And do not mix the truth with falsehood or conceal the truth while you know [it]. (Holy Quran 2 : 42)

Objectives of the Blog

Main Purpose of Vaccination

Emergency Use Authorization

Ivermectin : The Miracle Drug that Can End the Pandemic

Why Ivermectin is Being Suppressed?

Comparison of Efficacy & Safety of Ivermectin Vs Vaccines

Ivermectin also Useful Against Variants

Details of Use and Question answers on Ivermectin

Other Drugs for Covid – 19 Prophylaxis

Why Most of Us Don’t Need Covid – 19 Vaccines


More of the International Conspiracy

Purpose of Vaccination

Vaccination is the most effective method of preventing infectious diseases

Emergency Use Authorization

Emergency Use Authorization for Vaccines but not for Ivermectin; Why?

Risk Benefit Ratio for Ivermectin:

Vaccines allowed Lower standards, bar set very low, for approval; But bar set at very higher levels for Ivermectin

So why promote and even enforce one, while demote or even censor the other?

Why Are They Forcing Covid – 19 Vaccines Down Our Throats?

For Those who say that Ivermectin doesn’t produce antibodies, listen this and ahead on long term effects of untested vaccines:

Man Made Bioweapon, EUA and Benefit Risk Ratio:

The Scientific Evidence For Ivermectin

Many studies have evaluated the association between ivermectin prophylaxis and development of Covid-19 infection.

Some have shown as much as 91 % reduction in Covid-19 infection

But Big Pharma will not tell you that

Some physicians including many pharmacologists (who I know use it personally) have the ‘stated’ successful experience of using ivermectin (which was practised since the 1st wave)

Many other studies of Prophylactic and Therapeutic Use of Ivermectin for Covid-19, with one reporting 91 % reduction in Covid-19 cases with Ivermectin

Data Base of such studies. The list of trials are increasing:

And there is a pharmacological basis for its use :

Ivermectin : Miracle Drug at Par With Vaccines

Dr. Kory is a lung and ICU specialist who currently serves as the President and Chief Medical Officer of the Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance. Considered one of the world’s clinical experts on ivermectin and COVID-19, he has co-authored ten manuscripts during the pandemic to date.

On December 8, 2020, Dr. Kory testified to the US Senate Committee on Homeland Security & Governmental Affairs on the urgency and importance of expediting the federal government review of low cost, widely available and potentially beneficial early combination treatments for COVID-19.

Got removed by YouTube (3rd Removal on Ivermectin) soon after upload with this note:

Medical misinformation : YouTube does not allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts the World Health Organization (WHO) or local health authorities’ medical information about COVID-19, including on methods to prevent, treat, or diagnose COVID-19 and means of transmission of COVID-19.

The Video Deleted by YouTube : The Miracle Drug 1

The Miracle Drug 2 : No Wonder This Got Censored

Argentina : 800 Health Workers Took Ivermectin, None Got Sick; Out of 400 Who Did Not take it, 58 % (237) got sick

Effectiveness of Ivermectin in Mexico:

Effectiveness of Ivermectin in Peru:

Ivermectin obliterates 97 percent of Delhi cases:

Ivermectin Success in Zimbabwe:

Cities or even countries that didn’t approve or use Ivermectin did not see any reduction in Covid – 19 Cases

Countries that Have Approved Ivermectin Use:

This is after Vaccines were not that effective or showing slow response

India will be ahead of Pakistan in the fight against Covid – 19!

Why Are They Suppressing Vital Information About Ivermectin?

3 of my YouTube Videos on Ivermectin have been removed and I am now on Strike 2, last chance

Sometimes Cannot Even Name the Drug on Social Media!

Doctors have been demoted forcibly, mistakenly, foolishly or intentionally from scientists to technicians:

Ivermectin being censored by twitter, Facebook, Linked In, etc , when there is obvious evidence it works; Why ? Why do they want the pandemic to continue and people continue to suffer :

It is CRIMINAL and ILLEGAL to withhold treatment from a patient. So Why Ivermectin?

They Don’t Care About You

Doctors Under Immense Pressure:

Doctor Resigns Over the Lies:

A Very Senior Doctor & His Colleagues from New Zealand Speak:

Doctors who Care:

The actual reasons why they are suppressing information have been mentioned here:

Cui Bono of the Corona Virus Pandemic

Comparison of Efficacy & Safety of Ivermectin Vs Vaccines

They are slowly starting to admit the truth!

The Initial Comparison:

A Comprehensive Podcast on Ivermectin Vs Vaccines:

A two and half hour podcast on the miraculous drug with Dr. Kory:

Summary of the Main Points of the Podcast:

Ivermectin is easy to produce, cheap, widely available, used in Millions of patients before for parasitic diseases with very good safety profile

And long term safety profile is known unlike for any vaccine : Vaccines have been approved before finishing analysing the data

And thus would be more beneficial than many vaccines according to many, especially with the booster doses

So it may be or is effective or more effective than any Covid-19 vaccine with less cost and less adverse effects (poor man’s vaccine)


It will be a historical injustice to the world to hide this fact

Think about the number of people who died for not using Ivermectin

The Fact that they are Censoring Information about Ivermectin Proves that there is some truth in this drug

Court Battle Win For Use of Ivermectin:

Who knew that one day the surreptitious discovery of Ivermectin just like the discovery of Penicillin would be saving millions or billions of lives one day! Subhan Allah

Doctors around the world want Ivermectin Officially Approved

Thus all doctors including those of PIMA (Pakistan Islamic Medical Association) who are guilty of withholding the truth and treatment of Ivermectin are guilty. It is highly criminal and they will be answerable to the Almighty

There are many other videos on YouTube on Ivermectin:

The Latest Study on Ivermectin in Israel!

Ivermectin is Also Useful Against Covid Variants

This is why it is useful in many countries with variants like India


They should at least speak up against mRNA vaccines and Astrazeneca Vaccines that have shown so many short term adverse effects:

Vaccinations Spreading Variants? Why are the unvaccinated getting sick after contact with the vaccinated?

There are so many of such cases being reported. This must be investigated:

Founder of Moderna Vaccine Confirms Shedding of Spike Protein!

Supporters of Ivermectin Get Labeled as Anti-Vaxxers, Covid-Deniers, Flat – Earthers, Conspiracy Theorists, Racists etc

This is Cheating, Dishonesty:

Vaccine Companies Accusing Each Other Over Vaccine Adverse Effects:

Questions & Answers on Use of Ivermectin (Dose, Precautions, Adverse Effects etc)

Ivermectin : Equi – Effective Alternative to Covid-19 Vaccines with No or Minimal Adverse Effects

Old tried & tested drug for decades

The person who is taking ivermectin will be less effected by Covid – 19 and will get less sick:

Why Most of Us Don’t Need Covid-19 Vaccines

  1. As scientists, we have been stunned and disheartened to witness many strange scientific claims made during this pandemic, often by scientists.
  2. It is now well-established that natural immunity develops upon infection with SARS-CoV-2 in a manner analogous to other coronaviruses.
  3. Propagated by the media, the idea that infection does not confer effective immunity has made its way into decisions by governments, public health agencies, and private institutions, harming pandemic health policy.

Unknown Long Term Effects of Vaccines

The Noble Laureate Luc Montagnier Predicts Increased incidence of cancers and more:

Bret Weinstein explaining how vaccines may cause autoimmune reactions/diseases in the long term:

Pakistan Health Minister states to take vaccines at one’s own risk:

Another Damaging BMJ Article : The rush to create a covid-19 vaccine may do more harm than good :

Other Drugs for Covid -19 Prophylaxis

Vitamin D

Other drugs include colchicine, fluvoxamine but have much more adverse effects than ivermectin

Also see previous Covid – 19 blogs:


It’s a case of David Vs Goliath

Of Small Pharma Vs Big Pharma

Ivermectin Vs Vaccines

We can win this battle if we have hope and courage

And all stand up and unite and promote this drug

and Help from the Almighty

More on the International Conspiracy

Steps of Compliance

Stop Getting Tested!

Fact Checks:

Professor States what is going on is Criminal:

A Must Read Message from a Russian Military Officer

“This Russian military officer understands real game behind this fake pandemic.”

Why can’t Muslim leadership and Muslim military personnel understand this?

“Grand strategic objectives behind this disease demand that a cautious approach is taken instead of blindly following the same globalists who released it.”

Further Reading:

Why Are They Forcing Covid – 19 Vaccines Down Our Throats?

Pro – Vaxxers Against Covid Vaccines

Covid – 19 Fact – Checks

And Allah Almighty knows best!

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