mentioned above

This is just a temporary false portrayal to his ‘innocent young’ blind supporters that he is anti-west

And hence his supporters on social media continue to malign the army and ISI, only in support of their idol

Allah Almighty knows what he will say after he is removed permanently from power

And about this anti – west, anti – Establishment stance :

The irony is that he really doesn’t mean it; it’s all a face – saving excuse for him being ousted and / or his anti – America narrative

The Power Struggle

Breaking News

Broken by many journalists

A humongous corruption scam, one of the largest in Asia, involving millions or trillions, run by the handlers of Imran Khan, may be unearthed soon

Said to be a whole mafia and not only the general from Peshawar

(The ones who got him elected into power)

Reports are also that General Bajwa and the present DG ISI wish to stop that mafia?

A power struggle between two forces that are pulling the strings of the government and the opposition

And the same mafia is planning to get IK elected again, by hook and crook (EVMs etc), this time, with 2/3 majority (and possibly own caretaker government)

Sections of the media and judiciary are also involved

Otherwise it’s goodbye for Pakistan

Whether this is a great game or a hoax will soon be revealed

It seems like there is a hidden state within the state that is behind IK

Not a pleasant situation; similar to 1970,

Ultimate loser will be Pakistan, if matters are not harmoniously settled once and for all

واللہ اعلم باالصواب

The Missing Links

All the missing links now fit in:

1. The way Imran Khan was brought in as was suspected by Dr. Israr Ahmad RA and Hakeem Saeed Shaheed long time ago

Official Youtube Channel has been blocked. Why now?

2. The strange way of rigging by which Imran Khan was brought into power

3. It must be an extremely strong mafia with links to the international establishment

4. The involvement of the international establishment was previously highly suspected, now very certain

5. The involvement of part of the establishment under General Faiz

6. The similarities between Musharraf’s cabinet and Imran Khan’s cabinet

Why PTI is Just Another Status Quo Party

7. The non – decision of the foreign funding case even until now with all the proofs

8. The deputy speaker who recently gave the controversial ruling is on a stay from the courts from 2018; otherwise he wouldn’t he be a member of the national assembly today

9. The curious cases of certain judges like Saqib Nisar and Azmat Saeed and the way they went after Justice Qazi Faiz Isa and Justice Shaukat Siddiqui

10. The role of the media including social media in bringing PTI into power and their role in the mind control of large section of the population

11. The destroying of the Pakistan economy via IMF and all other means

12. The destruction of Pakistan Airways, Railways, Health sector and almost all institutions of the country

Gog and Magog was in full control all the time and still is

This is Pakistan’s moment of truth and it now seems a uphill task against the global elite

Followers of Gog and Magog

Both opposition and the PTI are following Gog and Magog (Yajuj and Majuj)

(Remember the Hadith about every 999/1000 person following the Gog and Magog)

They are basically secular parties with no intention of implementing Shariah, both involved in corruption, horse -trading with many members from every party having changing party loyalties (lotas) and other immoral activities etc

But PTI is the ‘biggest evil’ of them all,

Being more close to the Gog and Magog,

Having done more damage to Pakistan than all the others combined

(Fast – forwarded the economic damage to Pakistan)

Today the dollar is at a record 189 rupees, nearing double the increase since 2018, and still rising rapidly

Also the tales of corruption by the mafias are now being openly disclosed

(By mafias, Mrs. Bushra Khan, Mrs. Farah Gujjar Khan etc)

(Corruption also fast – forwarded at record pace during this government)

Reason for the fast – forwarding:

As the coming of Imam Mahdi AS and the great war Malhama are expected in the coming years according to many scholars

Please kindly read the blog once again :

The Countdown to Malhama-tul-Kubra (Armageddon, World War 3) & After

Morality in Pakistan Politics

More than 700 Laws Against the Holy Quran and Sunnah!

In the ‘Islamic’ Republic of Pakistan

No amendment, no ordinance, not even talk or discussion, nothing being done about it

Article 6 should be imposed on every member of the Parliament in this regard

Another question Mr Ansar Abbasi asks:

Are our MPs eligible to become members of Parliament who fulfil articles 62,63 and are the best Muslims in character and practice?

Another point:

So many violations of the constitution including by parliamentarians, judges, bureaucrats etc

And finally:

No one speaks up against gambling, alcohol business,  unending corruption, riba, bribery in state and private institutions, the type of ads, dramas shown on channels, films being shown on cinemas, etc, etc, forget about inhibiting them

ان سب پر آرٹیکل ٦ لاگو ہوتا ہے

Deep Pockets

With the dollar nearing 200, it was highly imperative to send a very clear message to the international establishment that this disaster such as Imran Khan would never be brought to power again (in sha Allah)

Until then we will remain in the opposition

End Notes

With the continuing rapid rise of the dollar and depreciation of the rupee, the future of the economy looks very bleak, with the already record inflation,

Of every day commodities including cooking oil, vegetables, milk and the petrol prices, electricity and gas prices, etc etc

And hundreds of thousands have moved from middle class to lower class already.

The nation nation needs strong promising leadership, that can move the country out of this gloom. It will be an uphill task against the global elite

Picture of despair is looming and any further economic and/or national instability and/or catastrophy and the nation may reach its threshold

Similar picture in many other Muslim countries

And that as prophesied, in time of severe despair and depression, may be the time of Imam Mahdi AS

Signs of the Near Coming of Imam Mahdi AS

And Allah Almighty knows best!

Epilogue: More Concrete Proofs:

Confirmation of this letter given by ARY media person on ARY channel itself:

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  1. Jazakaallah khair dr Nauman..Awesome article, yes the system of Taghoot spreads all around the World like the web of Ankabut as Allah swt warned us in the Surah of Ankabut whoever adopted the patrons other than Allah swt is that of the Spider, who builds (to itself) a house; but truly the flimsiest of houses― is the Spider’s house if they but knew.”
    We all mankind trapped by this deceptive web of Ankabut..this is the Fitans of yagog magog…the World is going towards upside down

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