Similarities Between Mr. Tayep Erdogan and Mr. Nawaz Sharif

“O you who have believed, enter into Islam completely [and perfectly] and do not follow the footsteps of Satan. Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy.”

(Holy Quran 2: 208)

Last week people went about comparing the government of Mr. Nawaz Sharif and that of Mr. Erdogan after the coup attempt. I started a comparison myself and came up with the following results.

One can easily see the double standards of judgment by many people:

Feature Mr. Erdogan Remarks Mr. Nawaz Sharif


System of Government Democracy Good Democracy Bad
Residence 400 million pound palace Very good Raiwind Palace Very bad
Elections Rigged No problem Rigged Not fair
Corruption Common No worries Common Trial him
Nepotism (favoring kin) Yes Excellent Yes Very bad
Islamic/Secular Still mostly secular & liberal Very good Mixed, mostly conservative Bad
Economic System Interest-based Excellent! Interest-based Un-Islamic
Press, media Suppressed Shut it down One of the most free media in the world Very bad
Judiciary Government’s Choice, not free Very Good mixed Very bad
Opposition Crushed/


Very good Friendly opposition Very bad
Extrajudicial punishment, torture & killing Yes Excellent; they deserve it Rare Very poor
Dictatorship Yes, extreme Still Can’t see Yes to some extent Very visible
Status Quo Yes, in rule since last 11-13 years Very good 3rd time PM Very bad
Western Alliance Member of NATO, allied with USA Very good Allied with USA & China & now Russia; India is a trade Partner Very bad
Foreign military Bases Yes, US Airbase in Incirlik with Nuclear weapons Excellent None now —-
Engaged in War Against Syrian Army & Kurds Remarkable Against TTP Should negotiate
Culture Western Society Very Good Mostly conservative Not good
TV, Cinema Western, vulgarity Can’t see Mixed Where is PEMRA?
Economic stability Yes, getting billions in dollars from allies (NATO & USA) Excellent No Very poor performance
People Accept Him Yes, because they are sheeple Excellent No, because they are intelligent Very good

I am no supporter of Mr. Nawaz Sharif as one can see from my articles.

For more elaboration read the following articles:

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Wa ma alaina illal balagh ul mubeen

And Allah knows best!

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