And when the word befalls them, We will bring forth for them a creature from the earth speaking to them, [saying] that the people were, of Our verses, not certain [in faith].

(Holy Quran 27 : 82)

Mystery of the Pathogenesis of ‘Covid-19

One point had been continuously disturbing me: What is the cause of the severe respiratory symptoms being seen in many patients and reported by many doctors around the world.

Surely they were all NOT telling a lie. There had to be an explanation for the symptoms. If not caused by the supposed Covid-19 virus, then what was the cause?

This question was bothering me for some time, until I came upon the following article which explains everything. It does have much to do with my recent article on 5G. I knew the possible truth had to be somewhere in between.

Just found the last piece of the Jigsaw puzzle. Everything can now be explained.

Please read my previous column before proceeding to understand better:


The herxheimer detoxification reaction of flu symptoms has been know since ancient times when people fasted to improve health or they took herbs to kill internal parasites.  This flu like reaction is from the sudden die off of internal parasites and organisms that create toxins that must be eliminated through the skin, kidneys, nose, lungs and are similar to the common flu today.

Since the introduction of modern electricity in the 1890s and the use of crude electric devices by the public, the electronic flu was born called the common flu.  People became irradiated by these crude electric devices and this killed off many internal parasites suddenly and they went through a flu or herxheimer reaction of detoxification.

About twenty years later the beginning of Big Pharma started selling vaccines to cure the common flu but the highly toxic chemicals in the vaccines only made it much worse. 

It was noted that during the Spanish Flu of 1918 that those that did NOT get vaccinated did not get sick and did not die of the Spanish Flu.  And after this mass die off of Spanish Flu in 1918 virologists have tried every experiment to learn how the flu is transmitted with No success. 

Every test for the past 100 years has shown that the flu can not be transmitted to others by those already sick with it.

Before, during, and after WW2 the US military did very large amounts of medical research into microwaves and how they affected humans.  This research was classified and is part of the hidden science today. 

But what they learned is that microwaves and dirty electricity can suddenly create the common flu in individuals and groups by irradiating them and creating the sudden die off of the many germs, fungi, and parasites in the body that create a herxheimer detox reaction call the common flu today,

Big Pharma seems to have had ready access to this hidden microwave and dirty electricity research of WW2 and has made use of it to create additional flu cases worldwide since the 1950s to increase hospital and doctor visits and sell flu vaccines especially in the colder Winter months. 

This public irradiation seems to be done in major cities with electric wires installed under sidewalks or in the many underground tunnels under all cities.  These irradiation sites are now becoming vulnerable to discovery, when they are turned on in the FALL, with the use of cheap $100 EMF radiation detectors that can detect them. 

This whole body irradiation causes the gradual onset of the common flu today because it irradiates the whole body with either dirty electricity or microwave RF frequencies.

5G smartphone irradiation from the 5G towers uses a concentrated beam of microwave energy that sends a stream of data to your smartphone.  This intense beam of energy bounces off the metal parts of your phone into your brain, ears, eyes, throat, lungs, and sinus cavities. 

This causes a much more sudden herxheimer reaction only in the upper half of your body and so there is NOT the additional body ache of the lower body or whole body that is the trait of the common flu.

The 5G irradiation usually affects the throat first with an acute infection and this works its way into the lungs where it becomes much more a deadly problem. 

But all of the upper body is going through a sudden die off of parasite or a herxheimer detox reaction and causes coughing, sneezing, watery eyes, skin rash, nose catarrh discharge, and  lung shortness of breath. 

So the difference between 5G flu and the common flu is that 5G is mainly sudden onset upper body symptoms and no lower body aches.  The common electronic flu has whole body aches and much slower to onset.

5G electron flu has one more deadly effect in that the 5G microwave beam is 60GHz and creates reverse polarity oxygen molecules in this tube of the microwave data stream to your phone. 

In enclosed spaces this becomes deadly as you breath in this reverse polarity oxygen which is almost exactly the same as breathing in carbon monoxide gas.  It creates oxygen that your body takes into your lungs that is unusable and you can die quickly of suffocation as what happen in Wuhan China or you can die more slowly of suffocation and organ failure over several weeks time in an expensive ICU unit on a ventilator.

Many doctors have realized that the ventilators are actually harming their patients and tried whole blood or plasma replacement and have “cured” their patients in a few days time of the cornavirus symptoms. 

(Mentioned in previous blog on 5G)

All of the symptoms for 5G radiation poisoning are identical to high-altitude sickness as was described by this doctor!

Fluoride has played an important part in the severity of coronavirus symptoms in that fluoride greatly reduces oxygen uptake and usage in the body.  So cities that put fluoride in drinking water have many more deadly coronavirus deaths.

(Fluoride is used as rat poison worldwide and was used in NAZI prison camps to pacify prisoners so that they would not try to escape.)   Both Russia and China have banned fluoride in their drinking water but America is still using it mainly in major cities.

With the realization in Wuhan that 5G creates large amounts of reverse polarity oxygen in enclosed spaces and killed people in their apartments a new weapon was born. 

When breathed in throughout the city over time a new weapon of mass destruction of civilian populations and control of them is born — NO SMARTPHONE REQUIRED. 

By simply irradiating an apartment or home the people inside can be killed by targeting the inside rooms to suffocate them with reverse polarity oxygen or just enough to send them to the hospital and die over a few weeks time.  And again no smartphone is required. 

And with Elon Musk’s 1600 total Starlink 5G satellites (440 to date and 60 satellites additional every two weeks scheduled to launch) the people will have a much more difficult time burning down those deathstars in the sky as they will be out of reach.  — J.E. Ante.

The Scientific Link Between 5G & Symptoms of Covid-19

The following video shows the striking link between symptoms of electromagnetic radiation and that of Covid – 19:

Covid-19 is an Electromagnetic Radiation Weapon

So Covid-19 is NOT a hoax. Patients with supposed Covid-19 are a reality. Doctors are NOT lying. People are getting sick and dying. Disease is a reality. BUT what is the pathology?

Explanation: Symptoms are NOT caused by a virus but are due to radiation sickness, which maybe mild or severe depending on the exposure.

All of the symptoms for 5G radiation poisoning are identical to high-altitude sickness

What more proof does one need than this video clip below (sorry for the language used)

It is not a bioweapon but an electromagnetic weapon!

Most likely initiated/aggravated by 5G satellites and 5G towers!

There are many satellites pingeing on 5G towers installed in many parts of the world, including China, which is our next door neighbor, thus people here in Pakistan and rest of the subcontinent are also being affected. 4G also has some role in spread of electromagnetic radiation.

Everything is Explained by this Theory

From different scientific literature and WHO, all the following can now be explained by this radiation sickness theory:

Mode of Spread

Can spread in all types of ways

The Season

A virus for all seasons: winter, summer


Virus that can lethally affect people of all ages


Symptoms can range from simple flu to anosmia, eye symptoms, etc.


69 or more drugs according to latest reports said to being useful or on trials in its treatment



Anti diabetics
And so on……/coronavirus-drugs-chloroquine.html


Can survive on all types of surfaces for hours and days and under varying temperatures of hot and cold

Radiological Features

Varying radiological features on X-rays

Viral’ Mechanism

The ‘virus’ may target over 300 human proteins

All these strange characteristics of supposed virus can be explained by this radiation sickness theory

It is NOT a virus!

Despite wearing PPE and taking all precautions, doctors are still being diagnosed with Covid-19. Why?

False Positive & False Positive Results

Even Presidents have Doubts About the Covid-19 Test

Validity of the COVID-19 Test !?

Validity of a test is a measure of the tendency of a test to measure what is intended to be measured.

Covid-19 turning up positive in goats, fruits (pawpaw: papaya) and what not, puts in severe doubt legitimacy of this test.

Rightly so, the President of Tanzania has his doubts in his cleverly designed experiment:

The exosome theory explained in the previous article along with the electromagnetic radiation theory are valid explanations for the numerous false positive and false negative results:


PCR is not a test that isolates, identifies, or even detects any particular virus. If you’re sick and have some viral fragments, the PCR test just amplifies those sequences millions of times, from the sample.

Yet the PCR test remains the standard that is cited by all corporate media as the means for diagnosing coronavirus all over the world.

A PCR test amplified many times over may can cause everyone to be tested positive:

A little research shows us that any association with viral disease from PCR is just a theory at best – just an estimate.  Nothing like an exact science that says definitively Ebola or HIV virus or coronavirus is present in this patient.  Which is what everyday media and everyday science is pretending with coronavirus, pounding it into their undiscriminating readers’ heads, week after week.

More similarities between Electromagnetic Radiation and Covid-19

Exponential rise in electromagnetic radiation. 5G can be 100 times more fast than 4G. Many 5G towers close together can cause exponential rise in electromagnetic radiation.

The radiation sickness theory also explains the numerous false positive and false negative cases of ‘Covid-19’

There is a strong correlation between 5G technology/towers and incidence of Covid–19 :-

There are numerous other proofs and more are coming in everyday.

Covid-19 Even in Countries without 5G Explained

Social Distancing & Lockdowns are NOT the Answer

Now we can conclude from the above discussion that social distancing and lockdowns are NOT the answer because pathology is NOT the virus but radiation sickness.

Immunology and Microbiology 101 (fundamentals)

Very well explained here by Dr Erickson and his colleague here. (The long version of this video was deleted by YouTube)

Similarly wearing masks is NOT going to protect us from electromagnetic radiation

The Real Social Distancing

*Social Distancing from WiFi and Electromagnetic Radiation*

The Real Social Distancing!

Keep yourselves away from WiFi, 3G, 4G, android phones etc, especially these days and with the coming 5G.

Could initiate/aggravate effects seen in patients of flu, pneumonia, ‘Covid-19’ or whatever according to many recent reports.

This also could be one reason why doctors are among the most affected (multiple /excessive exposure to radiation) and people in rural areas the least affected (less cell towers and less exposure)

It may also explain why countries like Pakistan are less affected than countries with 5G cell tower and 5G satellite exposure like China, Italy etc

Keep them off when not in use especially at night; keep them far away as possible.

Keep away from children and elderly.

There are some research studies on hazardous effects of radiation emitted from cell phones etc and recommends that 5G should not be installed until its safety is proven :


Study of the Relationship Between Covid-19 and 5G Radiation


‘The COVID-19 pandemic and its effects in early 2020 have surprised scientists. If any study aimed at understanding the phenomenon and which consequently may help to clarify the causes of the pandemic is carried out, it should be promoted and/or taken into consideration.

The correlation between cases of coronavirus and the presence of 5G networks has been addressed in alternative media and social networks.

It is common sense that the ability to demonstrate this correlation would be very important data to contribute to the understanding of, and the solution to, the problem.

Objective of the Study

To assess whether a correlation exists between cases of coronavirus and the presence of 5G networks.

Without entering for the moment into subsequent cause-effect approaches in the case of positive results.

Given that there is a sufficiently large statistical sample, it is possible for the results obtained to have a high level of reliability.

Material and Methods

The study has benefited from the official statistical material published daily, which is a basic and valuable tool. It should be noted that in these publications, the methodology used for counting cases of coronavirus infections does not generally provide real data.

Read on:

5G Towers Also Being Installed in Makkah

Message from an Rawalpindi Medical College colleague working in Makkah:

“I didn’t know ,what is relation between 5G and COVID 19,
But in Makkah 24 hours curfew,
However cables for 5G are laid down 24 hours to complete.
With hospital only this work is going on.”

What he has witnessed brother, is not a conspiracy anymore. He has seen it.

Many people have seen it in many other countries of the world.

And even if one doesn’t believe that there is a link between 5G and Covid-19, we all know from many doctors, scientists about the harmful effects of 5G.

We must take it serious and call for ban on installing 5G if we possibly can.

Just do some more research and connect the dots and things will start looking more and more clear.

Mention of Electromagnetic Radiation (5G etc) in the Holy Quran and Hadith?

دابہ الارض

(beast of the land)

One of the major signs of the End Times mentioned in Ahadith. Beast of the land is also mentioned in the Holy Quran : (27: 82)

One interpretation given some years ago by Sheikh Imran Hussain was that this may be:

The electromagnetic waves 3G, 4G and the coming 5G

More details here with link and part of his related YouTube lecture.

And with several explanations given:

Also mentioned in my blog:

And Allah knows best

‘Radiation Sickness Flue’ Far More Dangerous!

The radiation sickness flu and its multiple symptoms caused by the electromagnetic radiation sickness are far more dangerous and more deadly than all other flu and pneumonias.

And this deadliness increases with every new 5G satellite and 5G cell tower being installed! (even 6G is being talked about)

This ‘Covid-19’ illness will get worse and worse with increasing electromagnetic radiation through 5G etc through cell towers and satellites.

It’s an electromagnetic radiation pandemic!

And a ‘second wave’ of illness is coming (see ahead)!

Our doctors and hospitals could be burdened beyond imagination, God Forbid

This is why many countries are now opposing installation of 5G towers. They should also speak up about 5G satellites!

Many Drugs Being Used to Treat Radiation Sickness Are Also Being Used to Treat Covid-19 !

Pathology & Symptoms of Radiation-Induced Inflammation

Managing Adverse Effects of Radiation Therapy

Several drugs being used for Covid-19 mentioned here. They are used or have poetntial to be used in radiation sickness:

Plasma Transfusion Therapy

By giving hematopoietic growth factors or

If you have severe damage to bone marrow, you may also receive transfusions of red blood cells or blood platelets:

Plasma exchange is working probably because hematopoetic growth factors are advised for radiation sickness and I am sure these will be useful for ‘COVID-19’ too.

Tocilizumab (Injection ACTEMRA)

Hydroxychloroquine & Chloroquine

Hydroxychloroquine, Prednisone (corticosteroid) and Pentoxifylline (anti-platelet)



Anti-Inflammatory Properties of Low and High Doxycycline Doses: An In Vitro Study


Protease Inhibitors in general (Ritonavir/Lopinavir being used)

(Only upon advise of doctors)

Alternative therapies like Kalonji (black cumin) seeds, Sumac seeds

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Use the Black Seed for indeed, it is a cure for all diseases except death.” (Sahih al-Bukhari) Black seed or Kalonji or Nigella Sativa”

So this should be useful for radiation sickness as well!

Everything Going to Elite’s Plan

So far everything is going to plan by the psychopathic global elite.

  1. First bring a pandemic principally caused by radiation sickness
  2. Call for unnecessary lockdown
  3. Ease of lockdown
  4. Increase 5G tower and 5G satellite installation
  5. This will increase the chance of radiation sickness and bring on a second wave
  6. Next will come the useless vaccine
  7. Then the RFID chip to be implanted

All for depopulation and human control! (read previous blogs on Covid-19)

This has also been noted: that those who have had a flu vaccine are more prone to radiation sickness. Maybe same with history of other vaccinations.

The Expected Second Wave

As mentioned above, after this lockdown eases, there will most likely be a another wave of ‘infection’.

This time more deadlier (probably due to increased 5G Installations around the world)

This will call for more stricter lockdowns and the SCREW WILL BE TIGHTENED.

Planned 2nd Wave to totally strip freedoms, Mark of the beast, Biggest hoax on mankind since Weapons of Mass in Destruction?

So let’s just hypothesise that the “Virus” is a massive hoax (difficult to comprehend, unless you listen to the brave doctors and nurses that are speaking out, and having their voices deleted by YouTube and Facebook).

The professionals that are speaking out, are saying a great many things.. “Virus is not a virus, it’s similar to altitude sickness”, and “Figures projected by the media dont match up to the empty hospitals”, “Doctors are being told to deliberately misdiagnose patients as having covid19 and are paid incentives to do so” etc.

Enough for a rational person to consider, these people have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING TO GAIN from speaking out…and EVERYTHING TO LOSE. Then you might also question.. Why are they having their voices silenced?? All very odd.

A. To bring about a one world government of the unelected super rich to rule over everyone and live like gods amongst men. The New World Order.

It’s not about money anymore..they have enough money for a thousand lifetimes. It is simply about TOTAL CONTROL, removal of freedoms and ultimately depopulation by 7.5 Billion people.

So what is the plan next?

A. The planned 2nd WAVE!! Relax lockdown a little, then scream that a deadly spike and second wave has struck, and justify really putting the thumb screws on..Freedoms completely stripped. The few dictating to Billions.

There maybe more waves, 3rd and 4th until the next planned objective, with each wave . WHO head has recently stated that Covid-19 is here to stay (of course electromagnetic radiation will stay):

This has been long planned with the Rockerfeller documentation from 2010 talking about “Lock step” (lock down) and the exact scenario we are experiencing today.

It was also predicted (planned) by the Gates Foundation in 2019 just 6 weeks before the “outbreak” of the exact same scenario we are experiencing today.

Followed by racketeering, and the entire board of the UK Vaccine Network paid off by Bill Gates. The World Health Organisations biggest funder is Bill Gates.

Both the World Health Organisation and the UK Vaccine Network pushing for the UK (and the World) to use the Bill Gates tests & The Bill Gates vaccine that will see a return of £45 Billion from the UK alone.

The Mark of the Beast.
“..forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or in their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man. That number is 666”.

These psychopaths are running revelations as if it’s a user manual. (See patent 060606

ID2020 is a Bill Gates and Microsoft digital chip that will have all your details on, medical history, finances etc as they push towards a digital currency and cashless society (we are almost there! Contactless, and a recent move that suggests money carries germs or the virus!). Recently we have seen “chipping parties” where chips inserted into the hands of humans, allow them to access their bank, pay for things, and open doors..

They wish to merge humanity with technology, so that Artificial Intelligence becomes the human mind. (See The Borg).

They appear to follow a sequence driven agenda, that will also see the rebuilding of King Solomon’s temple on the mount in Jerusalem, creation of greater Israel and herald the anti christ (Dajjal)

Now it doesnt really matter if you are religious or not..this is what these psychopaths in charge believe, and they are running it to the letter.

Each one of us has a great strength and power. We need to find that inner strength, and NOT CONSENT to the machinations of the evil Global Network Pedo Cabal.

Look out for the 2nd Wave! Make a peaceful stand, and unite with your fellow brothers and sister’s of planet Earth.. OUR HOME.
For the many…. NOT just the few

Government Leaders and Ministers Speaking Up

More and more government leaders are speaking up and demanding an investigation into this ‘Covid-19’ fiasco.

Member nations of WHO expected to vote on the resolution, initiated by Australia, Tuesday morning :…/100-countries-now-support-an-in…

President of Madagascar:

My country Madagascar leaves all the organizations tonight and I call on other African Nations to do same.”
Madagascar President Andry Rajoelina is calling on all African countries to quit the World Health Organization (WHO).
H.E Andry Rajoelina says Europe created these organizations with the will to keep Africans dependent on them. Citing the current issue, he says Africa has found a medicine against Coronavirus but Europe thinks they have a monopoly of intelligence and so they refuse to acknowledge it. With this backdrop, he invites all African Nations to quit the international organizations in order for Africa to build their organization.

Dajjal & Malhama tul Kubra

Dajjal and Malhama tul Kubra

“…Oh Messenger of Allah (PBUH) how long will he stay on the Earth? He said ‘Forty days, one day like a year, one day like a month, one day like a week and the rest of his days like his days…”

Sunan Ibn Majah
Sahih Hadith

Many scholars, including Sheikh Imran Hussain (world renowned Islamic scholar and Islamic Eschatologist), in latest YouTube lectures have interpreted that we are now in the process of passing from 2nd to the third stage of Dajjal i.e. from Pax Americana to Pax Judaica.

Details here:

The Slow Transition from Pax Americana to Pax Judaica

Actually this ‘pandemic’ has become such a concern that many have forgotten internal politics.

One can easily see the destruction of USA and its economy.

Slow transition from the 2nd to 3rd phase of Dajjal is happening right in front of our eyes.

Rallies in USA have begun but not of much use because of the lockdowns and because of the control being weilded by the Zionist regime.

Horrific stories are being told by the Americans of food shortage in various cities and other problems including no one to care for the elderly etc.

This will get worse every year with new wave of Coronavirus and even more deaths and stricter lockdowns especially in USA and Europe.

But the whole world and economy will also be effected.

If one throws a frog in hot water it will jump out. But if you put it in cold water and slowly heat it from the bottom, it won’t feel it until it is too late.

This is what is happening to us.

It will most likely culminate in the great war, Malhama tul Kubra.

Sounds scary enough!

Role of China

China seems to have played a dirty role in all this, all for business purposes and to take over the rule of the world from USA. The Chinese have been enticed by the Gog and Magog for this dirty ploy in a false promise.

Because we know the next ruling power is going to be Israel and NOT China (Read above article of Malhama). China may soon find out or it may result in the Armageddon.

What can we do?

Spread the Message

Stop / Prevent Installation of 5G cell towers

Prophylaxis (Prevention) of Radiation Sickness

Increase intake of Vitamin C & other anti-oxidants.

Daily intake of Kalonji and other Prophetic PBUH Medicines like Sana Makki

Increase intake of fruits and vegetables

Increase intake of milk and other dairy products for Vitamin D

Avoid genetically modified food. Eat organic.

Stay away as possible from electromagnetic radiation as mentioned above.

Just like we stay away from X-Ray and other radiation exposure.

Treatment of Radiation Sickness (Not the Virus)

Get treated for the radiation sickness by using allopathic medications and alternative medicines.

Drugs discussed above

Alternative therapies like Kalonji (black cumin) seeds, Sumac seeds

The Prophet (PBUH) said, “Use the Black Seed for indeed, it is a cure for all diseases except death.” (Sahih al-Bukhari) Black seed or Kalonji or Nigella Sativa”

A Pakistani doctor in England insists he has a cure.

And recently in Madagascar:

Most importantly pray to Allah Almighty

What Has Brought Us to This Condition?

“And if you turn away, He will REPLACE you with another people and they will not be like you”


We deserted the Muslims of Palestine, Kashmir, Syria, Burma, Yemen, Iraq, India etc.

Now we are facing consequences of our indifference towards severest oppression of Muslims around the world for decades.

First they were in lockdowns and now we despite having everything are economical, physical and mental lockdowns.

And now when it is our turn to be severely punished/put on trial, we think nothing will happen to us? What makes us better than the Kashmiris, Palestinian Muslims?

And to top it all, we haven’t changed one bit, even in the month of Ramadhan (even gotten worse).

We Muslims deserve the severest punishment possible for not coming to their help and continuing in disobeying every command of Allah Almighty.

And that as prophesied in many Ahadith is going to happen sooner or later.

Some Nations (Muslims and Non-Muslims), we pray, may resist this New World Order. But this may result in a bigger conflict.

Many scholars think this will plan out in the culmination of Malhama tul Kubra.

May Allah Almighty protect us all from the fitnah of Dajjal. Ameen.

واللہ اعلم

And Allah Almighty knows best

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