In Defense of Mr. Junaid Jamshed

“And I do not acquit myself. Indeed, the soul is a persistent enjoiner of evil, except those upon which my Lord has mercy. Indeed, my Lord is Forgiving and Merciful.”

(Holy Quran 12: 53)

Mr. Junaid Jamshed is a famous Pakistani Musician-come Muslim evangelist. Before he changed and became a ‘born-again’ Muslim, he probably was doing 95 % ‘wrong’ and 5 % ‘right’ and now after he has changed he is probably doing 95 % right and 5 % ‘wrong’.

Unfortunately it is the 5 % ‘wrong’ that he does these days that gets him into ‘trouble’. No one appreciates his 95% now while before he changed he was getting praised for the 95% wrong he was doing.

And ironically it is the secular liberals, many who hardly pray Friday prayers every week, and those who love to spread sectarianism, who start bashing him every time he commits a mistake!

You expect him to become an angel overnight? It will take a long time for him to achieve Nafs ul Mutmainnah; right now he has Nafs ul Ammara-a soul prone to evil, a soul committed to make mistakes (quoted in todays Quranic verse). He will hopefully improve as time goes on.

Nowhere is it ABSOLUTELY forbidden in Islam to be perfect oneself before giving Dawah, (although it is better not to say what one does not do). Verily the main obstacle in performing Dawah is:

My own deeds are not too good, how can I do Dawah with others?

These stupid fools are sowing seeds of disunity: Mullahs rush to call others Kafir & liberals and sectarianists rush to call others hypocrites
First we should judge ourselves before judging others. Not doing so is hypocrisy in itself.

Besides the best way to address a mistake of a person is to point it out to him personally instead of humiliating him publicly. Just because his mistakes become highlighted due to his celebrity status and our mistakes are not, does NOT make us better than him and does NOT allow us to bash him publicly for his mistakes.Sadly these people will not be satisfied or will not leave him alone till he reverts back to his ‘wrong ways’.

I am not defending Tableeghi Jamaat or the wrong actions of Mr Junaid Jamshed. I am just stating some basic principles and defending the good that they do. Same is done to other religious personalities when they commit a mistake. People expect them to be angels while they themselves be as devilish as they wish.

All forces/parties that are enjoining good and forbidding evil are the forces of Good. They should be supportive of each other. They do belong to the forces of Good and are least much much better than the forces of evil.

“We often deceive ourselves into thinking we are greater than others and our acts of worship hold more weight. ” (Mufti Ismail Mink)

Wa ma alaina illal balaag ul mubeen


Mr. Junaid Jamshed died in a plane crash (PIA Flight 661) on December 7, 2016, that killed all 47 on board

May Allah Almighty forgive him and grant him Jannah tul Firdaus


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