Muslims & Orthodox Christians-

A Truce in the Making

“And you will find the nearest of them in affection to the believers those who say, “We are Christians.” That is because among them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant.”

(Holy Quran: 5 : 82)


The following points are highlighted in this blog:

  1. Europe in early times
  2. Roman Empire & Byzantine Orthodox Christianity
  3. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) & Muslims siding with Orthodox Christians
  4. Rise of Western Christianity  & the Crusades
  5. Formation of Judeo-Christian Alliance
  6. Harms of Judeo-Christian Alliance
  7. Roman Byzantine Empire Rises again Under Russia
  8. Russia-only way between Zionists plan
  9. Unity of Russians with Muslims near Endtimes

Europe at the Time of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS)

When Abraham (AS) made migration to the Holy Land, and Babylon, Persia, Egypt and China had great civilizations, and the Greek and Roman Empires had not as yet emerged, Europe lived largely as ‘wild tribes’.

There was little or no trade with the rest of the civilized world. In consequence of this peculiar isolation the rest of the world could not understand European languages, nor could Europe ever play any role as an actor on the stage of the world.

The Qur’an referred in Surah al-Kahf to this unique European characteristic when Dhul Qarnain embarked on his third journey and came upon a people whose language could not be understood (Surah al-Kahf, 18:93).

Gog and Magog (Yajuj and Majuj) of Yesterday and Today

Europe until Time of Hazrat Isa (Jesus AS)

A strange and mysterious revolution overtook Europe. Pagan Greek and Roman civilizations emerged and they immediately and strangely embarked upon the conquest of as much of the rest of the world as could be conquered.

Both Greek and Roman European civilizations seemed to have a special interest in the Holy Land (Palestine). Alexander ‘the Great’ conquered Jerusalem and evinced an interest in Judaism, and the Roman Empire ruled over Jerusalem and the Holy Land up to the time of Jesus (AS) and even after that.

Secondly, there was no abiding fidelity to their gods and goddesses and to the pagan way of life… Rather pagan beliefs were eventually unceremoniously discarded in the same strange way that they had been embraced centuries earlier.

Romans & Persians at the Time of the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

The Romans & the Persians were the two great superpowers/empires of the time. They fought many wars during this time & news from both sides reached Makkah & Madinah now and then. This news was of special interest to Muslims & their enemies at the time in Makkah.

Muslims under the leadership & guidance of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) always sided with the Romans, as they were Orthodox Christians, followed monotheism & were followers of the book (Ahle Kitaab).

The disbelievers from Makkah, who were avowed enemies of Islam & the Holy Prophet (PBUH), sided with the Persians, who were also idol worshippers, like themselves.

So, whenever the news of the victory of the Persians came, the idolaters became glad and thereby took the prophecy of their own victory over the Muslims, leading them to cherish good hopes for the future.  Muslims were naturally shocked that the Christians who were known as the people of the book should be over-powered by the fire worshippers.

After the year 614 CE (5 years after Prophethood) Kosros II (the Persian Emperor) gave a crushing and decisive defeat to the Romans.  The Middle East, Asia Minor etc. were by now in the hands of the Persians.  Hercules (the roman leader) was forced to take refuge in Constantinople and the Roman capital was also in danger.  Priests were either slain or made prisoners.  Caesars sovereignty no longer existed.

Now it seemed that the Romans had no longer the power to free these lands from the Persian occupation.  By acknowledging these conditions, the Makkan idolaters were overjoyed and they teased the Muslims.  They were ambitious and hopeful to such an extent that they remarked to Hazrat Abu Bakr (RA) “Today our Persian brothers have blotted out your Roman friends, tomorrow we shall exterminate you like them.”

This is when the Quran made a general proclamation against the external factors that, no doubt the Persians vanquished the Romans for a while, but within nine years they would again become triumphant.

“The Byzantines have been defeated.

In the nearest land. But they, after their defeat, will overcome

Within three to nine years. To Allah belongs the command before and AFTER. And that day the believers will rejoice”.

(Holy Quran Surah Rum 30: 2-4)

According to the Quranic prediction, right within nine years, after the passing of one year of Hijrah, on the day of Badr, when the Muslims were rejoicing in the clear victory over the idolaters, by the grace of Allah, became happier with the news that Allah had made the Romans (the people of the book) to prevail over the Persians fire-worshippers.  In this way the idolaters got a double blow of disgrace.

And so whenever news of the victory of Romans came, Muslims were happy.

An interesting real event related to above verses:

The history is remarkable, for the reason that by the time of Prophet Muhammad PBUH, Rome was an empire in decay. So a prediction which surfaced nearly two centruies later, stating that the already disintegrating Roman empire would gain a victory over the huge and seemingly superior Persian army, would have seemed rash on a human level. And so it appears to have been judged by those who denied the revelation – men such as Ubay Ibn Khalf.
“The story is narrated in many historical accounts of Arabian history. The Arabs did not percieve the conflict to be limited to one of Persia versus Rome, but rather a contest between paganism and people of a scripture. The pagan Arabs conceived the fire-worshipping Persians to be brothers in paganism whereas the Muslims viewed the Romans to be people of a scripture. hence the interest in one side prevailing, reflecting the superiority of the god of the winner.

When the Persians were victorious over Rome, the pagan Arabs celebrated. Following this, the above ayat (verses) were revealed, strengthening the hearts of the believers.

When Abu Bakr As-Siddiq (the closest companion and the future first Caliph following the prophet’s demise) learned the revelation, he interrupted the pagans from their celebration and told them thst they should not be so happy, because the victory was destined to be overturned with the help of Allah.

Upon hearing this, Ubay Ibn Khalf called Hazrat Abu Bakr RA a liar, prompting Hazrat Abu Bakr RA to return the charge by saying, “You are the liar, O enemy of Allah.”

Ubay then challenged Hazrat Abu Bakr RA by betting 10 camels that Rome would not be victorious in 3 years. When Abu Bakr informed Prophet Muhammad PBUH of the wager (which was made before the prohibition of gambling was revealed), Prophet Muhammad PBUH reminded him that the Arabic word ‘Bid’i‘ in the revealed verses means between three and nine years, and so the time period should be extended to that foretold in the revelation.

When Abu Bakr returned to Ubay, Ubay asked if Hazrat Abu Bakr RA regretted the wager, to which Abu Bakr RA responded in the negative, following which Abu Bakr RA stated that he wanted to increase the wager to 100 camels and the time to 9 years. Ubay agreed.

9 years later, as per the Quranic prophecy the Romans won, Hazrat Abu Bakr won the bet and gained a herd of camels”

(Sunan Nisai and Tirmidhi and Narrated by Ibn Kathir)

Also according to this verse, another victory for the Orthodox Christians of ancient Rome (Romans) is coming and will be discussed ahead

Orthodox Christianity

As mentioned, Muslims including the Holy Prophet (PBUH) always sided with the Romans, as they were Orthodox Christians, followed monotheism & were followers of the book (Ahle Kitaab).

Islam and Orthodox Christianity were very close religions at the time, with similar beliefs, although diverse beliefs like trinity had spread as mentioned in the Holy Quran.

This fact can be verified when the King of Abyssinia, Najashi (RA), gave shelter to Muslims when they took protection from oppression in Makkah. He was very happy with their beliefs & is believed to have accepted Islam later, upon receiving a letter from the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

This fact can also be verified in a conversation between the Byzantine empire Hercules, and Hazrat Abu Sufyan (RA), who told him all about Islam & the Prophet (PBUH), when the latter also received a letter from the messenger of Allah (PBUH).

Hercules is said to have stated:

“If I were to go there, I would embrace Islam and wash the Prophet’s feet with my own hands.”

Orthodox Christians e.g. in Russia, celebrate Christmas on 7th January.

This is why the Holy Quran supports these type of Christians in the Holy Quran, as mentioned in the verse at beginning of this blog:

“And you will find the nearest of them in affection to the believers those who say, “We are Christians.” That is because among them are priests and monks and because they are not arrogant.”

(Holy Quran: 5 : 82)

Further characteristics of these Christians mentioned include

  1. Nearest in affection to the believers
  2. They have monasteries (priests & monks)
  3. They are not arrogant
  4. Another verse ahead indicates their monotheistic belief

Another verse of the Holy Quran that supports these Christians is as follows:

Commentators of the Holy Quran including Maulana Maududi have stated that this verse may also indicate monotheistic Christians

Europe after the Time of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH):

Then a strange European embrace of Christianity for essentially political reasons resulted in the emergence of the Euro-Christian Church with Rome as the center of a new church.

It was Christianity that brought much of the remaining part of Europe out of the ‘wild tribes’ stage of its history and united Europe as Christendom. The new Christian church was so emphatic about its independence from the old Christianity that it even appointed its own date for commemorating the birth anniversary of Jesus AS. The new European Christmas was celebrated on December 25.

But Euro-Christianity (Western Christianity/Catholics & Protestants) differed significantly and mysteriously from the old orthodox Christianity of Byzantine. As soon as the new Christian church had consolidated its hold over Europe it proceeded to display an obsession for the Holy Land unmatched by any other Christians.

The Crusades were not just Christian, rather they were Euro-Christian. They were launched one after another against the Muslims in a futile effort to wrest control over the Holy Land. A short-lived European liberation of the Holy Land was brought to an unceremonious end when Sultan Salahuddin defeated the Christian crusaders and recovered Muslim control over the Holy Land.

What was most significant about the Crusades was that it was exclusively European. Even though the European Crusaders had to pass through the territory of the Byzantine Christians, non-European Christians did not join the Europeans and hence played no part in the Crusades…

Secondly, when the European Crusaders did succeed in wresting control over Jerusalem from the Muslims for a brief period they perpetrated a bloodbath that was ominously un-Christian. They slaughtered all the inhabitants of Jerusalem. Not even women and children were spared.

The Christian world was horrified by the barbarism and savagery of an ostensibly Christian European people who had embarked on a religious and spiritual quest to liberate the Holy Land. It certainly appeared as though the cloak of Christianity had been donned by Europe as an act of expediency and convenience rather than as an act of faith.

The Crusades revealed a frightful, ruthless, godless, amoral face of Europe. It was more essentially godless than it was Christian, and it was more constituted of ‘wild tribes’ than of civilized people… As time passed by it also displayed an amazing capacity to conceal its true nature and to present itself as the opposite of what it really was.

The world of Islam was unable to understand and explain the even stranger, more mysterious and more inexplicable revolution that transformed Europe from a medieval Christian civilization to an essentially godless modern secular western civilization. That revolution also delivered to Europe a scientific and industrial revolution and a Riba-(Interest) based economic system that resulted in godless Europe becoming more powerful than the rest of the world combined.

But the new essentially godless, ostensibly Christian, Europe displayed the same strange obsession for the Holy Land that was displayed by the old Christian crusading Europe. It proceeded to join hands with the essentially godless ostensibly Jewish European Khazers in pursuing a continuing obsession with liberating the Holy Land. These two European people have remained locked together in a mystifying unholy embrace ever since.

It was the island of Britain that declared (in what is known as the Balfour Declaration) in 1917 that it would work for the establishment of a Jewish National Homeland in Palestine. Britain proceeded just two years later to liberate the Holy Land from gentile (Muslim) rule. This occurred in 1917 when the British General, Allenby, lead an army to victory over the Turkish army that defended Jerusalem and the Holy Land.

Where the old crusades, waged by an ostensibly Christian Europe, had failed, the new crusade, waged by a godless Europe, succeeded. Both the efforts to liberate Jerusalem and the Holy Land were European. Both were crusades.

In fact General Allenby himself confirmed this in his memorable declaration that he made when he entered Jerusalem as a conqueror: “Today the crusades have ended”.

 Judeo-Christian Alliance

If Europe’s embrace of Christianity was something strange, then Europe’s embrace of Judaism was stranger still. It was sometime in the seventh century, perhaps, that the Khazer tribes of Eastern Europe embraced Judaism. When they became Jews they did so for essentially political reasons. Faith had no part to play in their conversion. Even before they converted to Judaism the Euro-Khazers were recognized to possess some mysterious power that permitted them to successfully and effectively block the advance of Islam into Europe.

Like Euro-Christians, so too Euro-Jews differed significantly from the Israelite Jews. Unlike Israelite Jews, Euro-Jews were obsessed about wresting control over the Holy Land. It was Euro-Jews who eventually established the Zionist Movement and pursued the same goal that Euro-Christians had pursued in the Crusades, i.e., the goal of liberating the Holy Land.

Britain assisted the Zionist Movement in effecting the ‘return’ of the Jews to the Holy Land, something finally accomplished after the creation of the State of Israel in 1948. When Britain, the midwife, delivered the baby ‘Israel’, the world witnessed what appeared to be the restoration of ancient Israel which had been destroyed by Allah Most High more than 2000 years previously.

And so it is clear that the effort to liberate the Holy Land had nothing to do with religion. It had everything to do with that strange new actor on the stage of the world: the mysterious European Judeo-Christian alliance (Zionists) all for creation of a greater Israel.

Judeo-Christian Alliance harmed not only Muslims but also Orthodox Christians

The first major oppression of Orthodox Christians was the unopposed takeover of Constantinople by the Godless Turks, without any opposition from the Judeo-Christian alliance or crusaders.

The invasion also included conversion of 1000 year old Church Hagia Sophia in to a Mosque, with destruction of its huge library.

The aim was to wipe out or finish off as much as possible these Christians & their teachings, which were closest to Islam, so that they would not be a future hindrance in their long term plans.

This also helped in creating enmity between Muslims & Orthodox Christianity, so that they would never be friends or make a prophesied unity.

From year 1568 till 1877, numerous wars were fought between Russia and Ottoman Empire. Strangely, the Ottoman Empire was usually supported by the British (till they stopped doing so at the time of World War 1).

The conflict among the two was not limited to wars; rather, the Ottoman administrators would scour their regions every five years for the strongest sons of Sultan’s Christian subjects. They would take these young boys (aged 8-14 years) from their parents and give them to Turkish families to teach them Turkish language and rules of Islam.

They were converted into Muslims, and prepared into elite fighters, called‘ Janissaries’. These were elite infantry units who were cemented by strict discipline and prevalent order. They were neither freemen nor ordinary slaves. To add salt to the wounds, young women from Russian Christians were taken as slaves and kept in harem of Sultans of Ottoman Empire.
The strange part was that children of Jews were never taken for converting them into ‘Janissaries’.

Ottomans were working on behalf of the Zionists. The Islamic Khilafah which was established under the banner of Ottoman Empire was a pseudo-Khilafah. The fact that Ottomans were always supported by British in their wars against Russians proves this point.

The Zionist scholars knew that Muhammad (PBUH) had foretold about the alliance of Muslims with modern-day Russia against them in ‘End of the Times’. (See hadith below) Therefore, they wanted to make the Russians weak, as weak as possible, so as to render them useless for future. And that was the main reason of targeting Russians in particular; that was the reason why only Christian boys were taken to convert them into elite fighters and the Jews were never touched.

This behavior of Ottomans filled the Russians with a sense of immense hatred towards Islam and Muslims. But this hatred is now directed at mainly the Turks after finding out this truth. So they will form an alliance with Muslims in ‘End of the Times’.

Then there was the genocide of thousands of Orthodox Christians in Greece & Armenia, again by the Turks.

Read the following blog for details:

The Sheer Hypocrisy of Turkey

Bolshevik Revolution and Change from USSR to Russia

Zionists have long regarded the Eastern Orthodox Church as an archenemy. This is why the Bolsheviks tried to eradicate it in USSR, destroying 60,000 churches and murdering 300,000 priests

Under USSR, which was under Zionist rule, and under communist rule, Orthodox Christians as well as Muslims suffered a lot. When Stalin ordered in 1944 the unjust deportation out of ancestral Crimean homeland to Siberia and elsewhere, it was the Zionists who were responsible for that ethnic genocide – and not the Russian people.

Then there continues to be oppression & monetary suppression in other orthodox Christian countries like Greece.

Zionists thought that everything was going according to their plans, but they don’t know that Allah is the best Planner. Setting Russia free from USSR was going to prove a costly miss for the Zionists in days to come.

Orthodox Christians in Syria are suffering from oppression & this is where Russia stepped in.

Quran Ruling on Making friends with Judeo-Christian Alliances

“O you who believe! Take not (such) Jews and (such) Christians as Auliya (friends, protectors, supporters, helpers etc.), who/they are Auliya of each other. And if any amongst you takes them (as Auliya), then surely he is one of them. Verily, Allah guides not those people who are Zalimun (i.e. wrongdoers, unjust).”

(Verse No. 51, Surah Al-Ma’idah, Chapter No. 5, Holy Qur’an).

This verse tells us not to take allies/friends/protectors/helpers such Christians and Jews who are allies and friends of each other. Ideally, Christians cannot be friends of Jews, because according to their belief, the Jews killed their God (or son of God). But still, this verse hints towards some such Christians who are allies/friends/helpers of Jews. Who are they?

If we see the world around us, we can know immediately who the allies of Israel (the Jews) are. These are US, UK, Canada, Australia and Western Europe countries (predominantly following Roman Catholic Christianity under Vatican)-all parts of Judeo-Christian alliances. Muslim countries who have joined these Judeo-Christian alliances, against teachings of Holy Quran include Turkey & many gulf countries.

Russia and Russian Christians are the followers of Eastern Orthodox Christianity; they are not friends with Israel; they never were.

Russian Orthodox Christians

Why do Russians Orthodox people celebrate Christmas on January 7th? Why not on December 25th? Well, the reason is that the Russian Orthodox Church still lives according to the old Julian Calendar, which is currently 13 days behind the Gregorian Calendar, which is adopted by most countries in the world (and by the Russian government).

When in the end of 1917 the Bolshevik government decided to adopt Gregorian calendar, the Russian Orthodox church decided not to follow the rules set by the increasingly oppressive civil authorities. Part of the reason was to protest against the Bolsheviks and their interference in church affairs.

Another reason, perhaps, was to stick to the older rules, the ways in which generations of Russian Christians were praising the Lord, observing holidays, etc.

 It has to be said that Russia has been Christian since the year 980 A.D. (for over 1000 years) and traditions mean very much for every Russian Orthodox Christian. Nowadays, the Russian Orthodox still follows the old calendar and all Russian Orthodox believers celebrate Christmas on January 7th.

Since the Soviet Union broke up in 1991, over 26,000 new churches have opened in Russia. Public schools have become so Christian that some parents have complained about it. In November 2016, accompanied by Patriarch Kirill, Putin dedicated a statue of Vladimir the Great, who Christianized Russia in 988 AD.

Putin’s faith is not new. Father Tikhon Shevkunov, a Russian Orthodox monk very close to him, said in 2001 that Putin “really is an Orthodox Christian, and not just nominally, but a person who makes confession, takes communion and understands his responsibility before God for the high service entrusted to him and for his immortal soul.

Putin is a nationalist who looks out for his own citizens. While America continually adds trillions to its staggering debt, Putin has actively worked to eliminate debt; he paid off all his country owed to the IMF and Rothschild creditors from the Yeltsin years. Putin has signed into law a ban on ads for abortions, while calls for ending abortion altogether in Russia grow. Whereas Russia has prohibited genetically modified foods (GMOs).

Putin also makes refreshing sense in his foreign policy. Since the Zionist-perpetrated 9/11, America has become the world’s bully, destabilizing nation after nation in the Middle East, in wars that were already planned in 2001, for the sake of creating the Greater Israel. Those wars have in turn sent millions of refugees into Europe, ensnarling that continent in chaos.

After the brutal deaths of Saddam Hussein and Muammar Gaddafi, the Zionists next envisioned Bashar al-Assad’s bloody body being dragged through the streets of Damascus, and so the U.S.-created ISIS forces struck Syria.

But Putin had seen enough Middle East madness, and put a halt to it, climaxed by the recent victory of the Syrian army in Aleppo.

This is why many scholars believe that Russia is the Rome mentioned in the Holy Quran & the Hadith in which Muslims will make military truce with (As opposed to the NATO Rome which shall betray Muslims & attack them under 80 different flags as mentioned in another Hadith)

Russia: A major superpower in way of Zionists plans

Taking over of Crimea back by Russia in 2014

 On 26 February 2014, pro-Russian forces started taking gradual control of Crimean peninsula. While the gunmen occupied the parliament building, the Crimean parliament dismissed the Crimean parliament and called for a referendum on Crimea’s autonomy. A referendum whether to join Russia was carried out, and it resulted in 96.77% affirmation vote from Crimean people.

On March 18, Russia and Crimea signed a treaty that confirmed accession of Crimea into Russian Federation. The opponents (US, Ukraine, European Union etc.) cried foul, and on 27 March UN General Assembly passed a resolution declaring accession of Crimea to Russia as illegal. Russian President, Vladimir Putin, declared and confirmed that Crimea is their part and the Russian armed forces shall back Crimean forces in case of any attack on them.

This stance from Russia has given one of the biggest or rather the first setback to Zionists in their march towards global rule. Russia is getting dangerous for them.

It must be accepted that had it not been for Russia, Syria would have already become another Libya

Russia – China Strengthening Ties

Both Russia and China are chafing under the economic and military power of US at this moment in history. The combination of the joint Sino-Russian naval exercises off Shanghai should be taken as a hint. I consider it as an indication of forthcoming Sino-Russian military alliance which shall challenge the global dominance of US and associates.
The Zionists do not like this.

Muslims looking towards Orthodox Christians/Romans (Modern Day Russians) Again

“The Byzantines have been defeated.

In the nearest land. But they, after their defeat, will overcome

Within three to nine years. To Allah belongs the command before and AFTER. And that day the believers will rejoice”.

(Holy Quran Surah Rum 30: 2-4)

The first Roman victory predicted in these verses occurred in 9 years after their defeat. A second major victory has been predicted  by the words ‘AFTER’ and that day again Muslims will rejoice!

Rum in the Qur’an referred to the Eastern Christian Byzantine Empire. But after Constantinople was conquered in 1453, the capital city of Rum eventually became Moscow (Russia).

Russia and the Russian government are now returning to Orthodox Christianity (i.e., Rūm of the Qur’an) as mentioned above and here:

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) prophesied that Muslims will make an alliance with Rūm (modern day Russia) near THE end times, and it appears that Muslims now have a historic role to play in the fulfillment of that prophesy.

“You will make peace with the Romans (i.e. Christians / ‘Rum’) in a secure truce/alliance, and you and they will fight an enemy who is behind you, and you will be victorious”

(Hadith No. 4292, Book of the Great Battles, Sunan Abu Dawud, Vol. 4)

When the Prophet (PBUH) told about future alliance with ‘Rum’, he was pointing towards the Christians of Byzantine Empire (which was the actual existing Christian community at those times). Byzantine Christians, after being driven out from Constantine by the Ottomans, gradually got settled in Russia. So, it is Russia with whom Muslims will make a peaceful alliance to fight the Zionists (the Jews & associates), In sha Allah.

Russia’s Alliance with Syria

Russia played an instrumental role in saving Syrians from destruction. This may have been the propheseyed alliance 

Aleppo & The ‘Blame it on Russia’ Syndrome

These are now the same type of Orthodox Christians who are closest to Muslims & who are mentioned in the Holy Quran as mentioned above.


 It was narrated that Mu’adh bin Jabal (RA) said: Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said, “Jerusalem will flourish when Yathrib is in ruins, and Yathrib will be in ruins when the Great War (‘Mal’hama’) occurs. The Great War will occur when Constantinople is conquered, and Constantinople will be conquered when the ‘Dajjal’ appears.” Then, with his hand, he struck the thigh, or shoulder of the one to whom he was speaking, and said, “This is as true as you are here, or, as you are sitting here (meaning Mu’adh bin Jabal, RA).”

(Hadith No. 4294, Book of the Great Battles, Sunan Abu Dawud, Vol. 4).

So, the Great War shall be accompanied with conquest of Constantinople; the two events will take place one after another or simultaneously or as a result of each other, Insha’Allah.

Constantinople as mentioned above is very special for Russians. It has religious as well as historical importance for the Russians. It was the centre of Byzantine Empire (Russians are the Byzantines) and was taken over from them by Ottoman rulers in 15th century. This is an unforgettable/unhealed wound given to Russians by Ottomans on behalf of Zionists. They may want their city back or at least the Hagia Sofia church. Constantinople belonged to Byzantines, and Russia is after it.

Giving away of Crimea to Ukraine in 1954 was an advance safety effort by Zionists in this context. If you see the political world map, the Black Sea route from Russia towards Istanbul (the Constantinople of yesterday) gets blocked by the peninsula of Crimea. When Crimea was part of Russia, the waters of ‘Black Sea’ could be used for a naval assault on Istanbul by the Russian authorities. Giving away of Crimea to Ukraine meant that Russia got no authority over ‘Black Sea’ water in that region. This blocked the navy route of Russia towards Istanbul.

Constantinople’s conquest is not important only from religious or historical point of view; there is an additional dimension to it, which is very critical. The moment Istanbul is free from NATO’s hold and conquered by Russia & associates, the naval route for attack on Israel shall be open. That shall mean ‘Good Bye-Israel’. Therefore, Zionists will do whatever is required to stop Russian-Muslim conquest of Constantinople.

Zionists are using Turkey (they were using the stupid Turks before as well) and several gulf countries for this very purpose and for their future designs of greater Israel. Downing of Russian air force plane was part of this plan.

US-Israel-Zionists have common enemies in this region; the most dangerous for them are three: China, Russia & Pakistan. Unless these three enemies are removed from their way, Israel cannot become the official ruler of the world. Recently Pakistan has strengthened its ties with Russia along with China, with first time reaching far out to Russia (although maintaining ties with USA)

Pakistan must NOT get trapped into any false coalition & become an ally of the Zionists.

36. Tribulations – كتاب الفتن It was narrated from ‘Awf bin Malik Al-Ashja’i that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said: “There will be a treaty between you and Banu Asfar, but they will betray you and will march against you with eighty banners, under each of which there will be twelve thousand troops.” Reference: 4095 English reference: Vol. 1, Book 36, Hadith 4095 Arabic reference: Book 36, Hadith 4234 In-book reference: Book 36, Hadith 169 Grade: Sahih

This Hadith is most likely about the NATO Rome (which is under Judeo-Christian/Zionist) control. There are probably around 80 NATO nations along with their allies at the moment

Expect India to be used by Zionists to counter these powers. Narendra Modi led BJP government, backed by RSS, has been brought at helm of the affairs to serve the interests of Zionists.

The recent developments in this region are all indicative of major military action in this region. Most probably we are at the verge of the ‘Great War’ (i.e. the ‘Mal’hama’ or ‘The Armageddon’) which was foretold to us by the Prophet (PBUH). This war shall be of such a magnitude that it will make the previous world wars appear dwarf.

This world war 3 will most likely be fought between Gog (Yajuj) USA, NATO and their Allies versus Magog (Majuj) Russia, China & their allies. Some Muslim countries and probably many individual Muslims from other countries will be aligned with Russia. (ISIS is being used as a counter-offensive by Zionists for such Muslims trying to align with Syrian forces & Russia)

Gog and Magog (Yajuj and Majuj) of Yesterday and Today

And Allah knows best.

Epilogue : Russian – Ukraine Conflict

This was expected long ago;

Explaining the Russian Stance

  1. What if one had tanks around a side of one’s house?
  2. And their number was increasing by the day
  3. And the people building up  those tanks were one of the most notorious criminals in town
  4. And also notorious for carrying out pre-emptive strikes

What would you do?

Wait for them to attack you all at once?

Or to shove them off, by launching a conventional war, to get them far away

And cause damage enough, so that they may understand and be warned and have no further evil designs

And make the US and NATO forces go back to their own countries

Probably Pakistan army would have done the same, if the USA, NATO, Israel had started putting their tanks and troups along the India – Pakistan border along with Indian soldiers…

We can only pray that sanity prevails for this could lead to Malhama or World War 3

And Allah knows best!

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