Understanding the Syrian Crisis

“You will make peace with the Romans (i.e. Christians / ‘Rum’) in a secure truce/alliance, and you and they will fight an enemy who is behind you, and you will be victorious”

(Hadith No. 4292, Book of the Great Battles, Sunan Abu Dawud, Vol. 4)


The Mainstream Media (MSM) is bending its back now a days in trying to blame everything on Russia. From ‘Brexit, to Wikileaks exposure, to how did Trump win the elections, to who is doing all the killing in Aleppo etc etc.

The objectives of this blog include:

  1. The Syrian Tragedy
  2. Who is behind the Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Yemen debacles/tragedies?
  3. The lies being told by MSM about Syria
  4. Why Aleppo tragedy being highlighted now on MSM and social media?
  5. The actual current situation in Aleppo
  6. It never was a sectarian conflict!
  7. Russians hacking US Elections?
  8. Why all this blame game on the Russians?
  9. Solutions

The Syrian Tragedy

There is no doubt that the Syrian tragedy has reached epic proportions and puts all humanity to shame. The Muslim countries in particular and the world at large remain oblivious. Half of Syria’s entire population, a staggering 11 million people have been displaced. Around 4.5 million refugees are located in neighboring countries. Nearly 250 to 300 thousand casualties have occurred or even more, many of which are children.

The country’s infrastructure has been largely destroyed and even hospitals have not been spared.

What is worse is that the conflict seems nowhere near to an end. Horrific pictures of women and children injured, killed or displaced are being shown. Superpowers fighting a proxy war, with USA & its allies including NATO and some GCC countries supporting the rebels (FSA-Free Syrian Army, ISIS and the like), while Russia and its allies supporting Syrian President Mr. Bashar Al- Asad and his government.

Could this be the tussle between the modern Gog and Magog, victims being the innocent civilians of Syria? Certainly Russia will not be among the Gog and Magog? Read here:


All common Muslims can seem to do is pray for the Syrians just as the Holy Prophet (PBUH), foreseeing the future, prayed for them 1400 years ago:

Narrated Ibn ‘Umar (RA):

(The Holy Prophet PBUH) said, “O Allah! Bless our Sham (Syria and some other countries including Palestine) and our Yemen.” People said, “Our Najd as well.” The Prophet again said, “O Allah! Bless our Sham and Yemen.” They said again, “Our Najd (present day Saudi Arabia) as well.” On that the Prophet said, “There will appear earthquakes and afflictions, and from there will come out the side of the head of Satan.”

Who is to blame?

Who is/was behind the Iraq, Libya, Egypt and Yemen debacles/tragedies?

Who was beyond the Iraq tragedy? Who blamed Iraq for having weapons of mass destruction? Even President-elect Mr. Trump admits it was a mistake on part of the CIA.

It was NOT the Russians!

Who was beyond the Libyan debacle? Again USA and NATO!

It was NOT the Russians!

Who was behind the debacle in Egypt? Of course the Americans along with their Saudi Allies.

It was NOT the Russians!

Who is behind the current killing in Yemen which no one including MSM is talking about? Again the Saudis along with the allies they have shamelessly chosen (USA, Britain etc)

Agreed Mr. Saddam and Mr. Qaddafi were not angels but other countries had no right whatsoever to start bombing them on false pretexts and throw them back into the Stone Age.

Even Mr. Trump agreed in the presidential debates that these countries are far worse off than before.

Similarly Bashar Al Asad is a cruel man, a dictator but so are all the other Arab monarchs. Human rights violations are being committed in almost every one of them:

Human Rights Violations in Saudi Arabia

No wonder the Holy Prophet (PBUH) refused to pray for An Najd (present day part of Saudi Arabia).

But Assad and his army is now fighting ISIS and Al-Qaida rebels, which are even bigger evils than Assad himself. Scenario has changed. Just like when Saddam became some sort of a hero when he opposed USA before and after the invasion of Iraq.

The Syrian conflict was also started by USA and its allies in continuation of its policies and plans in the Middle East, which include getting hold of all the resources in the region and making way for the creation of ‘Greater Israel’.

“During the Syrian Civil War, which began in 2011, the United States first supplied the rebels of the Free Syrian Army with non-lethal aid (including food rations and pickup trucks), but quickly began providing training, cash, and intelligence to selected Syrian rebel commanders.” –Wikipedia

This was labeled as ‘Yankee Jihad’ by several Muslim scholars and NOT a true Jihad.

Then USA and its allies created ISIS and now provide ISIS with funds, training, weapons and intelligence to its members and commanders.

Only this time, Russia stood in its way. Enough was enough. If it had not been for Russia, USA and its allies would have continued to spread chaos and continue to spread their dominions and control of more areas in the Middle East.

If it had not been for Russia, we all may guess what would have been the consequences for the world and for the Muslim Ummah.

Read this for more details on role of Russia for Muslims:

Muslims & Orthodox Christians- A Truce in the Making

And still we blame Russia?

And USA is telling the Russians to be ashamed of themselves? What hypocrisy!

Russia rightly replied to Ms Powers remarks of shame by saying: ‘as if she was Mother Teresa herself. Please, remember which country you represent. Please, remember the track record of your country.” (Russia’s Churkin snubs US Power’s speech at UNSC).

Exactly! As we have seen in this discussion, USA has always been the aggressor, every time, everywhere!

It was the US who bombed an aid convoy to Aleppo a few months ago.

Who did 9/11? Russia or USA?

The Lies being told by MSM about Syria

If anyone needs an example of just why the mainstream corporate media is becoming more and more irrelevant by the day, one need only look at the coverage of the liberation of Aleppo to see why it must now rely on government legislation, hysteria, and panic simply to continue existing into the next decade.

  1. “UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon told the emergency meeting he had received “credible reports” of civilians killed by pro-government forces as they swept into the last rebel areas in Aleppo. ‘
  1. “While residents of Aleppo,Syrians are celebrating the liberation of their city, the mainstream media has been painting the opposite picture with sensational headlines decrying alleged atrocities and a “meltdown of humanity” they claim is happening there.”
  2. “The corporate media, in bed with Washington, used the Aleppo poster child propaganda pictureto justify escalation of US-led humanitarian war in Syria”
  1. www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDdV2_g9hQA
  2. MSM Fake News Claims Civilians Committing Mass Suicide In East Aleppo After Syrian Army Victory


  1. An article repeatedly claims that Assad’s forces are focused on murdering innocent civilians, hunting them down in the streets and killing them, burning them alive, and ludicrously suggesting that many civilians are committing suicideen masse because of the Syrian military’s victory.
  2. Arab media reported that scores of civilians were burned alive by regime forces, although this was not confirmed by observers at the Aleppo Media Center or the U.K.-based Syria Observatory for Human Rights.
  3. Charles Lister, a Syria expert and senior fellow at the Middle East Institute, said there were “truly shocking stories from Aleppo including husbands and wives taking each other’s lives in family suicides” and that hundreds may have died during Monday’s fighting.
  4. While civilians are no doubt being caught in the crossfire, the Western press claims that virtually all of those injured or killed were intentionally murdered by Syrian forces, a tragic lie since not once has the Syrian Army been demonstrated to have intentionally targeted civilians.

On the other hand, America’s terrorists have made torture, rape, and murder of innocent people a regular occurrence, all proven by their own video footage.

  1. “Rebels” are portrayed as some heroic group making a last stand against Assad’s march, not mentioning that those “rebels” are in fact radical ISIS-Al Qaeda terrorists.
  2. More lies here: http://theduran.com/mainstream-media-upset-al-qaeda-was-defeated-in-aleppo-here-is-how-they-covered-aleppos-liberation/

  1. Fake Syrian Hero boy:


  1. Fake White Helmets Mannequin Challenge in Syria:


  1. Aleppo Boy on Orange Seat Hoax:


  1. Last Letters on Facebook and Twitter:

All of a sudden numerous people crop up in Syria on social media stating that this may be their final message (meaning that they are going to die). These messages all seemed to be coordinated but afterward almost all were found to be fake:


One person commented: ‘It seems Aleppo has the best wifi connection in the world at the moment!”

16. Another famous fraudster reporter Bilal Abdul Kareem with CNN’s sister network Al-Jazeera reporting all sorts of fake news for the Americans:


17. Five people in Egypt allegedly making fake videos of Aleppo using small children have been arrested:


The list of lies goes on and on and one can find many more fake news on you tube in related videos.

Remember the Aylan Kurdi Psyop?

The Aylan Kurdi Psyop, Syrian Refugees & Greater Israel

Why Aleppo tragedy being highlighted on MSM and social media NOW?

We suddenly wake up last week and see Aleppo trending top on Twitter and other social media sites. Why NOW?

The tragedy has been going on for 4-5 years. Why all the hue and cry NOW especially on MSM and social media?

It is because the USA and its allies are losing the war. They have tried everything they can, every time calling for ceasefire and then trying new ventures and strategies but the Russians have outsmarted and outwitted them every time.

Now USA and its allies have turned to MSM and the social media for support, creating the picture that the Russians are to blame for the atrocities in Syria, meaning that they want to continue or escalate the situation and at the same time blame Russia for their own failures.

“West frustrated by our success in Aleppo: Russian Envoy”


USA wants to hide the fact, the SHAME from people around the world that it has LOST and RUSSIA is winning!

And it wants a pretext and support from UN and other countries for a stronger and possibly decisive invasion of Syria.

The actual current situation in Aleppo

It is the ISIS and other rebels, terrorists (FSA etc) who are committing torture on citizens of Aleppo.

“Militants apparently used torture devices and stockpiled dozens of large-caliber mortars and shells in eastern Aleppo before the Syrian Army entered the area. Stunning footage has been filmed at Al-Nusra Front’s firebase after it was retaken.

A military operation against Islamists in Aleppo, once Syria’s second-largest city with booming industries and now the worst-hit place in the country, cornered the militants into a small 2.5-km sliver of land.

Footage from the scene suggests that in eastern Aleppo, civilians were apparently subjected to torture and abuse.”


Most civilians had been evacuated prior to the siege either by agreements between Syrian/Russian forces and terrorists angling for more breathing room or simply by nature of the massive civilian flight to government areas as the terrorists took and maintained control of East Aleppo,

Interestingly enough, the same article contains a picture of civilians in West Aleppo, the government-held area, cheering and celebrating the Syrian military’s victory in East Aleppo.

So we have to ask: why would civilians in West Aleppo cheer for Assad while civilians in East Aleppo commit mass suicide? Is the city truly that divided? What on earth would have made people living in the same city see things so differently on such a massive scale separated by an arbitrary and shifting line going through the middle of it?

“It’s almost as if two different battles were being written about,” Alexander Mercouris, editor-in-chief at The Duran, told Brian Becker on Radio Sputnik’s Loud & Clear program.

Read more: https://sputniknews.com/middleeast/201612151048571172-why-us-fuming-aleppo-liberation/

If the Syrian government were committing a massacre against the Syrian people, then why would the REAL Syrian government army be assisting the weak and wounded in Aleppo? There are plenty of proofs including videos of this fact.

“As the “Great Battle of Aleppo’ approaches its end – which will probably come tomorrow – there could not be a sharper contrast between the way in which the news of the Syrian army’s victory is being celebrated in Syria, and the gloom and anger with which it is being received in the West.

In Aleppo itself film shows joyful Syrians flooding onto the streets to celebrate the Syrian army’s victory and the coming end of the fighting in their city.”

Syrians celebrating:


Now at time of ceasefire, USA backed rebel terrorists (including ISIS) have escaped taking hostages and arms, violating the Aleppo deal.

Syria hands over evidence of mustard gas attack by rebels on civilians:


gave 35+ tons of hot meals & warm clothes to East ‘s people today:

Syrian children share their stories after the liberation of Aleppo:


It Never was a Sectarian Conflict!

Many innocent Muslims are taking it as a sectarian conflict due to the involvement of Iran and Saudi Arabia. It never was my dear brothers and it should never may be taken as so. It may have been initially as part of the civilian war but the civilian war was fuelled by US and its allies.

It just happens by chance that Assad and his government belong to a Shia community (just like Bahrain’s rulers are Sunni ruling over a Shia majority.

Most likely Iran and Saudi Arabia are involved in the conflict, NOT due to sectarian reasons, but they are supporting their allies. Saudi Arabia is supporting USA as it always has. Iran has sided with Russia.

It is a war among the superpowers and opposing sects just happen to be supporting opposing superpowers. That is all. Full stop.

However it is a fact that USA has always tried to fuel the flames of sectarianism among Muslims (in Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain and now Syria, etc) and we should be trying to extinguish those flames.

Please let us NOT make it into a sectarian conflict!

Hold Fast to the Rope of Allah

Russians Hacking US Elections?

This has to be the most hilarious and most ridiculous allegation ever!

The Electoral College is going to meet on 19th December to cast their votes. These are the 538 electors representing the nation’s 435 representatives, 100 senators an 3 non-voting representatives from Washington DC.

Normally all electors are chosen by the winning candidate’s political party among the party faithful. But there is no law requiring the electors to vote for the candidate who won their state.

So the Electoral college vote is normally a formality procedural step. But this year with all the propaganda against Mr. Trump  and now the propaganda by CIA and MSM that Russia hacked/interfered with the US elections to allow Mr. Trump to win, there may be a number of electors who may become ‘unfaithful’ and vote for a candidate who did NOT win their state and one of them has publically said he would do so.

The congress and senate will then meet on January 6 to count the votes and if only 1 senator and 1 congressman raises a written objection concerning the votes/elections, then a huge problem may arise.

This is a whole conspiracy and several blogs can be written on it, but in a net shell CIA has given no proof at all, just false claims. This is all a rumor campaign, a pretext to get the war-mongering Mrs. Clinton into power.

This last attempt to get Clinton into power may turn futile but it shows the intent and the globalist may find other ways through Trump even to fulfill their evil designs!

And now Obama is threatening to sue Russia for hacking elections!


Russians also being blamed for Brexit, for Wikileaks Exposure and what not!

No wonder Mr. Putin is finally fed up with all this blame game and told USA to give proof or shut up:


Why All This Blame Game on the Russians?

Either the quality of advice US leaders are getting on Russia is extremely poor or it is a deliberate attempt to malign Russia for everything that goes against wishes of the Zionists.

The Zionists now seem to be looking for a clash with the Russians. They want the Armageddon (World War 3, Malhama) to take place as soon as possible.

It might even occur within the next 5-10 years at this rate! :


They now realize that Russia is the last obstacle in their long term plans which they planned out more than a century ago. They probably realize they made a mistake by releasing Russia from their stronghold. But they never knew or never believed that:

“But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.”

(Holy Quran 8: 30)

This is why they want a war-mongering US President like Mrs. Clinton instead of the less evil US President who wants peace with Russia!

Racing Towards World War 3 with Nasty Warmongering Clinton


Now that everything is almost fitting into their proper places of a Politico-Islamic jigsaw puzzle, here are some solutions to the presented problem:

  1. All Muslim countries join the defender (not the aggressor), meaning all join the Russian block.

Muslims have to know that modern day Russia is NOT the same as the former USSR that invaded Afghanistan. May be that is why many Muslim countries see Russia as among the ‘bad guys’.

USSR was under control of the Zionists, but modern Russia is NOT.

We now know that ‘Rum’ mentioned in the Holy Quran and Hadith pertains to modern day Russia.

We also know that the Holy Quran predicts another victory for the Romans in the future.

“Rum (Romans/Byzantines)  have been defeated.

In the nearest land. But they, after their defeat, will overcome

Within three to nine years. To Allah belongs the command before and AFTER. And that day the believers will rejoice”.

(Holy Quran Surah Rum 30: 2-4)

Romans proved to be modern Russia in this article:

Muslims & Orthodox Christians- A Truce in the Making

We also know that the Holy Prophet (PBUH) prophesied an alliance between Muslims and the Romans near end times.

(Hadith quoted at beginning of this article)

So why don’t all Muslim nations join the Russian block in the hope that they will be among the prophesied people/nation who will make truce with Russians in defeating a common enemy? Isn’t this common sense?

Allah and the Holy Prophet (PBUH) will then be pleased with them!

Remember Saudis formed a 34 country member military force to fight ‘evil’. Why can’t that combined Muslim military force make a truce with Russia to fulfill the prophecy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)???

  1. Stop listening to or believing the MSM media including news coming from CNN, BBC etc. Verify all news from alternate media which gives more correct news and analysis e.g.

‘We are Change’ on Facebook and on internet

‘A Sheep no More’ on Facebook and on the internet

‘David Icke’

‘Sheikh Imran Hosein’ lectures on Youtube and free books on his website

‘RT’ news media

  1. Do not think about this conflict along sectarian lines

Please please I again repeat, do NOT think about this conflict along sectarian lines. Do not fulfill the wish of the Zionists by fueling the flames of sectarianism. All Muslims should unite and join one block i.e. the Russian block.

4. Aid For Syria

This could be in form of money, clothes etc, anything that could be useful for the Syrian people.

5. Pray for the people of Syria

Finally this is the least that we can and should do and should have been doing since the start of the invasion of Syria by the Global elite. We all still can pray for Syria and also make it a Sunnah as the Holy Prophet (PBUH) prayed for the Syrians 1400 years ago.

We should all feel the pain!

May Allah help the innocent people of Syria and evade them from their plight. Ameen











And Allah knows best!

2 thoughts on “Aleppo & The ‘Blame it on Russia’ Syndrome

  1. You have done a remarkable job by informing the public about the factual events pertaining to Syria and onslaught of hoax war on Muslim world with unfortunate connivance of some Muslim puppets. Moreover, i concur with what you have interpreted from Hadith and Quran about the alliance of Muslims with Rom (Before Communist/Bolshevik revolution Russia was known as Romanov Empire). Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal has rightly pointed towards the Bolshevik revolution in 1917 and subsequent European crusade conquest of Jerusalem one month later, with an amazing couplet of urdu poetry in which he declared that Gog & Magog are released. http://iqbalurdu.blogspot.com/search?q=yajooj

    A renowned scholar Sheikh Imran Hosein who specializes in Islamic eschatology has spoken & written extensively about this topic.

    Letter of Arthur James Balfour (British foreign secretary, author of the Balfour declaration) conveyed the consent of British government To Zionist Lord Rothschild favoring the establishment of Jewish state in Palestine elucidate the involvement of Globalists.

    Moreover, books like protocol of the learned Elders of Zion, Secret behind communism by Dr. David Duke, World significance of Russian Revolution by George Pitt-Rivers & the controversy of Zion by Doug Reed vividly depicts the influence of Zionists on Europe, US and how world events are orchestrated to achieve the desired goals.

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