Comparison of PTI and PML (N)

Let us compare PTI with PML (N). Lets see how these two parties are different. We will take critical strategic issues to compare the differences.

This comparison also holds true to a lot of extent to other secular parties like PPP, PML Q, ANP, MQM etc

1. Political system. Both parties support western parliamentary democracy and most of their members do not qualify article 62,63.

2. Both parties accept modern banking based on Riba and have no problem with this model of fake paper currencies. Both DO NOT plan to enforce Islamic economic model of Zakat, Usher or division of inheritance according to Quran.

3. Both follow and accept existing Anglo-Saxon laws of 1860, secular courts, lawyers and same corrupt judges and judicial system.

4. Both have NO plans to enforce or implement Sharia laws.

5. Both are extremely soft and defensive towards India and believe in peace and aman ki asha without taking into consideration Indian atrocities in Pakistan, support to insurgencies and Kashmir genocide.

6. Both parties promote liberal western secular cultures of dance, music and gender mixing freely without any moral and religious inhibitions. Western amoral liberal attitude.

7. Both parties are comfortable with Indian and secular influence in media and believe in Madar Pidar azaad media. Both have extremely soft corner towards freedom of media.

8. Quality of members and advisers in both parties is exactly the same. Both have their own share of honest and corrupt people. Some of the top advisers of IK are actually CIA. Same for NS.

9. Both have confused foreign policies and have no idea about the present 4th or 5th generation war or about re-shaping of the middle east. Both parties can be called “idiots” at best in understanding regional and national security environment. They never discuss these critical issues in any policy debate.

10. Both believe in the official narrative of US government concerning 9/11 false flag, i.e. they do NOT believe it was an inside job.

11. Both have more or less equally corrupt members

12. Both have identical policies with only a minor differences which are tactical at best.

So, is there going to be any change in Pakistan in real terms ?? None whatsoever. Just little change of minor administrative policies cannot really called “Naya Pakistan” !! The whole drama is a fraud and a deception, making a total fool of the nation.

The only politics one should be doing is for establishing Deen Islam.

Cult Worshippers

Joining/supporting and becoming a fanatic of ANY political party these days is like joining a CULT. Only difference is that a CULT rarely has political power or political motives.

People first become completely brainwashed by so called beliefs/objectives/ideology of the cult/party.

The person becomes extremely infatuated with the party/cult and exaggerates in its praise.

Finally one becomes a blind follower unable to hear any criticism of the CULT, its leaders and its teachings. They turn a blind eye to any faults of the cult/party or its leaders.

They start defending every right or wrong of the party.

In the process they lose relatives and friends etc and often disrespect them; often call each other names (patwari, youthia, jahil etc)

It is extremely difficult to leave a cult no matter how hard one tries to convince them to do so.

Just how does one convince these clown cult-worshippers that they are all the same? !!!

3 thoughts on “Comparison of PTI and PML (N)

  1. An officer from Baluchistan prison department on the condition of not to show his name has informed our correspondent that Nab is currently investigating big corruption scandals in Baluchistan Prison department. Although previously Nab has intimated high officials of prison department and provincial administration about misconduct and corruption of individuals in the past, but each time transferring officers from on jail to other is done to redress the issue. In recruitment process approximately 2 lac is taken as bribe for the position of sipahi, sweeper and other low rank vacancies. For the higher staff for example for the jailer, upto 10 lac is taken as bribe. There are cases where candidates had provided fake educational certificates. Recruitment based on political affiliation and recommendation is normal. Posting of superintendent requires the superintendent to pay sum of money , at the time of posting and then on monthly basis to IG prison.
    Vulnerable security condition of the Baluchistan has created an unending opportunities of corruption in prisons of Balauchistan. Almost after every three months budget is approved for un necessary up gradation of prisons where in huge sum of money goes in pockets. Installation of bad quality security cameras, low quality construction is common.
    Another corrupt practice which is happening for decades and no body even Nab could trace is the submission of fine which prisoner pays at the time of release. It’s sort of mathematical puzzle. For example in a case prisoner has to pay a fine Rs 5 lac. If he does not pay fine he has to go through further 3 years imprisonment. What jail officials do here that they make the prisoner complete his punishment and penalty of 3years also. After that prisoner is informed that your punishment is completed, now he has to pay fine. He pays the fine. That fine goes into the pocket of superintendent and in record it is mentioned that prisoner has gone through penalty.
    Bad quality meal and bread is another issue. Almost 98 % prisoners are cooking on their own. So the most of the food budget goes in the pocket of superintendent, deputy superintendent and jailers. Contract for jail canteen and for daily foodstuff is also given on kickbacks and commission. This makes the items price almost 50 % high as compare to the market. Mostly food items available in jail are those expiry and low quality material which is purchased at cheep rates. Prisoners have no choice.
    From loralai to gadani , Quetta , Machh almost in all prisons there is constant supply of all kind of drugs including churse, heroine, sheesha and taryaq etc. From hawaldar to jailer and superintendent, each one of them gets his part. A package that is available outside jail at the cost of 500 is usually available at 2k inside jail.
    Health conditions and facilities are also vulnerable. Only elite is admitted in hospitals or the ones who can pay bribe. Usually doctors of prison has their private clinics. So large portion of medicine supplied by Baluchistan health department to the prisons is utilized in the private clinics of doctor who are heads in jail. This is happening in all of the balauchistan jails. Hardly any medicine or treatment is given to prisoners. To keep them away from hospitals wrong medicines are given. Prisoners are often injected with water which brings pain to the patient. So for the next time he think 100 times before going to prison hospital in sickness. Many deaths have occurred which were result of negligence and non provision of medication and delay in treatment. Recent death of a prisoner Gul zaman at central jail machh is an example of it who was requesting jail staff that he is not feeling well. But no one listened to him.
    There are other deaths also, due to severe torture by prison staff. Such kind of deaths are also certified by the prison doctor as heart attack and normal death.
    Women conditions is prisons is also poor and at alarming stage. They face harassment and abuse on daily basis. Few years ago supritendant Asif Butt who was posted at Gadani Prison had gang raped a girl along with his companions. The girl later approached higher authorities. To get rid of this case that girl was burnt alive and it was shown as suicide. The culprit in the case, Asif Butt is known for his adultery and corruption. He was recently posted at District Jail Quetta and now transfered to zob jail.
    It is very rare that some one would stand up against the corruption , mistreatment, and drug issues. Its sort of mafia or evil nexus where the culprits from top to bottom protect each other and if some one create hurdles in it they kick him out.
    Although Nab had started investigation few months ago and have credible evidence against the culprits but seems due to political interference the matter is being delayed. In the past artificial prison riot was created wherein many portion of prison was burnt so that all accounting records becomes untraceable to find corruption clues.

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