Media Orchestrated Trumpophobia?

It’s time to move on for Americans. It’s time to support your new president. You have no other choice (unless the Electoral College doesn’t vote him in on 19th December, which is extremely unlikely). You did choose him through your favored system i.e. democracy. 

Clinton supporters had turned a blind eye to her failings. Somehow they were and are more horrified by what Trump may do (fed by media propaganda) than what Clinton already had done.

And now, finally, rather than suffer the pretense of progress under a female president, America has voted for Trump.


Do not ignite the flames of racism yourselves and blame it on Trump, because this may exactly be what the elite want. They only want chaos anarchy everywhere on Earth. Many signs have already shown that they are sowing seeds of division among the American society with the help of corporate media.

Just wait a year or six months at least and see what he really does. Give him a chance.
Ban on Muslims has already been removed from his website. 

Lay bare the racism, lay bare the arrogance, lay bare the lies and the brutalities.

Be an emblem of optimism, not pessimism

At the end it will only be you Americans who will decide your own fate

Face yourselves, see yourselves, and then maybe, maybe, things will change…

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