There shall be no compulsion in [acceptance of] the religion. The right course has become clear from the wrong. So whoever disbelieves in Taghut and believes in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold with no break in it. And Allah is Hearing and Knowing.

(Holy Quran : 2 : 256)


In this blog we mainly discuss why the global elite are pushing the Covid – 19 vaccines down our throat.

As the above Quranic verse states that there is no compulsion in Deen;

Major Points

The right to refuse medication

Humans as Experimental Guinea Pigs

The Increasing Morbidity and Mortality of Covid-19 vaccines

Covid-19 Vaccines : Questioning the Necessity for their Use

Alternatives for Vaccines for Covid 19 prophylaxis

Why doctors around the world are being censored?

Theories Behind the Vaccine Magnet

Fake news also includes fake science?

What they are hiding from us?

The bigger picture/agenda

Plus other latest information on Covid – 19 truth

The BMJ Article

The recent hair – raising article which startled me is the just recently published BMJ (British Medical Journal) which is one of the top 5 journals worldwide with a very high impact factor.

Basic and Clinical Evaluation of a New Drug

The following BMJ article reviews what we teach in Pharmacology (according to the standard Pharmacology textbook by Bertram Katzung) and the reality / queries about Covid-19 vaccines :

1. None are far from being FDA Approved

2. Under Phase 3 clinical trials

3. Period of study too less

4. Unblinded and without control

5. Questions over safety

6. Political pressures involved

7. What’s the rush?

And other points

The studies that have been carried out are by governments, companies, personnel who are already pro-vaxxers. Again too much bias involved

Add upon this the hidden agenda, the politics, the unreported ADRs, etc the basic requirements for clinical trials of a new drug have not been met, albeit the ‘ emergency ‘

So clinical pharmacologists will or should NOT be giving the approval of these vaccines until the basic requirements as mentioned are met

We have to practice what we preach (teach)

Even many pro-vaxxers are against Covid – 19 vaccines:

Unblinded Studies

Basic point  : no single blind or double blind (and no triple blind) studies on the Covid-19 vaccines

In which patients given vaccines are compared with those who are not

Or some control like a placebo

Or even comparing with Ivermectin or some other drugs said to be effective prophylactically

And no triple blind studies in which knowledge of the treatment assigned is concealed from the people who organise and analyse the data as well as from subjects and investigators

And the so called unblinded studies that have been carried out are government sponsored, by private companies, organizations or personnel who were already pro – vaxxers prior to the study!

So much bias involved!

All in favour of the hidden agenda and the political purpose behind it

Read it carefully, line by line, and save it, before it disappears!

We are pretty sure these toddlers had far less chance of dieing from Covid – 19. Very sad. And note about the EAU (more ahead on this) says at the bottom. What was the emergency we ask?

Manipulating Data to Favour Vaccines: Biased Studies is the Result!

Humans As Guinea Pigs

After unbiased efficacy and long term safety studies are established by governments, scientists, companies, personnel who are not pro – vaxxers and who have no conflict of interest !


And if one dies of Covid – 19 until that time, then he / she would be a martyr according to the Hadith of the prophet PBUH. Plus there are alternatives to vaccines discussed ahead

Artificial Crisis THEY Created & THEY are Providing the Solution (goes for all vaccines):

We now come to realise that with fake news comes comes fake science as coming of Dajjal (anti – Christ) gets nearer and nearer

As one can recall from a recent blog:

Why Are They Making Covid – 19 Vaccines Mandatory?

If they are still being tested on humans, if they are still in experimental stage, why are they making them mandatory before trials are complete?

The biggest give away against Covid-19 vaccines, which haven’t passed Phase 3 clinical trials is making them mandatory

The Zionist Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has made them compulsory for performing Umra and Hajj

And just recently for doing any jobs in the Kingdom

This arm – twisting by the government is as equivalent to making them mandatory.

Similar in other countries and talks of vaccine passports

This goes against the rights of drug administration, one of which is the right to refuse:

And also goes against the Nuremberg code:

And goes against one of the basic principles of the Hippocratic oath doctors take, All what we TEACH:

And also goes against basic human rights:

There must be a hidden agenda behind this compulsion, behind this push, which we may realise after some years

There must be some hidden reason for the desperate attempts to vaccinate everyone by hook or by crook

It may be too late for us to realise the truth,

It may be too late for them too, hence the rush

I believe they are also plannning step – wise mandatory vaccinations in Pakistan as well starting with educational institutions

For those claiming Sputnik and Cansino Vaccines are safe (ONLY TIME WILL TELL), they still cannot perform Hajj or Umra!

The Magnetic Fridge Door Effect from Vaccines

The Vaccine Magnet Challenge

So far no scientific explanation has been given on the net including YouTube

Many showing the videos are NOT anti – vaxxers

They have only said that its a trick being played.

But there is far more evidence than it being merely a trick.

One just has to search (do the research) from other outlets besides Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google, etc…

Lots of the above videos available on social media. Most have been deleted or fact – checked from YouTube, Facebook including one of mine.

Until now, no explanation has been given by the pro-vaxxers for all of these cases.

Possible explanations :

Increased Electrosensitivity in the Next Pandemic?

All these points described yesterday (about magnets, metals in PCR kits, etc) may cause increase in the electrosensitivity of many people and thus,

More able to be affected by EMR (Electromagnetic Radiation):

Especially if the frequency of EMR is increased

And lead to a ‘pandemic’ 10 times worse than Covid-19 as predicted by Bill Gates

This supports the EMR Theory and Could Be One Reason Why they Want Everyone Vaccinated

After all, isn’t this one theory that explains how he accurately predicts all this?

And Allah Almighty Knows best

Ethylene Oxide in PCR Tests

Cancer causing chemical

Another story fact – checked by the fact – checkers

Google Ethylene Oxide

If harmless, why label removed from the PCR kits as shown in the clip below?

Doctors’ Censorship: What Are They Hiding?

Canadian doctors speak up against censorship during the pandemic.

Why are they censoring them? What do they don’t want the world to tell us?

How Your Body Fights COVID Without a Vaccine:

What Are They Hiding About Covid – 19 Vaccines?

Vaccine Adverse Effect Report

Number of Deaths / Serious Injuries Becoming More than Deaths due to Covid-19 despite the hush – hush

It maybe much worse if the actual numbers were not kept being swept under the carpet

Dr. Peter McCullough, MD, MPH

He is the most widely published medical scholar in the world in his field.  

Dr. McCullough is an expert in the field of cardiorenal medicine, an editor of two major journals, and an accomplished research scholar. This is what he has to say on vaccines:

Many women with complaints of menstrual irregularities after Covid vaccination especially heavy bleeding

More and more nurses are opening up about Covid Vaccine Victims

How Could a Person Who Wants to Depopulate the Earth be Supporting Life – Saving Vaccines?

More Proofs Why Vaccines are Ineffective

They are so ineffective that they keep on increasing the number of doses!

The above viral picture is an example of probably many more

Following lines taken from interview with Prof Tanvir us Salam, leading pulmonogist in Lahore, who has treated thousands ot Covid-19 patients in Lahore:

“- Get any vaccine you can get, the best vaccine for you is which is easily available. Beggars are not choosers (no guarantee any will work)

-Don’t let your guard down even if you’ve had your vaccination. I have two doses of Pfizer and I still never leave my mask.

Now they are giving the excuse of variants:

All these points also lend support to the EMR theory in which disease may be physically varied

How many more absurdities do we need before we understand?

The Corporate Criminals : The Culprits

The Yajuj and Majuj of our times hav been many many times by now:

And Bill Gates is at the top of the list!

Follow the Money

Fatwa Against Covid – 19 Vaccines

Islamic Ruling on Covid -19 Vaccines (many other similar fatwas):

Alternative to Vaccines

Why are they hiding alternatives to vaccines?

  1. Ivermectin

Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)

Discussion on why the EUA for vaccines and not for Ivermectin and more…

The very company Merck that approved this drug & millions were distributed around the world is now saying it is not safe due to its adverse effects. These scientists are now saying its criminal to hide the information about Ivermectin

My YouTube Channel has been blocked for one week

Blocked for one week (Strike One) for uploading following video on YouTube, for going against community guidelines

I complained right away that YouTube is full of videos in support of Ivermectin and its efficacy in the prophylaxis and treatment of Covid-19

But they didn’t accept my complaint and without giving any explanation…

Ivermectin being approved in many countries for prophylaxis now

Prophylactic Dose : 12 mg / week

Treatment Dose : 12 mg 3 – 5 days (if started early)

Also being used by many clinical pharmacologists around the world including Pakistan

It is best to avoid concomitant use of ivermectin with other drugs that enhance GABA activity, eg, barbiturates, benzodiazepines, and valproic acid. Ivermectin should not be used during pregnancy.

Safety in children younger than 5 years has not been established.

Also mentioned in my previous blogs on Covid : 19

2. Vitamin D

3. Foods that Boost the Immune System

4. Spiritual Therapies

4. Incidence of Covid-19 Among the Faithful?

It would be an interesting study to see the incidence of Covid-19 among those who are practicing Muslims, i.e. Pray regularly, earn Halal etc, in other words have strong faith in Allah Almighty

and those who are non – practicing Muslims.

I am sure the P – value would be less than 0.05 among the two groups,

With a scientific reason as well, in my next blog, in sha Allah

5.Tajweed and Incidence of Covid-19

Learning how to read the Holy Quran with correct pronunciation (Tajweed) should not be difficult, especially for an educated individual,

No matter how many flimsy excuses one makes

And there is plenty of valid reasons for learning Tajweed

For example there is lot of difference in the meaning between pronouncing :

قل ھو اللّٰہُ الصمد


کل ھو اللّٰہُ السمد

The first surah of Holy Quran, Surah tul Fatiha, and the most daily recited gives us plenty of practice for Tajweed

It contains almost all the arabic letters, especially the difficult ones to differentiate, while practicing Tajweed :

ا ، ع، س، ص، ذ، ض، ھ ، ح، ق، ک، ت، ط، غ

The sound coming from the wind pipe when pronouncing ح  seems so soothing for the lungs

And again I am sure that incidence of Covid-19 is much less in those who recite the Holy Quran daily, especially with Tajweed,

With perhaps scientific proof to back the claim

What is the harm in trying it?

More on this in my coming blog in sha Allah.

5. Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting has a lot of health benefits; also includes improving immune response and thus beneficial in preventing Covid – 19:,system%20that%20boosts%20up%20immunity.

6. Stay Away from EMR especially 4G and 5G

Link between Covid – 19 and EMR Mentioned in our ealier blogs :

7. Other Alternatives including good diet, exercise etc with Scientific Explanation in my Next Blog

Personal Censorship History

1. Had problems with my PTCL WiFi connection

2. My personal website was blocked and / or not accessible to me THREE TIMES since few weeks back. I had to complain to PTCL to get it unblocked each time

This all started after I wrote the blog in favour of Justice Qazi Faiz Isa

3. My previous website was blocked permanently at the end of 2018.

4. I am on the last warning from Facebook since last year

5. Last warning from YouTube to my channel two months ago. Now got first strike

6. Cannot embed videos on WordPress platform on my website since a year now

7. Vimeo blocked videos on my website last month.

8. Just received a warning from Twitter 3 weeks ago.

9. Removed from WhatsApp groups for my political views or views on Covid-19.

10. I was stopped from writing articles in an Islamabad daily newspaper after my article on Malala in 2011-12.

Everything is halal for their media including blasphemy but we are immediately fact – checked or warned or censored if we post anything they don’t like or don’t agree with

That in itself is proof enough that there must be some truth in my writings that is bothering them.

Am I going to stop? No. I don’t intend to. The Jihad will continue. In sha Allah.

As long as I am able to do so and / or the absolute time comes as per Hadith when the person sitting is better than the person standing….

And I am not the only person being censored. There are thousands others.

The Abandonment of Hajj

This had been prophesied by our Holy Prophet PBUH as mentioned in the video below

And was predicted by the sheikh to occur in the coming years through a virus (at 4: 00 of the clip below)

Right now Hajj and Umra have been half (or more than half) abandoned

With only limited number of people allowed to perform Umrah and Hajj for the second year running

It will take just one more pandemic (predicted by the elitists) to make the Hajj and Umra fully abandoned

And thus the coming pandemic must be much worse than this one for the Umra and Hajj to become abandoned all together

And that event, according to another prophesy, will lead us close to the great war (Malhama tul Kubra)

As also mentioned in the clip. All the signs are coming together…

Other Miscellaneous Covid – 19 Truths

How to ‘Create’ an Epidemic or Pandemic?

Do they want 100 % life insurance ? Can they ever escape death?

Are You Smarter (or Dumber) than a 5th Grader :

Proof of the Farcical Lockdowns and Variants:

Football fans have been allowed into stadiums once again in UK, albeit restricted in number

Although talk of local lockdowns by Boris Johnson

But no quarantine

As flights come in daily from India to UK, despite the new Indian variants with supposedly thousands dying every day in India

Our Holy Prophet PBUH advised quarantine and said nothing about lockdowns

We are doing the opposite.

Thus either it is not a pandemic caused by a pathogen or the lockdowns and variants are a farce or both

Worldwide Demonstrations Against Lockdowns

And no media coverage on any of the mainstream media networks worldwide!

(Although the same media has thankfully shown the atrocities or worldwide demonstrations against the holocaust in Palestine)

That in itself is a proof that there is an agenda behind the lockdowns

And one of them is to destroy the economies of the world

The most sad part is that intellectuals including doctors are backing these lockdowns, unable to comprehend the reality

Not realising that ultimately many will face the consequences…

The Bigger Picture : The Great Reset

Other References

There are volumes and volumes more to say.

I am very thankful to all the members of the group I created on twitter from whom I get most of this information

Link to follow or join the group/list :

And Allah Almighty knows best!

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