Kashmiris are the Ultimate Sufferers

Mr. Orya Maqbool Jan initially used to support PTI/IK. But since the last 2-3 months, he has been highly critical of him.

In this program he is critical of IK deciding to release the Indian prisoner.

At the least, he should NOT have taken this decision so suddenly; what was the hurry? Why so desperate to please the Indians? Why not ask to return our colonel? Why no conditions? Etc etc.

He should have taken a balanced approach. Neither back down neither escalate the issue. And India didn’t even demand his release! Neither any negotiations nor any give and take; returned free!

Did he want to avoid embarassment to Modi that would decrease his chances of winning the elections? Did he plan to make Modi government successful so he could win the elections? Indians and Indian media do seem very much elated by his released and showing the V victory sign. Does he want RSS, the terror wing of BJP to come into power and wreck havoc on Muslims in India?

Squadron Leader Sarfraz Rafiqui was shot down over India..his plane was found….his personal belongings were found…but Indian took away a wounded Rafiqee and NEVER returned him or his body. He was seen by an eye witness in Indian jail after many years of the war.
He never returned!

And we can see today that this decision is proving counter-productive with India media still raising the stakes for war as seen in the pictures below:

What the Holy Quran Says :

As mentioned in the Holy Quran the pagans (mushrikeen) and Jews can never be our (political) friends. They are our strongest enemies:

And today they have returned us dead body of a Pakistani prisoner in an Indian jail :


What Example of Prophet Muhammad PBUH tells us!

Even after the battle of Badr, AFTER CONSULTATION with his companions, prisoners of war were given certain conditions for their release by the Holy Prophet PBUH. The men of Jews of Banu Quraiza were ordered to be beheaded by the Holy Prophet PBUH after they had broken their pledge (and they are still looking to avenge that!).

The Holy Prophet PBUH did not release any prisoner in his life time without laying any conditions or with a treaty.

Indians have repeatedly broken Geneva pledges n resolutions on Kashmir. They have never returned our prisoners of war. We were NOT bound to do so either. At least we could have kept him for some time longer. What if one of our soldiers gets captured in the near future?

Mr. Orya Maqbool Jan indirectly calls him ‘Modi ka yaar’, western agent, trying to appease the west etc. Similar insight to what I had years ago, and he stated that he like me, makes observations n analysis based on Islam, Quran and Ahadith.

PM Modi and their army have given no indication of softening their stance even after his release. They called the attemted air attacks as Pilot Project!

Was this a goodwill gesture or a continuous repeated attempt to please the Indians? What if Nawaz Sharif had done the same thing? Dr Danish answers:

Kashmiris will be the Ultimate Losers

A member of Human Rights Commission crying when speaking about atrocities committed by Indians in Occupied Kashmir

Atrocities against innocent Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir have increased along LOC and in India in general after the Pulwama attack; they increased even further after the release of the Indian prisoner. So even after this so called peace gesture, it has made no difference to India’s stance. Skirmishes along LOC have increased after the Pulwama attack, even after his release, causing injuries and martyrdoms of many civilians.

OIC : PTI Government’s Foreign Policy Failure?

Pakistan, despite being one of the founding countries of OIC (which although has become redundant) was forced to boycott the recent moot due to Indian counterpart getting ‘guest of honor’ treatment.

According to OIC rules, to become a member Muslims should be a majority (especially political majority) in that country OR the ruler should be a Muslim. India does NOT fit these two conditions. And then to invite them at such a time when India is committing atrocities on Kashmiris and attacked Pakistan.

Was this a case of foreign policy failure on part of the Pakistan government? Could we not have convinced Muhammad bin Salman or UAE leader to not embarass Pakistan? The international community including Muslims have never stood with Pakistan on the issue of Kashmir; is it our foreign policy failure? A very big diplomatic failure.

After all it was UAE and Saudi Arabia who formally invited India to the meeting, where its foreign minister was given a red carpet treatment. Of course the Arabs were mainly at fault, but why were we unable to convince the Arabs, like the previous time India was invited, to NOT let India attend the moot? (Even the gesture of inviting India without seeking Pakistan’s nod seemed rude). Inviting India in OIC after objection of Pakistan mean Islamic countries are supporting Indian stance.

What happened to all those warm welcomes and warm greetings given to Saudi and the UAE leaders in their recent visit to Pakistan? Is this the fruit of those so-called fruitful visits? Was this not our foreign policy failure? If elections are the excuse in India, what is the excuse here? Some analysts even suggested that Pakistan had given the permission for India’s attendance at the meeting!

And IK is repeatedly trying to phone PM Modi and he kept on refusing. For what? If only he had read and or understood the Holy Quran. All our peace gestures (including freeing an Indian prisoner) are useless because the international community including Muslim (OIC) do not give any regards to whatever we did.



Pakistan’s Shift in Foreign Policy

It seemed more than because of trade that India was invited. Pakistan has started to shift its foreign policy toward the American block as indicated by many analysts. USA-Saudi Arabia-UAE-Israel block; drifiting away from Russian-China-Iran-Turkey block? (By chance or otherwise the countries that have started to by-passed the American dollar)

No wonder Turkey also boycotted the OIC meeting, causing a huge further divide in the Muslim Ummah. Shia Iran also seems unhappy with Pakistan due to Pakistan’s shift toward the Sunni block. More may unfold soon.

What Islamic Scholars say About PTI

Sheikh Imran Hussein and many other Islamic scholars also hold same view of PTI government. Sheikh Imran Hussain initially also had some hope of IK but was left disappointed.

Sir Zaid Hamid was also supportive at the beginning, but now very critical of PTI policies.

Even moderate Islamists like Mr. Haroon Rasheed and Ayaz Mir, who were strongly pro-PTI previously have also started speaking against PTIs policies.

What Neutral Anchors Say about PTI

Secular anchors like Mr. Rauf Klasra, Amir Mateen, Mr. Arshad Sharif, Dr Danish and many others who broke stories, scandals of Nawaz Sharif, Zardari etc are now pointing out faults of PTI.

Other Wrong Decision by PTI Government in this Fiasco

Ban on JuD and FIF

Immediately after the Pulwama attack, JuD and its charity wing FIF were banned again. This gave an indication that such ‘terror’ organizations from Pakistan were involved in the Pulwama attack. This was done without any reason or proofs given of their involvement. Only a bow down to international pressure ‘amid intense global pressure to rein in the terror groups following the Pulwama attack that killed 40 CRPF soldiers’.

Main reason being given was to avoid being further degraded by FATF (which would affect the economy) after it was degraded to grey list. Seems another way of saying ‘are you with or are you against us‘ and ‘we will put you back to the stone age (financially)

The fact of the matter is that we have been bowing down before them for decades now; we have been trying to appease them, please them for years and still we have achieved nothing. Because as the Holy Quran says the Jews and Christians will never be satisfied with you until you totally follow them!

No matter what we do, they are ultimately going to lay down more and more demands and ultimately degrade us anyway!

Stick to Islamic Teachings/Principles!

The point is, to be a good analyst, one should be non-partisan, take a neutral stand and not be too attached with any party; so that one is calmly able to listen n accept criticism of any party and not be offended.

One should criticise faults of political parties; one should NOT ignore them. There is no personal grudge but only for ‘Islaah’, for betterment of the Islamic society.

Being Muslims, we should only fully support Islam and its teachings; any party or person going against Islamic principles will be criticized, whether one likes it or not.

The fact is unfortunately people see things with one eye of Dajjal, unable to comprehend the whole truth; or their self -inflated egos come in their way.

May Allah Almighty guide us all and enable everyone to see the whole Truth! Ameen.


This stance/view proved correct afterwards by many anchors/journalists, even pro-PTI e.g. :

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