When you received it with your tongues and said with your mouths that of which you had no knowledge and thought it was insignificant while it was, in the sight of Allah, tremendous.

(Holy Quran : 24 : 15)

Warning from Leveling False Allegations

This verse is specific for واقعہ افک

And this can be taken as a general warning to people against levelling false allegations against innocent people, especially that involves one’s honour, without proper thorough investigation

That one should NOT take such a crime lightly


Plus one should have حسن ظن, (surah Hujuraat), especially when family, friends, co – workers and a large number of the common public are ready to vouch for the innocence of the person

Warning is also given in the same Surah that each and every person levelling the false allegation will receive a big punishment

Can there be a more severe warning and that too from the Almighty?

It should be enough to send shudders down one’s spine, but unfortunately many times, people despite being repeatedly warned, take no heed at all

And that too in the Holy Month of Ramadhan.

Astaghfirullah Al Azeem

Victory for Justice Faiz Isa

Government lost the case

A long grueling case against a sitting supreme Court judge has ended in victory for a lone judge fighting for the truth


It was a long struggle for Justice Faiz Isa and his family, and ultimately truth has prevailed

Shame on the Mud – Slingers

All those politicians, analysts social media personnel etc who were busy in mud – slinging against one of the most truthful judge of the supreme court,

Should hold their heads in shame and ask forgiveness from Allah Almighty,

For this could have been them or their wives and family in such a great trial


Qazi Faiz Isa refused to take plots!

It was all a case of political victimisation and personal vendetta against an innocent supreme Court judge for his correct judgment on the Faizabad case

The major hurdle has been removed and hopefully no obstacles will be created by the government and the Obsequious Sycophants

They wanted to prevent him from becoming Chief Justice of Pakistan

It was obvious from day one, after the historical Faizabad dharna decision by Justice Faiz Isa against the establishment,

That they wanted to prevent him from becoming Chief Justice of Pakistan, which he is expected to become in 2023 in sha Allah.

Simple as that.

It was a case of the wolf finding any excuse to eat up an innocent sheep

They wanted a yes-man; they didn’t want such a truthful judge, a non – obsequious sycophant, to enter the system

They wanted the system to remain corrupted

We are saying that he is not perfect, but far better than the other judges, able to speak up against the establishment and far far better than many politicians and many obsequient analysts


Continued Maligning of The Judge and His Wife

Historians will have volumes to write on this strange Insafian nation

They have now started abusing the judiciary and its top trending on twitter

Literally they are giving گالیاں and لعنتیں  (at which they specialise at) on the judiciary, Justice Isa and his wife

1700 pages of money trail was given & confirmed from banking sector both in UK & here, which were all legal transactions

The whole money trail was shown. What more do they want? Has any PTI minister ever been grilled or even questioned over their failures?

Whenever they win a case, they start praising the judiciary and whenever they lose a case they start maligning it

This is engineered defaming Pakistan and its institutes …Nobody has right to interfere in judiciary matters of Pakistan.
When overpowered Saqib Nisar was going beyond his limits all foreign media was enjoying and assigned agenda was being complemented.
This is the time to think over the intrigues least you will cry over spilt milk.

Paid Servants of the Establishment on Social Media, YouTube and WhattsApp groups??

The same is the case with politicians etc

Whenever a politician joins PTI (from PPP etc) , they start heaping praise on the person as if he/she was the best person in the world

And when the same person leaves PTI, they start abusing as if he/she was the worst living person on Earth

Such is this strange Insafian قوم

The only person they will never malign or even say a single word against is their idol who they worship and his corrupt ministers who lead all the mafias, whom they all consider as masoom

And swearing and abusing in the Holy month of Ramadhan. No fear of Allah Almighty.

Knowing that the mud is coming back at their faces,

And a mightier punishment awaits them in the Hereafter

Reasons for Continuous Maligning of the Judge

Fight for the Independence of Judiciary

The main reason why our judiciary is so low placed is because of the continued interference by the establishment and / or agencies.

Simple as that. No rocket science.

This was openly stated by Justice Shaukat Azizi and has been evident throughout the country’s history filled with clashes between government and judiciary, establishment and the judiciary etc

Of course rotten eggs will be there. They are present in every institution. Especially when the society as a whole is corrupt from the common milk man to the politician.

But if the institutions are not allowed to function independently, without pressure, from within or abroad, the problems will remain the same

Who knows the amount of pressure the judges are in. Resigning or withdrawing from the case will not solve the problem. The judges who will replace them will be under the same tremendous pressure.

Its a never ending vicious circle and the blame games will continue and

We will continue to have law of the jungle as long as the global elite / Yajuj and Majuj are in control.

Clash of Institutions

Seems judiciary has become independent and has started hitting back at the control tower

Attack on ‘Papa Johns’ once again

Justice Shaukat Aziz Siddiqui May Also Have Been Right

Mr. Bashir Memon’s allegations against the government and establishment onslaught on the independent judiciary

And just yesterday LHC judge’s scathing remarks on Army personnel’s role in land grabbing mafia

This direct clash of state institutions is not good for the country; not good at all

Might prove to be a water – gate or rather a judiciary – gate for the government…

How the Media Twisted Qazi Faiz Isa’s Statement on Islam & the Constitution

One can hear for oneself, his speech is full of Verses from the Holy Quran and Ahadith:

A Judge and His Wife’s Valiant Struggle

A wife’s Examplary Support for Her Husband

Who Should be Held Responsible : PM & the President & Others

Who will Judge the Judges? The Islamic Perspective

The buck has to stop somewhere. The arguments have to stop.

The judiciary is part of the state.

So if there is a dispute, it has to be turned to the courts or an Islamic Parliament (مجلس شوریٰ)

Judges belong to one of the اولی الامر in an Islamic state

(Holy Quran : 4 : 59)

It is Allah Almighty who will Judge the judges and He is the Best of Judges!

(Holy Quran : 95 : 8)

If they will make a correct decision, while applying the laws, according to best of their knowledge, according to the evidence given, according to the best of intentions, etc etc they will be rewarded

BUT if they make an intentional malafide decision they will be punished by Allah Almighty.

The Islamic state has to ensure that they are not coerced, pressurised, as if at gun – point, in making any decision

After the decision is made, it is final. It may be challenged in a higher court.

People can give their opinion but final decision in an Islamic state rests with the judges.

And Allah Almighty will Judge the judges as He has promised in the Holy Quran:

ومن لم یحکم بما انزل اللّٰہُ….

(Holy Quran : 5 : 44, 45, 47)

Its like the umpire’s or referee’s decisions are final in a game. One may disagree with them, but one can NOT start arguing or fighting with the umpire

Anyone who disagrees and tries to reverse the decision by force, etc

Is like bringing treason / revolt بغاوت against the state and that is NOT allowed in Islam, except under the strictest of conditions


One may use all the legal options but after that,

People simply cannot start fighting amongst themselves over decisions of the judges

Otherwise there would be lawlessness and or the law of the jungle would prevail in the society,

With every party stating that they are right and the other is wrong, bringing in the extreme case, chaos and anarchy in the country

And that is NOT allowed in Islam either.

(Holy Quran : 5 : 33)

And if one believes that there is something wrong in the laws regarding the judicial system e.g. in appointment of judges, their perks and priveleges, accountability of judges or their removal or laws are against Islamic injunctions, etc, there is again the Islamic Parliament مجلس شوریٰ to turn to

Islam is a complete Deen, a complete way of life, a perfect system, for everyone.

And Allah Almighty Knows best

PTI losing #NA249 and losing it badly

No need to make excuses. No need to blame others. PM @ImranKhanPTI it is time now to wake up. Change your strategy instead of changing Ministers.

There is still time. Control inflation otherwise…

(Tweet Quote from popular PTI social media activist and journalist Mr. Mir Muhammad Ali Khan)

All because of their corrupt ministers and cronies

Faisal Vawda, Razzaq Dawood, Khusru Bakhtiar, Jahangir Tareen, Azam Swati, Malik Riaz, etc etc


And most importantly people don’t believe in their lies anymore. Losing almost every by-election in every province by huge margins

The Big Question

Why is the government and its supporters desperately after Justice Qazi Faiz Isa?

When its a highly contentious debatable issue.

Why are they losing their credibility, their respect, their Deen, putting everything at stake, etc, all for a single judge???

While giving NRO to Jahangir Tareen and many others in their own cabinet.

اپنا سب کچھ داو پر کیوں لگا رہے ہیں، دین و دنیا، صرف ایک جج کی مخالفت کی خاطر؟

Un – understandable.

Some possible answers in the above clip..

They Want a Fascist State

They want complete control of

  1. Judiciary

They are after Justice Faiz Isa as if he is the only bad person in the world, even if he is.

  1. Media

They pick up journalists regularly who don’t tow their line

Similarly ban programs of other journalists like Dr. Danish, Mr. Talat Hussain, Rauf Klasra, etc

  1. Executive

They want their government in all the four provinces and the senate

  1. Establishment

They want to control the national establishment too!

Now also having problems with the national establishment (source : many journalists)

Continuous Selective Victimization

  1. We are speaking from THE neutral perspective, as we all should.
  2. We are not spokespersons of PMLN or any other party or any judge etc
  3. The question remains. Why no words against the corrupt PTI ministers?

Why don’t they go to the supreme courts against them. Why give some NRO and some not?

Why don’t they go to the supreme courts against them. Why give some NRO and some not?

Why this selectivity or selective justice?

This is the only politics PTI is doing.

Selective political victimisation of politicians, judges, media personnel, etc

Even Sheikh Rasheed is under scrutiny now for the ring road scandle.

Accountability should be across the board


And Allah Almighty knows best!

Epilogue: They are still after him

The Valiant Judge Wins the Case!



And Allah Almighty knows best!

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