Short Peaceful Muslim-Christian Dialogues

“Invite to the way of your Lord with wisdom and good instruction, and argue with them in a way that is best.”

(Holy Quran 16:125)


Presented are a few collections of peaceful Muslim-Christians discussions in which argument is presented with wisdom and in a good manner. They may prove helpful at many occasions.

1. The Sign of Jonah (Yunus AS)

It is mentioned in the Holy Bible that the learned men came to Jesus (AS) and asked for a “sign” (Miracle) and he replied:

“An evil and adulterous generation seeks after a sign, and no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For as Jonah (Yunus AS) was three days and three nights in the whale’s belly, so shall the son of man (Jesus AS) be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth” The Holy Bible (Book of Mathews 12:40)

This is the sign of Jonah (Yunus AS) which Jesus AS pointed out as his only sign

Jesus (AS) pointed out a miracle that all modern day Muslims, all Jews and all Christians believe—i.e. the sign of Jonah (Yunus AS); means such a miracle about which no one should have any doubt

1. When you throw a man into a raging sea, he ought to die. Because Jonah did not die, therefore, it is a MIRACLE!

2. A whale comes and gobbles the man; he ought to die. He did not die, therefore, it is now a double MIRACLE!

3. Because of heat and suffocation in the whale’s belly for three days and three nights, he ought to die. He did not die, therefore, it is now a miracle of MIRACLES!

All three religions believe that Jonah was ALIVE when thrown in the sea, was ALIVE in the belly of the whale for 3 days and 3 nights, and was ALIVE when he was thrown out


AND he goes on to say that “so shall the son of man (meaning himself Jesus AS) be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth”

Now how was Jesus when put in the heart of the earth for 3 days and 3 nights and when he got out?


Muslims say ALIVE; Jews say Dead (for Good Riddance); Christians say Dead (for atonement of their sins)

Christians say DEAD, DEAD, DEAD

But if he was DEAD, then the only sign (miracle) that Jesus AS promises in the book of Mathews (12:40) is not fulfilled!

So who is lying: the bible, Jesus AS or the Christians?

(From Late Mr. Ahmed Deedat’s book ‘What was the Sign of Jonah’)


2. A Historical Muslim-Christian Debate

When the British occupied India they sent many trained missionaries there to try and convert Muslims into Christians. The most famous of them all was a German priest trained in England by the name of Reverend Karl Pfonder.

He was fairly fluent in Arabic and Persian (Farsi) as well as English and German. He had many debates with Muslim scholars in the 1850′s especially with Maulana Rahmatullah Keeranwi (RAH). This was the first time in history the Muslims were on the back foot because the rulers were Christians and the Muslims were being oppressed and persecuted throughout India.

Rev. Karl Pfonder was aware that the Muslims also believe in Isa (AS) to be alive in the heavens while Muhammad (SAW) died a normal death and is buried in Madinah Munawwarah.

In one of the debates, said to be watched live by thousands, he began by asking the Muslim scholar:

Rev.  Harl Pfonder: ‘Where is Muhammad (SAW) now?’ The Muslim scholar took his time to answer him. After a considerable pause and thought he replied, ‘In the heavens next to Allah.’

This is what the Christians believe about Jesus that ‘he rose to the heavens to sit on the right side of God’.

The Reverend then referring to the Prophet (SAWS)’s grandson Hussain (RA)’s martyrdom in Karbala asked:

“Where was your Prophet Pbuh when his grandson was being martyred?”

The Maulana again thought for a while and replied:

‘He was still in the Heavens near God’

The Reverend screamed:

‘If he is next to God, when his grandson with the rest of his family was being killed in Karbala, then did he not ask God to save them?’

The Muslim scholar again after a lengthy pause and thought replied, ‘Yes he did.’ The Reverend then asked excitedly, ‘What did God reply?

To this the Muslim scholar appeared to have been taken back and was silent for a long time in deep thought with his head down. The reverend was expecting the Muslim to say that God obviously said ‘No’, because if he had accepted the Prophet (SAW)’s request, then his family would have been saved and that is obviously not what happened in Karbala.

They were martyred. And if the answer from God was no, then that would show that the Prophet (SAW) was not close and dear to Allah (SWT).

Seeing the Muslim quiet, the Reverend stamped his feet on the stage urging the Maulana to answer, ‘So what was God’s reply then?’

The Muslim finally answered, ‘When the Prophet (SAW) asked God to save his family, GOD BEGAN TO CRY.

WHAT? How ridiculous! God began to cry? What nonsense!’ exclaimed the Reverend.

The Muslim scholar then said, ‘Yes, God started to cry and said, ‘Oh Muhammad (PBUH)! I could not save my own son (on the cross), how can I save your grandson?!!!’

There was a huge applause. The debate ended right there. The Maulana had won…

Although it may have been a highly objectionable reply, who knows how many Hindus and Christians converted to Islam after this debate?


Among all the 155 tantalizing names of God in the various tongues, the one that tickles one the most is – “A-T-N-A-T-U!”

WHAT IS SO FUNNY OR SO NOVEL ABOUT ATNATU? The aborgine of South Australia calls his God “Atnatu” because some philosopher, poet or prophet had programmed him, that the Father in Heaven is absolutely free from all needs; He is independent; He needs no food nor drink.

This quality, in his primitive, un-inhibited language, he conversely named ATNATU, which literally meant “the One without an anus – the One without any flaw” – i.e. the One from Whom no impurity flows or emanates.

When we share this fact with people including Hindu, Muslim and Christian friends, without exception, their immediate reaction is one of mirth, they giggle and laugh. Most of them do not realize that the joke is on them. The boot is on the other foot.

Is Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) ATNATU?

The answer will of course be, “No!; from Muslims all around the world.

Is Jesus (AS) ATNATU? Nope says the Holy Bible:

“And they gave him (Jesus) a piece of broiled fish, and of an honeycomb. And he (Jesus) took it, and did eat before them.” – (Luke 24:42-43)

Further, the mother of Jesus AS, Mary (Maryam AS) was a woman of truth, a pious and saintly woman – BUT DID SHE NOT EAT FOOD? Can’t you see the implications? Do we need an Australian villager to wake us? Indeed, we do!

In this battle for the hearts and minds of people, we need his “Atnatu.” In his simple rustic language, in his childish puerile way, he is telling the world that his God eats not. That the one who eats can never be his God, because he would not be ATNATU. Our primitive brother had no inhibitions. He called a spade a spade.

Present your candidates one by one to the native – Why don’t you try with your real or imagined “man-gods” or “goddesses” – and he will hit you for a “sixer” (over the boundary, as in cricket) every time with his “boomerang,” with his “ATNATU!” Is he not higher in his concept of God than the millions in Europe and America, and in Asia and Africa?

(From Late Islamic Scholar, Mr. Ahmed Deedat’s book ‘What is His Name?’)


Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in the Holy Bible

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