The Aylan Kurdi Psyop & Greater Israel

“And they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.”

(Holy Quran 8: 30)

And Yet Another Psyop /False Flag Operation

Even I initially got fooled by this one

The body does not seem bloated or stiff, so according to forensics he must be alive

Time to take snapshots but no one tries resuscitation??

Father of drowned toddler Aylan Kurdi was already in Turkey! He had been given FREE housing in Turkey.

He was never on that boat to watch his wife and children drown. Listen to all the contradictions and holes in his story. This is an attempt to send his wife and children before him, while he never lived in a war zone

Aylan’s father has given several conflicting versions of the story (which usually happens in such false flag operations)

One Story:

Abdullah Kurdi says: “I tried to swim to the shore … but couldn’t find my wife and children once I was there.
“I thought they got scared and ran away.
“When I couldn’t find them in our meeting point in the city (Bodrum) where we normally meet, I went to the hospital.”
Second Story:

It was reported earlier that Abdullah Kurdi was found semi-conscious.

“Alan and Galip’s father were found semi-conscious and taken to hospital near Bodrum, according to the Sabah daily.”

Third Story:

It was reported earlier that: “when Abdullah realized that his five-year-old son Ghalib was dead in his left arm, he turned his attention to his three-year-old son, Alan…

“When he realized Alan was also dead, he tried to save his wife, also with no success…”

Fourth Story:

“Abdullah yesterday described how he’d pleaded with his sons to keep breathing, telling them he didn’t want them to die.

“It was only when he looked down at their faces and saw blood in Aylan’s eyes that he realised the boys had died in his arms and he was forced to let them go. Looking around in the water, he spotted the body of his wife Rehan ‘floating like a balloon’. She had also drowned.”

Another Lie:

“CBC previously reported the family of Alan Kurdi had applied for refugee status in Canada.

“In fact, no formal application for refugee status was made.”

Aunt of Alan Kurdi, drowned Syrian boy, did not apply to sponsor family in Canada

Some Other Truths:
Alan Kurdi’s father Abdullah has friends and relations in such countries as Greece, Germany and Canada.

The Kurdi family has been living in Turkey for three years.

They are originally from Damascus.

So, they were not being threatened by ISIS when they reportedly set out on a boat.

Objectives of this recent False Flag/Psyop:
  1. This was most likely a zionist-driven psychological operation aiming at facilitating the emptying of Syria.

Just like Israel slowly took over Palestine, it will slowly take over Syria and so on…

  1. It was also done to move the populations in Europe who are naturally opposed to refugees into accepting them willingly.This is why it was surprising why European governments like Germany (citizens of Germany & other Europeans were moved) are ready or about to accept the refugees in collaboration with Zionists. It is all over the news in Europe including UK these days (and social media #SyrianRefugees).

They have added an ‘incentive’: Muslims converting to Christianity to get Asylum

As awkward as it may sound, but it did seem weird when 1 Syrian toddler drowned on a beach and world leaders suddenly all trumpet they’ll take in Syrian refugees.

Thousands upon thousands of drowned Libyans since the NATO attack and NATO-facilitated murder of Ghadaffi and nobody’s ever trumpeted they’ll take in Libyan refugees.

(Just like that 1 Malala when thousand Malalas were being martyred or injured)

An example from Syria: This little girl died at the hands of backed rebels, but the media won’t pick it up:

  1. Another purpose of the Zionists is to promote ‘anti-semitism’ in Europe and America, so that Jews will be driven out of Europe and America and into Greater Israel.

Figures have started coming of number of refugees to be accepted by various European  countries: e.g. Germany 0.5 million, Australia 12000, Norway 5000, UK 20000 and so  on..

4. To inculcate fear among Europeans and create Police State-like situations in European countries and total control (as in USA) by introducing terrorists/ISIS in garb of refugees. This has been an objective of Zionists

This fear can be inculcated through false flag terror attacks blamed on these refugees in guise of ISIS. New Surveillance laws would be  introduced for crushing freedom as was done in USA after 9/11 (Patriot Act)

This may further drive Jews out of Europe into ‘Greater Israel’

Moral: Do NOT believe whatever you read or see on MSM (Mainstream Media). You will probably find the real truth from alternate sources from MSM)

5. But this does not mean that there is no suffering for the poor Syrians. Another objective of this psyop is to make an excuse for continuing the bombing of citizens of Syria in the garb of ISIS, Kurds or Assad’s army. Zionists just want to finish them off and send the rest away as refugees so that Syria will be empty as possible before Israel ‘occupies’ it

The poor people of Syria are caught between the devil (ISIS, Saudi Arabia, Turkey backed by USA-Gog) and the deep sea (President Bashar ul Assad, Iran backed by Russia-Magog).

The people of Syria are praying for an end to this conflict between the modern Gog and Magog of our times.

They don’t even have many places to go now. Even the Arab leaders have closed their doors on them

Allah will surely judge humanity for all what we have done to Syria. Syria is a thundering volcano about to erupt its hot molten lava very soon. A single spark is enough to cause its eruption and bring about an end to the suffering of the Syrians and a retribution to humanity…..

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