“And fear a trial which will not strike those who have wronged among you exclusively, and know that Allah is severe in penalty.” (Holy Quran 8 : 25)

Role of the Establishment?

Is it possible that the a section of our establishment is siding with JUI – F?

Allowing :

  1. Smooth march and entry into Islamabad all the way from Karachi
  2. Funding and long stay of participants even in drastic weather conditions
  3. Demands for Islamic principles to be implemented (which Fazlur Rahman never did; indicating some one else is behind him)
  4. Opening of PTI foreign funding case all of a sudden
  5. Daily negotiations between ‘JUI’s’ men and government
  6. Rumours of minus-one formula, in-house change and new PM in media

7. Many religious right scholars and journalists have started supporting the movement.

And many other points given in the previous article:

There is no way ALL this could have been done by Anti-state elements like RAW etc; this movement would have been stopped even before it begun.

Most certainly a good section of our establishment is behind them.

Question again arrises, will the finger be raised this time by the establishment?

Only time will tell. My opinion as well as I am sure many others.

The Role of the Mullahs

Almost all points are events that have taken place. They have to be explained.

There is also no doubt that difference have occurred a few times before if we look back:

  1. Near end of PPP tenure (2008-2013); Tahir ul Qadri’s first prominent entry in container in Islamabad
  2. PTI ‘ s 126 day dharna in which finger was expected to be raised
  3. Mr. Khadim Rizvi’s Faizabad dharna near end of PML N tenure

Interesting point is that a religious personality and their followers have been exploited in each of the above cases.

So why not the present dharna where again a Mullah is being exploited for a certain agenda?

The Apprehensions

There were apprehensions even before the march started by experts of:

  1. Chaos, anarchy
  2. Untoward incident like bomb explosion etc happening by evil elements
  3. Ultimately civil war breaking out

We were told well before by analysts of the possible situation:

So the Unanswered Questions Remain

  1. Why was this March allowed to go this far? It could have been barricaded IIIII at entry in Punjab where PTI has government.
  2. Why allow them to enter Islamabad, of all the sensitive places? Why allot them a space in H-9 in Islamabad?

3. Did not our agencies, our establishment know beforehand of these apprehensions which common men had and as stated by Shazada Hayat in the above article? We have the world’s best intelligence agency ISI.

4. Or were our agencies/our establishment so helpless in front of the foreign agencies that they could not do anything? Of course they cannot be sleeping.

5. Or are they an accomplice to all what is going on? For it takes two to tango.

(دو ھاتھوں سے تالی بجتی ہے)

6. Who is working with the international establishment /foreign agencies in trying to create this havoc? Government or opposition or both? Only time will tell.

No clear answers given until now. Conspiracy theories remain galore.

JUI’s Sit in Mystery by Mr. Orya Maqbool Jaan:

Even the well-informed Mr. Zaid Hamid is confused:

We need answers to all these questions and need to immediately resolve the dispute before the expected disaster strikes (God-Forbid).

Disaster was prevented in the last dharna of PTI. We pray an amicable solution is again reached and peace again prevails quickly with no/minimal loss. In sha Allah. Ameen.

It just seems that modern day Yajuj and Majuj are in total control.


And Allah Almighty knows best.

Epilogue 1:

Epilogue 2

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