Opportunists, Electables and PTI

PTI = PPP + PML (Q) + PML N + X ….

Many politicians that have joined PTI were ministers or held top portfolios in X, Y and Z parties.

Once they all join PTI, they are passed through a certain ‘dry cleaner’ and become absolved of all their looting, corruption and all other crimes of the past.

It was never imagined that people like Firdaus Ashiq Awan of PPP, Ghulam Mustafa Khar, Amir Liaqat and many others would join PTI.


What made them change? Who made them change?

Sugar coating of electables with a simple change in parties will hardly bring any change in their personalities.

Once it has been decided by the national and international establishments (even Mr Imran Khan has alleged this) to bring a certain political party into power (by hook or by crook/unseen elements), opportunistic politicians (like opportunistic microorganisms) immediately jump onto the bandwagon of ‘promised’ success.

Years on another popular party will come along (or be brought along) and such electables will again join that new party ONLY FOR THEIR OWN SELF-VESTED INTERESTS.

This is a bitter reality of Pakistani politics and majority of Pakistani politicians. Real change will never be brought about with such selfish attitude in our politicians, who believe me, are all the same, except for a very few.

The Second Status Quo:

What I have been repeatedly saying the last 5-6 years:

Why PTI is Just Another Status Quo Party

PTI is or will become another status quo party! From words of a former strong disgruntled PTI supporter:

“Wish it was the same 22 years old neat political struggle, Wish the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf’s revolutionary ideology that erupted on the streets of Pakistan in 2011 was still the same. But then something inexplicable started happening. Having achieved critical mass on the basis of their original message, unfortunately, PTI initiated a course contrary to its political ideal, recruiting opportunists from other political parties.

This has already started in 2013 onward with inception of people like Tareen and expulsion of Leaders like Hashmi and Wajihuddin. Imran should have realized that these billionaires have derailed our movement; the one for real justice, that is. PTI is no longer held together by ideals. Now, the driving force is the power of money and the pursuit of power.

Most of us who either followed and founded the party have either left, been side-lined or died, whilst others have been co-opted. What is left is a steady supply of plutocrats, opportunists and camp followers. Much to the detriment of those who poured blood, sweat and tears to uphold party principles. Principles that Imran has wantonly sacrificed at the altar of political expediency. One doesn’t have to be a genius to understand that when new politics begins to look like old politics, old politics wins out.

PTI or PMLN or PPP ….. whats the difference now ? Those same people who were loyal to traitor Nawaz Sharif have now joined PTI. What change will they bring. Many patwaris have joined PTI. So PTI has become another party of patwaris, the same name PTI was trolling the noonies with. Or change the party name to PML I (Imran).

Just a struggle of power, by this way or that , is now the agenda of every political party in Pakistan.”

Ms Fauzia Kasuri and others like Justice Wajihuddin have resigned on the same principle.

Thus ‘new blood’ should be tried, tested, trained and given opportunities instead of relying again and again on these time-tested electables for a real change.

But again only parties that can or will do this are those who have a totally clean leadership, plan for future of the party and most importantly have an Islamic ideology and plan to implement it once in power.

This includes holding free and fair intra-party elections (in which only clean unblemished people are elected or selected) from the ground-root level to the top.

They should hold on to democratic values and corruption free principles within the party. In only such a way can they become an example for other
parties and bring about any change.

Otherwise we will simply be jumping ships or cages to be more accurate….

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