Indeed, the worst of living creatures in the sight of Allah are the deaf and dumb who do not use reason.

(Holy Quran 8: 22)


This is the third sequel on the Corona pandemic after the previous two articles:

This article presents latest scientific theories; the agenda already mentioned in the first two blogs remains the same.

Could this manufactured bioweapon be something else than a virus?

What Type of Virus is This?

From different scientific literature and WHO :

Mode of Spread

Can spread in all types of ways

The Season

A virus for all seasons: winter, summer


Virus that can lethally affect people of all ages


Symptoms can range from simple flu to anosmia, eye symptoms, etc.


69 or more drugs according to latest reports said to being useful or on trials in its treatment


Anti diabetics
And so on……/coronavirus-drugs-chloroquine.html


Can survive on all types of surfaces for hours and days and under varying temperatures of hot and cold

Radiological Features

Varying radiological features on X-rays

Viral Mechanism

The virus may target over 300 human proteins

Is it really a virus? Is it really novel? It is that different?

Wrong diagnosis: Wrong test ?

Suppose a scientist picked up a virus-looking protein in the body, named it Covid-19 and devised a PCR test for it?

Could it be an exosome?

A scientist’s explanation given by David Icke that Covid-19 virus is actually an exosome. Part of natural immune response in the body.

Exosomes, if one checks out details, are part of the toxic response system of the body.

They have some structural resemblance to viruses.

And they renamed them as Covid-19

And this is what is actually being tested in

Real-Time PCR throughout the world.

May explain many features of the symptomology of the ‘virus’ and all cold, flu, influenza like symptoms are being diagnosed with Covid-19.

Explains why patients with lung cancer or other health problems are testing positive for COVID-19, which might actually be an exosome.

China ‘controlled’ the ‘Covid-19’ all of a sudden in no time like a miracle by stopping diagnosing the way they did before.

This also explains the many facts described above 👆 about this ‘virus’

More details on this and the uncanny resemblance between Covid-19 and exosomes, that in fact they maybe the same.

Confirmed from two microbiologists that I know that this could be true.

Has there ever been autopises on a patient dying of the corona virus? Ahead for details..

Scientific Explanation by a US Doctor on Reality of Covid-19 ‘Virus’ and Exosomes or other genetic material. He says that it has NOT been scientifically established that covid-19 is a virus! :

Listen: Especially the part between 15: 00 and 25 minutes (Video NOW deleted by YouTube

Following link contains a Video that may cover most of the YouTube Videos that have been deleted on this blog :

Shorter Version:

More Details on the Initial Identification of Covid-19, its PCR testing and Exosomes:

Or see this shorter version:


Clinicians Also Having Doubts

Not Sure of the Disease!

Now saying its not acute respiratory distress syndrome or ARDS; and that ventilators may not be that useful!

Is Protocol-Driven COVID-19 Ventilation Doing More Harm Than Good?

“Based on observations in USA, Spain, Italy, France and UK, and from postmortem of lungs involvement in COVID 19,  all revealed pulmonary thrombosis which is not typical ARDS , but more alarming that it is patient hypoxemia that is not responding to PEEP but high oxygen flow.

 Like methemoglobin, the COVID 19 virus structural protein, sticks to heme – displaces oxygen – which release iron-free ion , that leads to toxicity and causes inflammation of alveolar macrophages- that results in bilateral CT scan changes as it is a systemic response.

There is No benefit of invasive ventilation, but patients May require frequent blood transfusions or plasmapheresis.

The COVID 19 virus attacks beta chain, dissociates heme, removing iron and converting it to porphyrin. The virus can dissociate oxy-Hb, carboxy-Hb and glycosylated Hb.

Lung inflammation results from the inability of both oxygen and CO2 exchange, leading to the ground glass on x rays, it mimics CO2 poisoning as an invisible enemy….

…..All points that we are chasing the wrong organ; it is not the lungs; it is a blood problem.…??

5 G Technology

Furthering upon the theory that it is not the lungs but is a blood problem, that it is not ARDS, it’s not a pneumonia; 5 G radiation may cause similar blood problems. This is another theory being put forward:

“Oxygen has two atoms. These two atoms form the oxygen molecule and share some electrons. 60 GHz causes electrons surrounding oxygen molecules to spin, akin to how high-powered microwaves impact molecules in food such as water

5G/60 GHz even at low power causes electrons on oxygen molecules to spin; changes to the spin frequencies on oxygen electrons impact human biology”

5G Towers being installed during lockdowns in various countries:

A resident of Italy (and probably many more)

I live in Madrid, and since around 4 weeks, ive been feeling this kind of lack of air, like i can breathe ok, however, when i try to breathe really deep, i cant,  and ive been feeling more exhausted at the end of the day than the usual. Besides, i cant sleep shit, wake up wvery two hours or so…

Similar experience in people working in IT server rooms….

Very Very Important YouTube Video

Death Certificates being manipulated in ‘favor’ of Covid-19:

Link Between Covid-19, 5 G and Exosomes

After the revelations above about exosomes and 5G , we can now possibly answer many questions:

Theory No. 1. What is being tested may NOT be a virus, but exosomes. These exosomes are part of natural immune response mechanism and released in quantities detectable by PCR in pneumonia due to flu or influenza etc.

Theory No. 2 5G radiation may be causing many of the various symptoms that these covid-19 patients are presenting with. And due to this, 5G may be also causing increased immune response, hence increased exosomes, hence more positive cases of ‘covid-19’.

Research has to be done:

Question: Why Wuhan and Italy?

Answer: China and especially Wuhan, where Covid-19 was first detected, is said to have installed thousands of 5G towers:

Same case for Italy:

And for other countries like England and USA mentioned above.

Question 2: Why Covid-19 cases in countries with no 5G Technology like Pakistan?

Answer: Because as mentioned above, the diagnosis and the test may be wrong. So these may be cases of ordinary flu, influenza or other causes of pneumonia with false positive Covid-19 PCR testing going on.

There are many cases of deaths due to the flu in Pakistan as mentioned here:

Conspiracy Theories or Reality?

Non-Muslims Always Ahead!

It is the Non-Muslims who first told us the truth /reality about :

Paper money

Bretton Woods System


Deep State



HAARP technology


And much much more…

And now the Corona Virus

The problem is that such news are suppressed as conspiracy theories and never get through the mainstream media and neither told by our governments.

Even though they are getting more and more popular through other media outlets like YouTube and other sources.

Even Facebook is deleting posts concerning relation between Covid-19 and 5G as reported by many users. YouTube is deleting such videos. Why? What is there to hide?

Is Corona Virus the New 9/11?

How does one explain this?

Economic Terrorism

The Vaccine and the Microchip: Full Control: The Ultimate Agenda!

Top Doctor Exposes Everything the Deep State Knows About Corona Virus: Vaccines, 5G, Immunity and Much More:

Finally the cat is coming out of the bag! EVERYONE PLEASE GET READY TO OPPOSE THIS CRIMINAL PLAN

These criminals want to pave way for global serfdom and establish the control of the elite over the human race.

May Allah Almight keep us under His protection. Ameen.

There is still much more we don’t know as we continue to search for the truth. We have to question everything!

And Allah knows best.

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5 thoughts on “COVID-19, 5G Technology & Exosomes

  1. There’s something definitely fishy about covid-19, in addition to total mismanagement of the crisis by the governments.

  2. Sharing this! Thanks for gathering all these resources in one post. Incredible! Keep up the great work!

    1. Though much of this many in one post is based on supposition, this is really really very helpful in understanding at least on aspect of covid-19 that this is all conspired by big people to subdue the weaker ones.
      The allegations leveled against some organisations do carry weight specially the 30 minute interview of Dr Shiva.
      Like every conspiracy theory, this theory has also its justifications to render itself right.
      The hard work of Dr Nauman Shad is worthy to be praised to enlighten the approach of people at par about covid-19 or whatever it is suffocating the people to death.

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