Turkey Coup Attempt-An Inside Job

“But they plan, and Allah plans. And Allah is the best of planners.”

(Holy Quran 8: 30)


The amateurish behavior of the coup plotter opens the question of who ran this show. Was this, as some asserted early on, an Erdogan plot to seize more power?

There are three possible motives/perpetrators behind this coup:

  • the Islamic movement following the preacher Fetullah Gülen, a former Erdogan ally and now arch-enemy who lives in the U.S. and has CIA relations;
  • the old Kemalist secularist movement in the military and deep state;
  • the Erdogan AKP movement in a false flag operation to seize more power;

There is now plenty of evidence that the Turkey Coup Attempt was an inside job. Yes, we have reached a stage where even a coup can be staged as a false flag.

Following are the highlights of this blog:

  • Role of Military
  • Role of Government/Mr. Erdogan
  • Doubts Among the People of Turkey
  • Role of Western Media
  • Objectives of this false flag


The Sheer Hypocrisy of Turkey

Real story of the staged coup in Turkey told by a renowned Turkish journalist himself with role of Mr. Erdogan: (Twitter Thread)

Role of Military

We don’t have to remind readers that when military coups take place in the middle-east, they are

  • Ruthless
  • Extremely well-organized and planned,
  • Succeed on virtually every occasion. But not this one. Why???

As a NYT analyst on the ground pointed out, the planning, organization and implementation of the attempted military overthrow was suspect at best and outright laughable at worst:

  • One of world’s largest armies (NATO’s second largest), but only a small force used
  • Successful coups are massive, with a chain of command; here this was not witnessed
  • Forces sent to TV stations extremely small
  • Very few tanks
  • No use of brutal force by the army
  • Many soldiers were told it was a military training/drill; hence little observable resistance or use of force from them
  • Remember DRILLS always occur in a False Flag event
  • People from AKP (Erdogan’s Party) were told to lie down in front of the tanks and pictures were taken
  • If it had been a real coup, those tanks would have run over the people, showing no mercy
  • Some of the soldiers who were detained told interrogators they were not aware that they were part of a coup attempt.
  • They had been told by commanders they were taking part in military maneuvers. Some said they understood that it was a coup attempt when they saw civilians climb on tanks.
  • Some perhaps knew that it was a staged attempt, hence they did not crush the people under their tanks and deliberately showed to the world
  • Coup commanders somehow forgot (deliberately?) to turn off the internet, one of the initial steps in a successful coup
  • Hence it was an extremely soft coup or a fake coup; are some fools telling me that one of the world’s largest armies did not know the basic steps of a successful coup?
  • Basic blunders of coup commanders:
    • To not capture Erdogan and the leaders of his political and security organizations,
    • To not shut down all means of mass communication, especially the Internet, except those under their strict control
    • To not put out a trusted public face to represent the coup.
    • Erdogan confirms coup forces surrounded his hotel in Marmaris, four hours after he had left. That in itself is a special sort of ineptitude.
    • Then it is even claimed in many media sources that the rebel pilots of two F-16 fighter jets had Mr Erdogan’s plane in their sights. Experts are thinking why they didn’t they shoot him & get rid of him there and then??!! Another intentional blunder!
  • The amateurish behavior of the coup plotter opens the question of who ran the show.
  • The coup failed so embarrassingly bad that it had to be a false flag/set-up/staged. The military miscalculated by a huge margin and had no motive to do anything.
  • No one was trying to overtake the government. Those soldiers were just as confused as the media and news agencies claimed to be. They had no idea what was going on.
  • I’ve never heard of a military operation being thwarted by harmless civilians
  • Indeed, all of this chaos could not and would not have gone down without Washington’s approval, for every coup in Turkey’s history, from ’60 to ’71, ’80 to the limited intervention in ’97, had such backing from USA
  • According to some experts, it was a joint false flag operation by both Turkey and the United States
  • Besides USA has a vital army base holding nuclear weapons at Incirlik in Turkey

Role of Government/Mr. Erdogan During Coup

  • Government texted people to save ‘democracy’
  • Erdogan used social media to awaken his party, the very social media he often bans in previous similar circumstances (proving that this time there was no problem, it was all a farce)
  • The first thing Erdogan did was ask his supporters to go out into the streets. Before this he has been so horrific toward journalists and protesters
  • Acknowledges he knew of military activity 7-10 hours before coup attempt

Doubts Among the People-What They Said

  • “Either this was the worst military coup in my entire lifetime, or it was staged.”
  • “I’ve been speculating with Turkish officers a couple months ago about a coup and they said, ‘Absolutely not,’” he said. “And clearly they’re not involved, so there’s limited support for this.”
  • “He normally hates protesters in the streets. Now, he’s begging for protesters in the streets.”
  • “I feel compelled to say, however, that I don’t believe this new coup was an actual coup.”
  • “If it was a real coup officially organized by the Turkish military, it would have been swiftly and successfully completed before anyone issued any official statement.
  • “By the time a General went on TV to announce the military had taken over, they’d have every Member of Parliament and every cabinet official in jail.”
  • “If it was a rogue-coup organized by a small group of officers, then the rest of the military would have clamped down on it very quickly. Yet they did not. They pretty much operated completely unopposed, equipped with tanks and helicopters and fighter jets.”
  • “Yet despite being unopposed, they made zero attempts to arrest cabinet and parliament members and zero attempts to communicate with the public at large. They basically just kinda marched out there with all that military hardware to do…NOTHING.”
  • “They raided a bunch of news stations for theatrics, and then quietly got arrested by a severely under-equipped civilian police force that they could have almost effortlessly steamrolled through. Sorry, but I ain’t buying this story.”
  • “What this really looks like is an orchestrated ploy by Erdogan himself. A staged fake-coup that was meant to fail from the beginning, with some casualties for an air of authenticity, allowing him to garner some sympathy and consolidate even more power.”
  • “Now you just watch in the coming weeks and months. You’re going to see Erdogan start imprisoning and executing anyone who dares criticize him. Journalists and civilians who had nothing to do with the military or any plot of coup will face his wrath. New laws will transfer even more power to the executive, completely eroding whatever little checks and balances we have left.”
  • “What kind of coup waits till boss is out of town & doesn’t try to detain him”
  • “Worst coup I have ever seen or heard of”
  • “This was a weird coup. I was on Taksim square 3 hours, my impression was: that’s not real. I saw military in Cairo-no comparison.”
  • “My view is Erdogan’s agents in military forewarned him, & there were considerable benefits allowing it” as one can read below.
  • “Think of the bravery of Turkish dissidents, journalists, politicians & citizens opposing a coup that’s trying to remove a government they despise.”
  • These images (of soldiers and others thrown all together unrobed to their underwears) are quite disturbing (Raza Rumi)


Role of Media

  • Erdogan’s NATO friends in USA played along on CNN & FOX news
  • Pakistani media anchors including Dr. Shahid Masood, Kamran Khan and Mubasshar Luqman had no idea what was going on
  • The very next morning the White House stated that “all parties in Turkey should support the democratically-elected government of Turkey”
  • Several leaked reports state that Erdogan had prior information of the coup

Role of the Opposition

  • Key opposition figures have been driven into exile or banned.  Opposition parties have been suppressed.  Recent elections have not been held so much as staged.  And Erdogan has torn the fresh scab from the Kurdish wound, fostering civil war in Turkey’s southeast for his own political advantage.
  • If opposition parties were seen supporting such a coup, they would probably be repressed even more than they already have been. For this reason, bothright-wing and left-wing parties in Turkey were quick to condemn the coup against Erdoğan.
  • This is most probably why they did not support the on-going coup

Objectives of this False Flag

‘Cui bono’? Latin for ‘who benefits, who stands to gain’ from all this? Erdogan of course! It doesn’t take an Einstein or any other genius to see that only Erdogan benefits from such a failed coup.

Erdogan was very quick to round up people that had no direct involvement in the Coup, which makes you think this statement has a ring of truth in it. Erdogan is not exactly a shining example of human rights, and this would be an ideal way for him to eradicate his opposition.

And another smoking gun is that Turkey’s allies (USA & NATO) are mostly quiet about all the post-coup counter-operation! Scolding but silently giving a tap in the back.

Turkey didn’t even ask US to get out after cleaning up its INCIRLIK Airbase!

  • Consolidation of Power

Calling it a ‘Gift from God’, Erdogan vowed to exact “the highest price” from the perpetrators. Or, to summarize, the military said Erdogan’s power consolidation justifies the attempted coup; Erdogan said the coup justifies further consolidation of power.

  • Immediate Crackdown on army

Over 2,800 army personnel have been arrested, and 2,700 relieved of their duties, as if they had their names read out before.

The smoking gun is the arrest of Commander Adem Huduti, a top general who received several awards and now charged with treason.

Under the command of #AdemHuduti 178 Kurds were burned to death in #Cizre. Today he wasn’t arrested for this crime, but for coup attempt!

I expect he will be secretly freed with honors for his ‘good role’ in this fake coup!

At the beginning of August, the military high council will meet, as it does every year, to consider who gets promoted, retired or pushed aside. In the last few days, the pro-government press has been more than hinting that a spring cleaning of the ranks is long overdue.

  • Blaming & getting rid of political rivals/enemies

Immediately after the coup, Erdogan took no time in blaming the coup on his old political rival Mr. Fethullah Gulen without any solid proof, just like USA immediately blamed Osama bin Laden for 9/11 without any concrete proofs minutes after it occurred.

Gulen, as those who have followed recent Turkish history know, is Erdogan’s quasi-imaginary bogeyman nemesis; Erdogan has repeatedly accused Gulen of plotting a “parallel state” whose intention is to overthrow Erdogan, and has used that strawman narrative as justification to expand his powers and to push for a shift from a parliamentary to a presidential regime.

The specter of a Gulen “coup” – now culminating with last night’s events – is all that Erdogan will need to further cement his ruthless, authoritarian grasp over the country, which this morning, with gun shots still heard in Turkey, began with the cleansing of all judges and prosecutors even remotely critical of the “president.”

Does everyone think the US had no knowledge of the coup if it was plotted by the 75 years old man living in United States?

Of course, Gulen denies all these accusations, although he may not be innocent in other ways as well.

There is until now, still no official request for his extradition…..

Some say Gulen maybe in cohesion with Erdogan in all this.

“Erdogan wants the best of both worlds, accusing him of being a puppet for the US and also asking the US to extradite him.”

Erdogan also blamed the USA for plotting the coup, which was of course done to appease the public. After all, the USA has its military base in Turkey and operations from the base resumed a day after.

Incirlik airbase is now functioning and sending weapons to rebels in Syria including ISIS

Even amid diplomatic rows of far lesser significance, nations have expelled diplomats and withdrawn the use of their territory for specific uses by the nation in question. Turkey, so far, has done none of this in regards to the United States.

  • Takeover of Judiciary & Changing the Constitution

Authorities have detained 10 members of Turkey’s highest administrative court as      the government pressed ahead with a purge of judiciary officials with alleged links to a U.S.-based Muslim cleric, which impressively was concluded just hours after the coup had fizzled: almost as if it had all been planned all along.

An Agency stated that arrest warrants were issued for 48 administrative court members and 140 members of Turkey’s appeals court: as if members of Turkey’s judicial system – long on Erdodan’s black list – were involved in the army’s failed coup!

Turkey’s top judicial body lays off 2,745 judges after extraordinary meeting. Interesting how fast they drew up that list. This move was long planned and may have been a reason for the coup.

How does one relate this so many judges to a coup this quickly?

 Now there will be no judges trying to stop Erdogan in changing the constitution to give him more powers!

 And he has also signaled return of death penalty (for dissidents, opponents etc)


  • More control of press, free speech

Having been pushed against the wall for his inhuman treatment of journalists and political activists, the Turkish president was fast losing support among progressive circles. He was increasingly being asked to be accountable for his actions and could even have faced prosecution in the future.

It has been reported that since 2014 1,845 journalists, writers and critics have faced charges of insulting the president, an offence which in Turkey carries a potential jail sentence.

Can Dündar, the editor-in-chief of center-left Cumhuriyet newspaper, was arrested last     November after his newspaper published footage of Turkish State Intelligence MİT       sending weapons to jihadis in Syria.

Earlier this year, a Turkish court ordered the arrest of Arzu Yıldız, the Ankara        representative of Turkish news portal, Haberdar.com. Yıldız was sentenced to 20 months      in jail and stripped of legal rights over her children, for her role in publishing the banned   video.

The video showed MIT trucks inspected by the security officers in January 2014. The       officers then spotted cardboard boxes inside the metallic container with “fragile” marked  on them. On opening the boxes, they found munitions hidden in crates below boxes of medicine.

Cumhuriyet said the trucks were carrying around 1,000 mortar shells, hundreds of             grenade launchers and more than 80,000 rounds of ammunition for light and heavy     weapons.

Instead of action being taken against President Erdogan, the journalists paid the price.      Erdogan was a complainant in the trial of the two journalists. He accepted that the trucks referred to in the trial belonged to MIT (Turkish Intelligence) and were carrying arms            into Syria. But he claimed they were destined for Turkmen militias opposed to Assad.

Dissident television stations have had the plug pulled from satellites; digital platforms are no longer seen in people’s homes. Erdoğan curses the very social media which this     weekend helped to save his skin. He used social media to call out his supporters during         the coup!

He often blocked twitter, facebook, YouTube many times before.

But, with the failed military coup, now Erdoğan has got a free hand to whip up frenzy in the name of countering insurgency and threats, plus he has managed to gain sympathy from Western leaders in a single stroke of genius.

It is now written on the wall that Erdogan will swiftly move to further tighten his iron grip over the country, further gag the media and dissenting voices and clear the way for absolute power in his hands.

He somehow managed to convict hundreds of military personnel, journalists, and political activists, blaming them for planning a “military coup” which never actually came to fruition.

Erdogan’s targeting of journalists shows how far he is willing to go.

Selling Out Gaza & Palestine

  • He is selling out the people of Gaza by refusing to send the Turkish Navy to end the illegal Israeli blockade, as he promised after the Mavi Marmara incident.
  • Since now Erdogan is the hero of #Turkey, suddenly people in #Turkey just forgot about his deal with #Israel. This “coup” can do magic!
  • And Erdogan is fulfilling Israel’s plans of greater Israel by accepting all the refugees and also taking in 6 billion in return from NATO

The Aylan Kurdi Psyop, Syrian Refugees & Greater Israel

ISIS, Syria & the Paris False Flag Attacks

Intensifying Attacks on Syria, Kurds & Russia

  • After purging the military, judiciary, press and suppressing the opposition, Erdogan can now intensify attacks on Syria and the Kurds through militants sent to Syria in the name of rebels or ISIS or FSA.
  • He might go for an all-out war on Syria and even Russia:

http://katehon.com/article/turkish-coup-russia-turkey-enough-love-last-until-great-war (Sheikh Imran Hosein)

  • USA already has an army base camp in Turkey from where air operations against ISIS, Syrian rebels (Actually Syrian Army & civilians & Kurds) take place. The camp also holds nuclear weapons that might prove significant later on.
  • Most of the false flags in Europe these days (e.g. Paris, Nice, Belgium) are for intensifying attack on Syria and Iraq disguised against ISIS but basically against Syrian Army or Kurds
  • According to Ms. Clinton’s leaked emails, she says ‘We must destroy Syria for Israel’ and Erdogan & rest of NATO is doing exactly that


Other Objectives of this false flag may come out in the coming days, weeks or even months


The sheer numbers being detained or dismissed were stunning: nearly 18,000 in all, including 6,000 members of the military, almost 9,000 police officers, as many as 3,000 judges, 30 governors and one-third of all generals and admirals, as well as President Erdogan’s own military attaché.

“Turkey’s govt so far purged 1577 university deans, 8000 police, 9000 military, at least 20,000 other civil servants inc judges & teachers”

What had ALL these people have to do with the attempted coup??? Isn’t it very clear now that this was all planned from before??? 

Purge is continuing as this is being written…..

The magnitude of the backlash by Mr. Erdogan suggests that the depth of support for the coup was far greater than it initially appeared, or that the president was using the opportunity to root out all perceived adversaries, or both.

Turkey must have an amazing investigation team to find so many guilty in such a short time. Such a purge in less than 48 hours is not easy unless all planned before.

Ironically, Erdogan said that in democracies, “you cannot push the wish of the people to one side” but also said “we are not after revenge.”

Whether or not that is true, the aftermath is clear: Erdogan has a green light to arrest virtually anyone he considers a remote threat, starting with the army and the judicial, and is doing just that.

He is purging Turkey just like Hitler and Stalin did to their people. He even stated:

“You can see it when you look at Hitler’s Germany. There are later examples in various other countries.”

Many in Turkey and around the world are comparing this failed coup to the Reichstag fire of 1933, where Hitler seized the opportunity to gain more control over Germany, turning it into his own personal dictatorship. Many in Turkey believe it is a false flag.

To those who object to the notion that the Turkish president would kill his own soldiers to advance his political agenda, one might note that he was considering doing so in 2014 to create a pretext for war with Syria. Consequently the question whether Erdogan might actually have helped set up the coup in a version of a false flag operation is certainly intriguing and must be considered.

And still Erdoğan craves greater authority. Last May, he discarded one prime minister in favour of another more sympathetic to his plans to change the parliamentary system into a strong executive presidency. When the coup plotters stand trial, they may suffer the additional indignation of seeing their attempts to put Erdoğan in his place backfire, by providing a mandate for such increased powers. The president has already promised a purge of those still connected to the exiled dissident cleric Fethullah Gülen – Erdoğan speak for anyone who opposes his will.

It is now written on the wall that Erdogan will swiftly move to further tighten his iron grip over the country, further gag the media and dissenting voices and clear the way for absolute power in his hands. The coup will eventually strengthen the hands of president Erdogan to realize his dreams of becoming an all-powerful Sultan of Turkey.

Erdogan envisions himself as the one that will recapture the glory of the old Ottoman Empire, and to show how great he is, he had the largest presidential palace in the entire world built for himself.  If you can believe it, it is actually 30 times larger than the White House

The £400 million palace of Turkey’s President Erdogan is the biggest in the world. It is also a monstrosity. Thirty times the size of the White House, all the seats of government of Turkey’s Nato allies could be contained inside its vast marble halls and endless corridors.

And his wife is also said to be a spendthrift doing Israaf, when country has lots of poverty?


As of right now, Erdogan has removed the two last hurdles on his way to absolute, supreme power: holdouts in Turkey’s judicial branch and in the army.

All in all, what happened within the last days and what is to follow in the next days was neither a military coup for democracy nor democracy against a military coup.

It was and remains a war between coup and countercoup; developments that will further authoritarianism and deepen instead of solve the hegemonic crisis.

We know of the past Ottoman Empires which helped the Zionists, history is just repeating itself. His actions will most likely lead to world war 3 or Armageddon or the Malhama.

But he should be knowing that the prophecy of the Holy Prophet (PBUH) will come true and that Constantinople (Istanbul) will be conquered as prophesied and end his tyranny.







Who is Behind Turkey’s Failed Coup? Erdogan Inside Job, US-Gulen Op., or Joint US-Turkey False Flag?


And much more.

And Allah knows best.

Post-Coup Latest (23-7-16)

So as Europe ‘complains’ about “unacceptable” practices, here is a summary of what is taking place at this moment in Turkey:

  • The massive crackdown continues: the number of sacked/suspended rises to 76,644 and counting. More than 11,000 detained.
  • Turkey shuts down 15 universities, 934 schools, 104 foundations, 109 dormitories, 35 hospitals, 1,125 associations, 19 unions today.
  • The properties of all these schools, universities and private institutions has been seized.
  • Why have their properties been seized? Does he want to build another palace?
  • Erdogan’s decree has imposed such draconian measures for fired public employees that sacked police can’t even get a job as a private guard.
  • Incirlik airbase is functioning and sending weapons to rebels in Syria including ISIS

We can only imagine what the independent media’s reaction would be if the same putsch had taken place elsewhere, like for example in Pakistan, Saudi Arabia or even Russia!

On similar blame of Dictatorship & bringing true democracy, US & NATO got rid of Mr. Qazzafi and Mr.Saddam Hussain and destroyed Libya & Iraq, then why a soft corner for Mr. Erdogan??? 

Really disappointed and upset over Mr. Zaid Hamid and especially members of Jamaati Islami Pakistan & other Islamists, who don’t read beyond the lines and understand these facts.

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