“And of the people is he whose speech pleases you in worldly life, and he calls Allah to witness as to what is in his heart, yet he is the fiercest of opponents.” (Holy Quran 2 : 204)

How PTI Destroyed the Country


In this blog :

How Imran Khan and PTI systematically destroyed the country

Gravity of the situation

Imran Khan’s Statements in the Past

The Different Cards Played by PTI and its Supporters before and after elections

Especially the Various Corruption Scandals under PTI government, inflation, tremendous loans and capitulation before IMF

Why PTI May Have been better without him

The Last Card

End Notes and Quotes

Gravity of the Situation

Precarious Condition : Nuclear Assets in Danger:

Establishment’s Blunder

Imran Khan came into power through the national and international elite and now he is paying them back!

Imran Khan’s Statements in the Past

Whatever IK said in the past, almost every statement has backfired on him

Whether his statement on:

1. Inflation, petrol prices, wheat, sugar prices etc

2. Rise in dollar and its effect on national debt

3. Keeping rupee artificially afloat

4. Other points on the Economy including loans from IMF, world bank, etc

Amount of loans taken more than previous two regimes combined

5. Corruption; amount of money that can be saved if no corruption (corruption increased several times more)

6. Excessive taxation from public continues; and many non – salaried people still don’t give direct/ income taxes

7. Amnesty schemes (still being given)

8. Nepotism, favoritism. Still prevalent

9. Joblessness

10. Lack of Freedom of Speech

11. Laws only for the poor, not so for the rich influential

12. Pakistan Army, ISI

13. Cricket, PSL, security situation (he had very disrespectfully called visiting international cricketers as  ریلو کٹے and پھٹیچر

And much much more, many are described below:

Had these Numerous Horrific Crimes been committed by PMLN or anyone else, the Insafians would have murdered them several times over

Pre – Election Cards

The major cards played by PTI before the 2018 elections were that of corruption, inflation, accountability, lack of austerity measures, foreign loans including going to the IMF, joblessness, different rules for the rich/influential and for the poor and nepotism by the ruling party PMLN at the time and other opponents like the PPP

Corruption Galore!

Pakistan is currently ranked 124th in the world corruption list from 117th in 2018

Promoting Corrupt to Ministers:

Sugar Scandal :

Medicine Prices Scandal:


Ringroad Scandal:

PTI Open Invitation to Corruption:

PIA Scandal:

Sugar Scandal:

Metro Bus Scandal:

Gas Scandal:

Covid – 19 Fund Scandal:


Health Card Scandal

Lack of Austerity and Over – Expenditures:

Across the Board Accountability Card

Before Elections :

After Elections:

Corruption Through Accountability Institution:

The Inflation Card

And rising further and further :

Politics of Comparing with World – Wide Prices

People Cannot Bear Any More Inflation

Poor Public Cannot Buy Insulin or even Panadol (Paracetamol)

PTI Ministers Accepting Inflation!

And others Making fun of Inflation

Tremendous Loans

PTI took 35 – 40 % of Total Loans in the History of Pakistan (20 out of 50 trillion rupees taken by PTI)Government figures

And with no major project completed. Where did all the money go?

Every Pakistani is over 235,000 Rupees in Debt:

Pakistan is Bankrupt?

IMF Slavery

Before PTI Government:

We had also warned many times:


And After More than 3 Years:

(Besides clips shown at the start of the blog)

More Leaks from people closely related with PTI : https://www.thenews.com.pk/print/921866-had-negotiated-much-better-deal-with-imf-in-2019-says-younus-dagha :

Increased Joblessness

Very limited jobs created, minimum projects started and other reasons :

Nepotism, Favoritism Card

Proves Imran Khan came into power through the national and international elite and now he is paying them back!

Freedom of Speech Card


Injustice : Two Pakistans; Different Judgments for Elite/Infuential and the Poor/Less Influential


Post – Election Cards

1. Anti – State Card, Anti – Patriotic card

2. Traitor card:

3. Anti – Establishment / Anti – Army card

4. Patwari, Bhutto card (You are a PMLN or PPP supporter)

5. Anti – Islam card

PTI has been playing Islam – card according to its own members:

6. Lifafa card (Meaning media personnel)

But media was the darling of PTI since 2011 and played a major role in its rising as a political power & in winning the 2018 elections; Example :

Many pro – PTI Journalists who realised their dreams were shattered including Dr. Danish, Mubashir Luqman, Kamran Khan, Kamran Shahid etc many who did such interviews with Saleem Safi:

7. Hatred بغض card

Love is for Allah and His Prophet PBUH and hate is also for Allah and his Prophet PBUH. Love for Islam and hatred for Islam.

8. Pessimist card; labelling others as pessimistic (instead of being realistic or idealistic)

Rising further and further (above 180 now)

9. Mafia card (leaders sitting in their own cabinet)

10. “Give us more time” card (1 year, 2 years, 5 years and now 2nd term)

11. “We are inexperienced” card. (Wrong. Most of the cabinet has been hired and is experienced)

12. “It’s all the previous governments’ fault” card. (For how long? And PTI’s policies are even making matters worse)

PTI’s own MNAs like Noor Alam Khan regular complaining against PTI policies and governance:

13. Thieves, Robbers card. Regarding PMLN and PPP. (Probaby correct but now look at your own ministers / cabinet members).

14. “We didn’t get a good team” card (IK chose the team himself)

15. “Fake news” card

16. “Last hope” card

17. “No other choice” card. Only he is clean. Really? Listen to Justice Wajihhudin, a close friend and founding member and President of PTI:

Imran Khan and his government hiding gifts he received from foreign dignitaries:


And how did he tremendously increase his wealth after PTI came in to power according to FBRs records just released? (And about karor rupees tax paid as compared to 2 lakh previous year)

18. “The One – Page/ The establishment is with us” card

19. عوام ہی ایسی ہے. یہ نہیں ٹھیک ہو سکتی

20. “آپ نے گھبرانا نہیں ہے” card

21. “سکون قبر میں ہے” card

And probably many more up their sleeves!

Repeating these ad infinitum…

The Final Dangerous Card

Many many more points , pics , videos etc can be shared to prove our point. But we leave it there and go on to probably the last card

As PTI is most likely finished and will be soon thrown into the dustbin of history as we saw in the KPK local bodies elections. And Estabishment is not making the same mistake again!

A Change in Military Command

There are already talks of such a move in the media. Imran Khan has himself threatened of such a move several times:

This could have dangerous consequences and implications; severe differences in the national estabishment; 1971 like situation

IK could seek some ‘help or assistance’ from the international elite that helped bring him into power

There is also talk of somehow implementing presidential system with IK as president!

Anyways, whatever is to happen is most likely to happen abruptly; all of a sudden

Deep Pockets : End Notes and Quotes

Mr. Mohsin (Ex – PTI worker) spills the beans and summarises it all

Hero – Worship

We have warned against hero – worship before :


And ironically it is mainly Imran Khan who has destroyed PTI and the country and maybe PTI may have been better without him

Addiction of Power

Not even realising that the emporer now wears no clothes!

The Facts



What Scholars and Intellectuals Said Long Time Ago

True Islamic Government : The Only Solution


May Allah Almighty help Pakistan and the Muslim Ummah. Ameen

Further Reading





And Allah Almighty knows best!



How a nation with self – respect deals with the IMF:

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