Say, “Have you considered that which you invoke besides Allah ? Show me what they have created of the earth; or did they have partnership in [creation of] the heavens? Bring me a scripture [revealed] before this or a [remaining] trace of knowledge, if you should be truthful.”

(Holy Quran 46 : 4)

The Coming Tsunami: The Last Wave of the Next Pandemic


I thought that I would NOT be writing yet another blog on Covid – 19, but it seems the disease is here to stay for some time and thus the blogs may keep on coming.

One will have to read my previous blog before proceeding :

The New Queries:

Why are they after an imaginery virus when it hasn’t been isolated yet?

How did they make the vaccine when the virus has still NOT been isolated?

If it’s NOT a virus, then what is it? or What Else May Cause Symptoms Resembling Covid – 19?

What is the need of a Vaccine if it is not a virus?

Bill Gates and Population Control

Scientists Playing god

Hazards of Vaccines in general & covid Vaccines

Alternate Medication to Covid Vaccines

How the Global Elite Predict the Next Pandemic

And much more !

Possible Causes of Differences Among Scientists About Covid – 19

  1. Misunderstood science being presented by the international establishment

2. Obsequious sycophants of the establishment, administration etc

3. Forced or pressurized

4. Accept it as the truth because everyone was saying and agreeing upon it

5. Fooled

6. Influenced or coerced by pharmaceutical industries

7. Monetary gains / promotion

8. Coerced/influenced by administration

9. Political vs Medical Issue

10. Blind belief in science

Science is NOT the book of God Almighty or hadith

11. Cognitive dissonance

12. Not thoroughly investigated

13. Know but prefer to remain silent


Covid – 19 : Virus Still Not Isolated

Koch’s Postulates or River’s Criteria for Establishing Bacteria or Virus as Cause of Disease (Video Banned by YouTube etc):

As proved neither the postulates nor the criteria have been establised for Covid -19 and authors have admitted in their articles stating that exact etiology is yet to be determined

From Previous Blog :

Doctors / Scientists / Truth Seekers Getting Silenced

Vaccines in General

Most Scientists and Doctors are NOT against vaccines per se.

It is the adulterated or contanimated viruses that they speak of that are causing many diseases as mentioned in this blog and in the picture ahead:

Vaccination for Population Control by Bill Gates

And 45 % funding of WHO is by the Gates Foundation!

Straight from the Horse’s Mouth :

I personally developed type 2 diabetes mellitus at a young age of 29, an year after getting the doses of hepatitis B vaccines. Coincidence?

How Vaccines Are Made if Virus Not Isolated?

Production of Vaccines

Scientists Playing god


Quote from clip below :-

“What is God. God creates. We can create now”

Dajjalism at its peak!

Another Example of The Plan For mRNA Vaccines Using Viruses Many Years Ago

Pro – Vaxxers Against Vaccines

They will bring in the next ‘virus’ which as warned by ‘Dr.’ Bill Gates will be 10 times much more deadly

And then another one. And we will keep on producing vaccines with uncountable booster doses. And keep on reducing our immunity with each dose!

Anyway, whether it is a bio weapon or some other weapon,


We may ultimately need a saviour urgently

For how long will we be in lockdowns and how many vaccines are we going to take?

We may need Zul – Qarnain II i.e. Imam Mahdi AS urgently :

Even Pakistan Health Minister warned against Covid Vaccines:

About Chinese Vaccine Efficacy from Pakistan :

Director General health,ministry of health, Rana Safdar, one of the sponsors of Chinese covid vaccine in Pakistan, received his dosage on 12 Feb 2021,,,accordingly he should have developed anti body against covid 19,,,shockingly,he has been infected with cor ona virus on 27 March 2021,and is in critical condition,,,,,,,,this creates serious doubts about the efficacy of Chinese vaccine in pakistan,,,,,,,govt should immediately stop this vaccination,, as being done in Europeon countries against vaccine Astra Zanica,,,,,,,,,by administering ineffective,dangerous Chinese vaccine, Govt is playing around with the health of its citizens, as in the case of DG health ,ministry of health,govt of pakistan”,,,,,,,,,Doc Tariq,,Islamabad,,

Manipulating PCR Tests to Influence Vaccines?

This is how they will pull the ‘plug on the virus’ after some time (but temporarily) and say that vaccines have worked

Pharma – Bullying

Use / Benefit of Covid Vaccines?

Doctors Are Forced to Follow Hospital Administration/ Government Orders

Insurance, Conflict of Interest and Corrupt Practices in the Medical Profession

The Madness Continues : The Third Dose and More

Are they going to go for nth doses just like the flu vaccines? Even infinite doses will not be enough!

Old People Dying Due to Covid Vaccines

Ivermectin Vs Covid – Vaccines

A COVID-19 prophylaxis? Lower incidence associated with prophylactic administration of ivermectin:

Ivermectin data base reference as shown above :

Why the hush – hush about Ivermectin by the mainstream media? We are very sure the elite already have an antidote

Bio – Terrorism

Now that many of us may agree that Covid-19 is a type of bio – terrorist attack, as we mentioned in our first blog on Covid-19 last year :

But the question remains : What is the exact cause of the bio – terrorism?

A virus or something else?

As mentioned, many microbiologists say that the exact etiology of Covid-19 may be known after 5 – 10 years

But that doesn’t prevent us in giving opinions, theories etc as we have been doing….

The EMR Theory

Theory : It is high frequency Electromagnetic radiation (EMR) being BEAMED across the world through satellites that is causing the ‘Covid 19’ that causes release of exosomes that are being detected by PCR test and this is being labeled as the ‘virus

Especially in People Who are probably very Electrosensitive:

And they say that viruses are NOT live organisms

Toxins like Glyphosate may also be responsible

The Vanishing 5G Article

This article was published by PUBMED but was mysteriously retracted soon after :

5G Technology and induction of coronavirus in skin cells :

Harms of Electromagetic Radiation (EMR)

Harms of EMR / 5G are being highly censored on YouTube, Facebook etc

EMR Roll Out

Mentioned in my earlier blogs on Covid -19 :


This theory also supports Re – infections with Covid – 19

Possible Connection of EMR and Covid – 19

Symptoms of EMR That Resemble Symptoms of Covid – 19

EMR, Getting Covid -19 in Groups and Predicting Epidemics

Now we can theorize with EMR how people get Covid – 19 in groups or in families and how the elite predict pandemics :

Connection Between EMR and Vaccines?

It is theorized that certain metals/elements in vaccines like mercury, antimony, aluminium (which are themselves harmful), may enhance damage caused by EMR by making them more electro-sensitive :

Link Between Covid Vaccines and the Next Pandemic?

Thus the next pandemic with the increased EMR, reduced immunity by the vaccine and increased susceptibility to EMR may be much worse as predicted by the devil Bill Gates ; (He predicted Covid-19 5 years ago, he correctly predicted the second wave) :

Thus those who have been vaccinated may be the most susceptible to the next ‘virus’

Islamic Perspective : The Plague, The Beast of the Land & EMR

The Great Plague?

Narrated Hazrat Auf bin Mali RA:

“I went to the Prophet (ﷺ) during the Ghazwa of Tabuk while he was sitting in a leather tent. He said, “Count six signs that indicate the approach of the Hour: my death, the conquest of Jerusalem, a plague that will afflict you (and kill you in great numbers) as the plague that afflicts sheep, the increase of wealth to such an extent that even if one is given one hundred Dinars, he will not be satisfied; then an affliction which no Arab house will escape, and then a truce between you and Bani Al-Asfar (i.e. the Byzantines) who will betray you and attack you under eighty flags. Under each flag will be twelve thousand soldiers.” (Sahih Bukhari)

The Beast of the land is one of the major signs of the END TIMES as described here :

A possible relation between The Beast of the Land & EMR has been described here :

They Have Us By the Neck

It seems useless debating over it. Their mass media campaign is too strong and too powerful.

We are losing the battle. The Global elite have us by the neck

It Probably Doesn’t Make Any Difference if One Believes All This or not

Whether we vaccinate or not, it will most likely not make any difference. They have planned it all out well before

We may delay the inevitable for some years but ultimately it’s going the way it was destined....

Muslims, Non – Muslims, Atheists, etc all are affected; very few are being spared Except “the cult, the global elite, the 1 %”, perhaps

“I have created servants of mine (i.e. Gog and Magog) so powerful that none but I can wage war on them.”            (Hadith Qudsi Sahīh Muslim)

Are we nearing THE END and the near coming of Imam Mahdi AS ??

And they plan, And Allah Plans, and Allah is the Best of Planners!

Further Free E – Books for reading :

There is much much more to write. I would also recommend the following E – BOOKS available free online :

  1. 5G : The Scientific Perspective :
  2. The Invisible Rainbow :
  3. Covid – 19 : The Great Reset :
  4. The Covid – 19 Genocide of 2020:
  5. The Truth About COVID-19: Exposing The Great Reset, Lockdowns, Vaccine Passports, and the New Normal

And Allah Almighty knows best!

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