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  • Arab & Asian Springs: The Similarities
  • Fake News, Fake Narratives for a Fake Revolution
  • Anti Army Narrative & Its Objectives
  • A Very Different COAS
  • IK Begging the US for help
  • May 9 Mayhem & its Objectives
  • Sheikh Imran Hussain’s Litmus Test
  • The End to Imran Khan’s Electoral Politics
  • CPEC Rollback: Tremendous Loss to Pakistan’s Economy
  • Seeking Alternatives to the IMF
  • Allah Almighty is the Best of Planners
  • Hope for Patriotic Pakistanis

Arab & Asian Springs: The Similarities

Many similarities:

  1. Movements against corruption and economic stagnation / downfall
  2. Both movements started around 2009/10
  3. Street Demonstrations
  4. Important Role of Social Media (Especially Facebook and Twitter which had been launched in recent years)
  5. Fake News & narratives spread on social media
  6. None of these movements were primarily for a true Islamic Revolution (with probably few exceptions)
  7. Most Importantly Backing of US Government
  8. Resulted in Replacement by US backed leaders and / or pledges for more support to US

Three predominant leaders of Tunisia, Egypt and Libya were disposed including Col Muammar Qazzafi and Husni Mubarak, of the latter two countries. Many political changes / reforms / economic concessions also transformed in other Arab countries.

The Vote of No Confidence was brought by a coalition of parties with varying ideologies. This plan was afterwards confirmed by a top PTI leader Mr. Fayyaz ul Hassan Chohan:

Fake News, Fake Narratives for a Fake Revolution

7 Signs of a Fake Revolution:

  1. Fake Narratives
  2. Fake Accounts
  3. Fake News
  4. Fake Ideology (Islamic touches given to mostly secular ideas and beliefs)
  5. Disinformation Networks
  6. Amplification Networks
  7. Hashtag campaigns (top social media trends)

Anti Army Narrative and Its Objectives

Army Bashing : Our National Hobby

For removing their idol. Like Seriously?

وہ ہم میں سے ہی ہیں They are from among us!

What about all the other sections of the society? 

What about the highest paid judges, the politicians, bureaucrats, and malpracticing doctors etc etc??

Especially at a time when  they need public support in the coming near future

Pakistan doesn’t need any enemies when it has such traitorous people within the nation

Posts in every group, by every party, as if we have nothing else good to do. 

Abusive trends  against the army as an Institution on social media were very common in the last year or so

Swearing at them and calling them names including ‘neutrals’ , ‘traitors’ , ‘mir jafar mir sadiq’ etc. 


Ulema Kiraam have clearly indicated that lowering the moral of an army, creating divisions in it etc are ways of destroying a nation 

Especially in the coming times ahead where army may have to play a major geopolitical role in the future (including wars Ghazwa e Hind, Malhama tul Kubra?)

Pakistan Army is the binding force of Pakistanis as accepted by Indian army veterian:

A Very Different Chief of Army Staff

The first Hafiz e Quran who has become Chief of the Army Staff

Remember, Imran Khan tried his very best including a long march to prevent him from becoming the next COAS. This was to prevent a general becoming the COAS who was NOT among the favorites of USA

Imran Khan Begging USA for Help

May 9 Mayhem & its Objectives

Sheikh Imran Hussain’s Litmus Test

Challenge to Sheikh Imran Hussain:

My reply to his Vlog in favour of Imran Khan:

The Sheikh’s Reply to my query:

We can see that the state of Pakistan is heading towards the Russia / China block and PTI/ Imran Khan is heading towards the American block and against China

PTI stopped CPEC activities during its tenure

So who is going the correct way forward according to Sheikh Imran Hussain’s own litmus test?

Why Sheikh Imran Lost the Challenge?

This is because of IK’s anti – US stance (which he has now back-tracked on, and Because of his anti – establishment stance

But respected Sheikh should try to understand that this establishment is different from all its predecessors as mentioned above

From Yahya Mirza, Ayub Khan, Zia ul Haq, Musharraf to Bajwa, all were following the commands of USA.

But not General Asim Muneer and that is what is hurting the American lobby and their puppet stooges

The End to Imran Khan’s Electoral Politics

Many senior PTI members have now spilled the beans including the falsehood about American Cipher, with Pervaiz Khattak calling IK a very big liar:

CPEC Rollback: Tremendous Loss to Pakistan’s Economy

This was mentioned to a large extent in one of our previous blogs:

Seeking Alternatives to the IMF

Who knows the US dollar may collapse soon as mentioned in our previous blog!

The revival of a sunnah: Barter Trade!

Allah Almighty is the Best of Planners

They Plan and Allah plans and Allah is the Best of Planners…

Another great podcast to understand what is going on

One has to learn from Surah tul Kahf that many things are not what they seem to be

The main objective of project Imran Khan was the Great Reset, topic of our next blog, in sha Allah

Hope for Patriotic Pakistanis

Besides the numerous other steps for revival of Pakistan‘s economy, the biggest renewed hope: A project even greater than CPEC: Economic Revival Plan

And possibly Allah Almighty has rewarded Pakistan with a new project:

A real Islamic Spring?

But for Pakistan’s Great Reset or True Islamic Spring, Islamic injunctions will have to be implemented and made into practice to complete the Ideology of Pakistan

And Allah Almighty Knows Best!

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