9/11 from a Preventive/Community Medicine Prospective

(Printed in Daily Patriot, Islamabad Newspaper in 2013)


These days everyone is rightly concerned about the dengue fever and public & health administration is spreading awareness about the disease and measures to be taken for the prevention of this deadly disease. Such public awareness about all preventive diseases like TB, Hepatitis, Malaria, AIDS & other Sexually transmitted diseases. Crimes including child abuse and other social crimes can also be prevented. Similarly I believe that crimes on a bigger scale including wars and war crimes can also be prevented.

The reason I repeatedly stress on 9/11 is because it has lead to a terrible preventive disease-“War on Terror”. Since its inception this disease is fastly spreading and may ultimately lead to a pandemic. A pandemic is an epidemic disease that has spread through human populations across a large region, for instance multiple continents, or even worldwide (and thus World War 3 Malhama is looming ahead).

Need for Preventive Medicine

And we all know that prevention is better than cure. The primary aims of preventive medicine are to decrease the incidence and prevalence of a disease (avoid occurrence of a disease) and to prevent its complications.

The rationale for preventive medicine is to identify risk factors in each individual and reduce or eliminate those risks in an attempt to prevent disease. War on terror could have been prevented and can be prevented from further spreading if the major risk factor can be identified. For this the truth about 9/11 must be told and the actual perpetrators of 9/11 should be brought forward.

There are three levels of prevention:

  1. Primary Prevention: We use primary prevention methods before the person gets the disease. Primary prevention aims to prevent the disease from occurring. So primary prevention reduces both the incidence and prevalence of a disease. Public awareness and education is the first step in primary prevention. Most of the communicable diseases are due to lack of education and most of the social crimes are due lack of public awareness among the victims (e.g. child abuse).

This is why I stress the need for widespread public awareness to prevent this terrible disease of “war on terror”. People should be told the basis of this terrible disease, which is killing millions around the world and injuring as many more people.

The basis of the war on terror is the 9/11 attacks. Thus it is very important to tell the people the truth about 9/11, that it was caused by Al-CIA-DA and not Al-Qaida. This is because as all doctors know, a wrong diagnosis always leads to wrong treatment. This should be the duty of every human being. This is why people from all walks of life have joined the 9/11 truth movement.

We should be able to prevent such false flag attacks.

False Flag Operations-2 (Revised)

  1. Secondary Prevention

Secondary prevention is used after the disease has occurred, but before the person notices that anything is wrong. The goal of secondary prevention is to find and treat disease early. In many cases, the disease can be cured.

The war on terror is still going on in many countries including Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan on the basis of the false account of 9/11. The war on terror has started in Pakistan but people of Pakistan are unaware of it; they don’t realize that Pakistan is in a state of war. Unwillingly we have become a part of this terrible disease. Thus there is need of secondary prevention to prevent its spread.

We should be able to recognize such false flag events once they occur

  1. Tertiary Prevention

Tertiary prevention targets the person who already has symptoms of the disease. The goals of tertiary prevention are to prevent damage and pain from the disease, slow down the disease, prevent the disease from causing other problems (These are called “complications”), give better care to people with the disease and make people with the disease healthy again and able to do what they used to do.

This war on terror has to be stopped immediately and care has to be taken of the injured and the affectees of this terrible war. People of Iraq and Afghanistan should be given right of freedom; right to live happy and healthy lives once more. After this terrible disease started (war), their lives instead of getting better have turned into a living hell.

Strategies for Disease Prevention

The United Nations and countries themselves have evolved strategies for the prevention of communicable and other non-communicable diseases. It is the responsibility of the government to do this job. The government needs the help of health care providers including medical professionals, media personnel including electronic, print media and social media, politicians, civil societies, NGOs, religious institutions, teachers, and other voluntary associations.

Therefore for the prevention of this horrible war on terror, a mass awareness campaign is required with the help of all these organizations and personnel. Unfortunately UN and OIC have done nothing to help in this regard and they are in fact promoting this war on terror. Individual countries and governments have done nothing much either. The mainstream media is also silent.

Politicians including Imran Khan are also quiet in this regard. In USA, organizations like architects and engineers, medical professionals, lawyers, actors, firefighters, pilots etc have become organized against this war on terror and they have all signed a petition for the 9/11 truth movement.

This 9/11 truth movement has now spread worldwide with its branches now in many countries worldwide. They are all demanding that a new investigation on 9/11 be carried out to diagnose the actual cause of this disease. There is need of such a movement in countries that have been directly affected including Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.



So, readers please speak up and don’t remain silent spectators before the disease catches you, before the disease becomes a world wide pandemic and gobbles up everyone on the planet. False flags like 9/11 will continue to occur and we will not be able to recognize them. Only then can we win the battle against this deadly disease of the “War on Terror”, which is spreading through such false flag attacks.

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