Cui Bono of the COVID-19 Pandemic

“And when you recite the Qur’an, We put between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter a concealed partition.”

(Holy Quran 17: 45)

False Flag Operations

Psyop and Mind Control

Through media.

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives, and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

Prepetrators of the Crime

The agenda is much more important than who spread it or how it was spread etc.





Further details here:

August – September 2019, “statewide outbreak” of a mysterious respiratory emerged in the US, causing severe respiratory diseases in a few hundred people. This was blamed on vaping although people had been vaping for more than a decade without such outbreaks. Officials were unable to find any relation to a specific vaping device and addictive.

November 2019, Wuhan locals were detected with COVID-19, with a spike of such terms in local social media. This coincided with the post-incubation period after the Military World Games.

December 1, 2019, the first confirmed case of COVID-19 was detected in Wuhan. Subsequently more than 80000 people will be infected. Of the first 41 cases, 34% were not related to the wildlife market.

Genotype assay of COVID-19 revealed 5 variants/strains (group ABCDE) of the virus. Most regions in the world have 1-2 COVID-19 variants including Hubei (mainly group C), and UK.

US is the only country with all 5 variants (Group ABCDE). In Virology 101, the region with the most variants is the origin of the disease.

Italy lab confirmed that the strain of COVID-19 is different from the one circulating in China, and that the circulation of the virus is not so recent, and had been spreading undetected for weeks.

China’s coronavirus expert Dr Zhong Nanshan, the discoverer of SARS, said that although COVID-19 was detected in China, it doesn’t necessary mean that it originated from China.

As of March 12, 2020, the US had only tested 10000 people, and COVID-19 was confirmed in 1600 of them. As a comparison South Korea tests 10000 people a day, but the disease rate trajectory is the same as the US. This suggests that there is a great number of infected people in the US, just that they were not tested.

What the Doctors Say

What the Intellectuals Say

I am personally convinced that #CoronavirusPandemic is a deliberate “Black Swan” event….another orchestrated trigger to bring about complete change into the Social, Economic, Political & Religious structure of the world.

A New world order.
It has started happening already.

Countries are turning into fortresses, population is being locked up in cities, military is being prepared & even deployed into urban centers.

Govt’s declaring emergency & grabbing dictatorial powers….
Fear is their main weapon & its being spread through careful Psy-Ops.

Those powers implementing this #NWO are too powerful at the moment & have unleashed their entire potential to bring about this global chaos. It is like being in the era of WW1 & WW2, where ordinary people had NO say in the great destruction being caused by the global players.

These are unprecedented times. Almost 95% population of the world have never seen anything like this & the fear, panic & confusion is understandable.
In first world super markets, people are fighting over toilet papers…as complete meltdown seems imminent.
US bans EU flights!

It was for these times that I was screaming that we must save & store our grains & protect our food supplies. Only those countries would ride through this chaos who are food sufficient.
Despite oil at under $30, global traveling has almost stopped, supply chains ruptured…

Those countries who were not prepared for this “Black Swan” would now suffer heavily. Global economy is in a shut down mode, trade is being stopped, transport is parked….service industry would be wrecked.
Economic chaos would bring social turmoils, many govts could topple.

Every country will need nerves of steel & rock solid determination to ride this wave. Those suffering from corruption, bad governance & untrained uneducated population could see urban wars, civil chaos & even Martial Laws.
We dont know how long this crisis will last !
Now pray!

The Questions

The Questions

1. If a patient tests positive for corona virus, is there guarantee that it is due to the COVID-19 virus or due to one of the previous corona viruses?

There is a chance of false positives according to pathologists.

2. A patient falls ill with flu, fever and cough. Goes/does not go into self-isolation.

He recovers with self symptomatic treatment. Undergoes no tests. Doesn’t go to hospital.

What if he actually had COVID-19?

Are these patients being counted when calculating the % mortality?

In that case mortality would come down to much less than 2-3 % being stated

3. Are patients of the normal flu, influenza patients, hay fever, etc being mixed (clinically in terms of morbidity and mortality) with the corona virus patients?

4. Why world media is concentrated on only 4-5 countries over statistics about morbidity and mortality due to the corona virus? Most of Africa, Arab Middle East, South America unaffected.

5. Why media is concentrated only on statistics concerning morbidity and mortality due to the corona virus?

Alright it’s a ‘supposedly’ new pandemic but still much less morbidity and mortality than many many other diseases.

6. Why doesn’t media show a person dying of hepatitis B or C or TB or MI or other cardiovascular diseases or diabetes mellitus and its complications etc etc.

7. People especially youngsters are eating junk food, getting obese and so many other health problems. Why not a mass media campaign and lockdown over this?

So many other major causes of morbidity and mortality but they never got into the media at such a large scale as this.

March 21, 2020 Pakistan.


What is the ulterior motive/agenda?


Why all this hype and hysteria all of a sudden?

What is the ultimate agenda?

Understand the mind games…

ٹرک کی بتی کے پیچھے لگنے کی عادت سے مجبور بجائے سوچنے کے

(although Pakistanis are off work, schools and colleges etc and been found vacationing in Faisal Mosque, Clifton Beach Karachi, Raiwand etc)

Gog and Magog at Work

“I have created creatures of mine (Gog and Magog) so powerful that none but I can destroy them”

Hadith Qudsi in Sahih Muslim.

They Gog and Magog continue to do فساد on the Earth. They are in control:

Cui Bono?

Cui Bono? Who benefits?

If all this was perpetrated by the US/Gog and Magog, then for what purpose?

Some of the agenda have been highlighted in the above videos and below:

For all the videos taken down by YouTube, see the following full two videos on London Real interviews of David Icke :

Mass Manipulation :

The Coming Mandatory Vaccination

Destroy the World Economy : Increased Joblessness, Poverty

Hunger Games Society

As more and more people lose their jobs, they go down in the hunger games society.

Wiping out the Elderly Population

Depopulation Agenda

Establishing a Cashless Society

A long term objective of the global elite: A cashless society. A one world currency.

Establishment of Police State/Martial Law

One of the objectives of global elite:

Agenda 21:

Bill Gates had revealed this in 2018.

To Pave the Way for Pax Judaica

The establishment of police state especially in USA, is probably the beginning of the end of the US Empire or Pax Americana.

This will thus pave way for Pax Judaica as mentioned in this blog:

David Icke’s Full Lecture:

Many are trying to debunk this conspiracy with various alternate theories. But the fact remains that Agenda 21 is a truth of the global elite and they wish to complete it, no matter what! May Allah protect us.

Importance of Immunity

And when you recite the Qur’an, We put between you and those who do not believe in the Hereafter a concealed partition.

(Holy Quran 17: 45)

According to the scholars, a person who recites the Holy Quran regularly, Allah Almighty will protect him from evil of Kuffar (put a hijab between you and them).

And they add thus also protection against the corona virus. It may be by improving a person’s immunity. Allah knows best.

One should use other means to improve one’s immunity.

And prevent ways that may reduce one’s immunity.

Many studies show stress, panic, fear, anxiety reduce immunity:

Then there is also ‘herd immunity’

Herd immunity refers to a situation where enough people in a population have immunity to an infection to be able to effectively stop that disease from spreading.

Treatment and Prevention Options

Daily Prayers and Obedience to the Lord

Be cautious but also full of faith. Do not spread chaos or panic.

Strength of Imaan is directly proportional to one’s immunity

The Black Seed:

Narrated Abu Huraira (may Allah be pleased with him): I heard the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) saying: “There is healing in Black Cumin for all diseases except death.”
(Sahih Bukhari 7:71:592)


Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas: (The Prophet said), “Healing is in three things: A gulp of honey, cupping, and branding with fire (cauterizing).” But I forbid my followers to use (cauterization) branding with fire.”


Fruits and Other Eatabless to Enhance Immunity

Drink Adequate Water Daily

The Rumors and Fake News

Besides taking all the necessary precautions etc, beware of crisis actors, rumors, fake news even by mainstream media etc to forward the agenda.

Very common ploy in such times of supposed fear.

Question everything. Trust no one. Not even the UN or WHO.

What the Scholars Say

What I have been trying to say over the last week:

Knowledge of Hidden Meaning of Events

Shown by Hazrat Khizr AS

The Prophecies

The End Times Plaque Prophecy

Narrated Hazrat Auf bin Mali RA:

“I went to the Prophet (ﷺ) during the Ghazwa of Tabuk while he was sitting in a leather tent. He said, “Count six signs that indicate the approach of the Hour: my death, the conquest of Jerusalem, a plague that will afflict you (and kill you in great numbers) as the plague that afflicts sheep, the increase of wealth to such an extent that even if one is given one hundred Dinars, he will not be satisfied; then an affliction which no Arab house will escape, and then a truce between you and Bani Al-Asfar (i.e. the Byzantines) who will betray you and attack you under eighty flags. Under each flag will be twelve thousand soldiers.” (Sahih Bukhari)

It is almost certain that Zionists will wage biological war against the Arabs (on Dajjāl’s behalf) as prophesied by the Prophet PBUH, with which to bring about a substantial reduction in the population of the Arab world.

But I think this one is not THAT plague. Some agenda remaining before that prophecy comes true. That one is coming ahead soon, not far away. Maybe this was a preliminary one, a trailer, a test run:

Allah knows best.

Abandonment of Hajj

There are strong apprehensions that the Hajj maybe abandoned this year over the corona plague.

Sahih Bukhari: Volume 2, Book 26, Number 663:

Narrated Abu Said Al-Khudri (RA): The Prophet (PBUH) said “The people will continue performing the Hajj and ‘Umra to the Ka’ba even after the appearance of Gog and Magog.”

Narrated Shu’ba extra: The Hour (Day of Judgment) will not be established till the Hajj (to the Ka’ba) is abandoned. (Sahih Bukhari)

Madina in Desolation Prophecy

“The flourishing state of Jerusalem will be when Yathrib (i.e., the city of Medina) will be desolate; the desolate state of Yathrib will be when the great war (Malhama) comes; the outbreak of the great war will be (followed by) the conquest of Constantinople; and the conquest of Constantinople will be (followed by) Dajjal’s (Antichrist) coming forth (i.e., appearing or emerging). He (the Prophet) then he tapped with his hand the thigh or the shoulder of the one to whom he was talking and said: This is certainly true like you are (sitting) here (he meant Hazrat Mu’aadh ibn Jabal RA).” (Sunan Abi Daud)

The world saw a rare phenomenon of the emptiness of the Holy Prophet’s Mosque in Madina. Is that an indication of the above prophesy (besides the political desolation of Madina now a days)?

Onto my next column:

May Allah Almighty have Mercy on us!

And Allah knows best!

Another Agenda: Closing Places of Worship Around the World

Ulema Kiraam and Islamic Scholars easy targets! Double Standards

How come some find mosques the only place for transfer of Covid-19; where as banks, grocery stores, political meetings and their VIP visits and press conferences, rashan distribution drives etc etc are all filled with long queues these days and they only think one will get COVID if one goes to the mosque?

Where is the lockdown? There isn’t any lockdown anymore. Just go to any fruit market or other places as we saw in the pictures above

This shows how weak Iman is that we feel and argue that the house of Allah is the only place where such thing will happen to us.

Clearly a sad moment in times for Muslims.

Government has no justification, no rationale whatsoever for not allowing prayers in mosques when it has officially allowed almost everything to open except educational institutions and few others.

So this maybe a slow agenda of keeping worshippers from going to mosques.

Whether one prays six feet apart or three feet apart or close together is NOT the point. That is like arguing on other matters of prayer like where should one bind one’s hands during prayers. It’s the significance of praying in congregation.

These are important but flexible aspects according to the scholars, considering the circumstances; (although personally I don’t think it’s a true pandemic).

Deen is easy to follow. It makes things easy for people.

Main point is the spiritual continuity of going to the mosque regularly.

One should remain attached to mosques so to remain connected with each other and enquire about each other and all the other aspects of congregational prayers mentioned by the scholars.

And this can only be done if we all keep going to the mosques.

That’s the spirit!

And Allah Almighty knows best!

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