“They have not appraised Allah with true appraisal. Indeed, Allah is Powerful and Exalted in Might.”

(Holy Quran 22: 74)

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A Food for Thought

Professor Dr Intekhab Alam: MBBS(Gold Medalist), FCPS (Medicine)Internal Medicine Specialist, General Physician, Consultant Physician

In my article on Corona, in the section “when this pandemic would finish”, I have enunciated that unless at least 70% of world population gets immune (called herd immunity), “the pandemic” would not go away, and that is only possible by two ways.

Either through getting infected or by getting vaccinated and thereby developing active immunity. Vaccine option seems quite distant, so rather than paralyzing world’s life, accept this hard FACT and go back to work and ride on your luck (fate) to get infected and recover completely (96% chances) or live the rest of your life (at the hand of 4% mortality) in fear and scare and get mentally and psychologically devastated and die of hunger and psychotic depression.

Mind you, even after achieving “Herd immunity” Corona would not vanish but appear sporadically like any other contagious infection. In my article I have very tactfully confessed that the current measures would fail in taming Corona.

We must learn to live with Corona and extend our hands for a handshake with this invisible enemy. For God’s sake, let normal life begin…..Having said that, however, I would like to add here that personal protective measures should continue, thereby making the whole community “Clean” and “Ba parda”…..

The Case of Italy

A medical doctor in Italy explains why subcontinental people have better immunity and that many patients in Italy/Europe are being labeled as dying due to Corona virus, even though they died to Ischemic Heart Disease or other illnesses:

” My name is Ahmad Bashir. I did my MBBS in 1996 from King Edward Medical College, Lahore and presently I am a PULMONOLOGIST (specialist in diseases of the lungs). I am here in Italy since 2002.

After some years in Rome, I have been in Milan since the last 12 – 13 years. Since the Corona pandemic, I have been on duty in hospital. Let me tell you of the situation in Italy:

There is not an emergency in hospitals of Italy BUT a WAR like situation. Not only doctors, nurses and paramedical staff are on duty, but also 2nd year medical students are also working around the clock here as doctors.

I don’t know what is the correct impression in the outside world, but I believe Italian government made a very bad crisis management probably because it wasn’t prepared for it. People may not believe me, but what I saw is as follows:

In Milan, no other patient besides Corona is being entertained. The other night, a 50 year old came with cardiac arrest in the emergency. Doctors gave him some tablets, even though he required a stent. He died after one hour. When his dead body went out, he was also declared as to have died of the corona virus.

This is the normal routine everyday now. Two patients on dialysis were also labeled to have died due to the corona virus. The actual number of deaths due to the corona virus are very limited. Almost every dead body coming out of the hospital is being labeled as a corona patient.

One can verify all this from independent media. There are lot of people of the subcontinent here in Italy. To my knowledge not a single Indian or Pakistani due to the Corona virus itself. I have told this to CureVac also.

Common cold virus is being addressed differently in different regions. People of the Subcontinent including Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, probably due to the dirty atmosphere have the common cold at an average of seven attacks per year as compared to three or less in other areas.

This may have been a blessing in disguise as this may have increased the immunity of the population in these areas. Many are showing genetic resistance or immunity to the virus. Even the people of the subcontinent born in Italy have shown better immunity among the overall Italian public.

Because Pakistan is my home country, I am surprised at the panic there. From the behavioural studies of the virus, we can say that the atmosphere in Indo-Pak the natural cure is already there. I pray that you spread this message and be free of the panic and misunderstanding. Ameen.”

The Example of Japan

Why Japan is normal when the entire world is shutdown??

This is an experience written by an Indian student in Japan

I am continously thinking when Japan was the first country to be impacted by Corona from China because of the luxury ship Diamond Princess from China in January by now it would have gone to stage 4 like European countries. When Japan was hit with the Virus, My parents asked me to come back to India for few months and go back once it settles.

But in Japan everything is normal till today. We were going to offices daily, we are going to all essential services. No restaurants are closed. No malls are closed. No lockdown. Metro trains moving normally. Bullet trains moving normally. All International borders are open. Also Japan has the high percentage of old people like Italy. Tokyo has highest number of foreigners living. Tokyo is one of the best tourist attraction with lot of foreigners. Foreigners are still allowed inside.
Only services stopped are schools and public events.
Am listening to all theories of breaking the chain.
Lockdown kills the chain process for the dense country like India. Tokyo is the most dense city in the world and how is it controlled. We are leading just the normal life as usual.

The Perfect Recipe for a Pandemic!

We ALL may have the Corona Virus!

If we all had a PCR Corona test, many of us may test positive, even if we are perfectly alright.

These Corona viruses are present in our bodies DNA according to scientists.

So the more testing is done, the more positive cases we will get.

And there you get the ‘pandemic’. People may be having comorbidity and mortality due to other underlying diseases.

Spread of COVID-19 In Pakistan

1. From Taftan / Iran

People allowed to come in continuously from Iran and Afghanistan without strict screening or tests being conducted.

2. By Tableeghi Jamaat

3. From foreigners

4. By carelessness of people

The buck stops at the government in all these cases. It holds the ultimate responsibility.

Few days ago:

Jodi Bazar, Karachi:

Shadman, Lahore:

Then why are they only closing the mosques? Is this also part of the agenda?


With the tremendous amount of possible exposure Pakistanis are getting over the last month, even with the so-called lockdown ;

With the poor control in preventing the spread,

One would think half the population should be infected by now.

Probably yes if we all got tested with quantitative PCR testing.

Maybe Pakistanis are developing Herd Immunity:

Herd Immunity

If the virus keeps spreading, eventually so many people will have been infected and (if they survive) become immune that the outbreak will fizzle out on its own as the germ finds it harder and harder to find a susceptible host. This phenomenon is known as herd immunity.


This Is How Your Immune System Reacts to Coronavirus:


New Oxford study suggests millions of people may have already built up coronavirus immunity:


Advances in the Research of Cytokine Storm Mechanism Induced by Corona Virus Disease 2019 and the Corresponding Immunotherapies:


And other points about immunity in our previous article.

Expert Opinions on Lockdowns


Corona Virus happens to occur in the age of social media. That was not the case in Bird Flu or Swine Flu.

Would there have been a similar worldwise awareness if there was no social media?

The Ultimate Objective:

Establishment of a Totalitarian Police State

Other Agenda mentioned in my previous blog:

RECOMMENDATIONS from Psychologists.

1. Isolate yourself from news about the virus. (Everything we need to know, we already know).Don’t look for additional information on the Internet, it would weaken your mental state.

2. Avoid sending fatalistic messages. Some people don’t have the same mental strength as you (Instead of helping, you could activate pathologies such as depression).

3. Stop spreading panic, chaos, rumors, confusion etc.

4. Maintain discipline in the home by washing your hands, putting up a sign or alarm for everyone in the house.

5. Your positive mood will help protect your immune system, while negative thoughts have been shown to depress your immune system and make it weak against viruses.

6. Most importantly, firmly believe that this will pass in sha Allah.

Corona & Comorbidity

Is there really a cause for concern? Do we really need lockdowns?

CDC (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) states:

“Positive PCR results are indicative of active COVID-19 infection but do NOT rule out infection with bacterial or other viral infections”

Covid-19 may not be the definite cause of the symptoms/disease.

But corona virus is going on the death certificate even if the person died of other causes

99 %, of those that have died in Italy from eleged Covid-19 have had 1-4 other health conditions.

This must have compromised their immune system to a large extent.

Same people who said thousands would die of swine flu (less than a thousand died) are now making predictions of millions dying from Covid-19, thus making successful demand for lockdown with its consequential agenda fulfilled.

Now Numbers revised to 20,000 and now 5000 deaths predicted….

Corona and 9/11

It took us several years to understand 9/11 (some still don’t), it may take several years for many to understand the ulterior motives of the corona virus pandemic.

“.. The COVID-19 charade is the biggest single disruption of human society in modern history, perhaps ever in human history. This “health crisis” is a Big Lie. It is the biggest Big Lie in history.

The fabric of societies has been shredded, human interactions have been altered, economies decimated. All based on a manufactured pretext, mass manipulation, and media-inducted mass panic.

Humanity was treated to a similar crippling shock event with false flag event of 9/11, the manufactured global “war on terrorism”. But this one dwarfs all previous events, and all previous wars, including the world wars:

Spiritual Benefits and Prayers

People have turned to Allah Almighty, to God

People have begun to pray

People have started to repent

People have become UNITED

People have become forgiving

People are helping the poor and destitute in these difficult times

We pray for those sick and who died from COVID-19. And we also pray for the many many more who are sick and/or have died due to other illnessess including pneumonia due to other causes, road accidents, cancer, malaria, tuberculosis, hepatitis B/C, cardiovascular diseases, stroke, etc etc.

May Allah Almighty protect us all. Ameen.

And Allah knows best.

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