Rebuttal to Official PTI Clarification & other comments over Ms. Fauzia Kasuri Saga

Before making judgment on any person or passing remarks about any person, one has to understand human psychology. One aspect of this is to step in their shoes. How would one feel and how would one react if the same had happened with YOU. Different people react differently and angels are rarely found these days.

But one thing is certain: every human wants justice to be done to him/her AS WELL AS JUSTICE TO BE EXPLAINED TO HIM/HER. Why and how they are being treated the way they are, this explanation is mandatory and for that an unbiased clarification is sought. We know women are psychologically more likely to shed real tears when they are hurt even for minor reasons.

It may not be a matter of one seat, nor recognition or fame etc. It’s a matter of giving justice to a person who feels injustice has been done to her by a party founded in the name of justice. Not only Fauzia Kasuri but all other party members got name and recognition due to PTI including Imran Khan

These tweets and Retweets of hers show how she is/was feeling:

“How well a mother and woman who struggled for INSAF for yrs, is treated. No place in Pak’s politics for honest women.”

“No fight with anyone, Just demand justice for all deserving women in PTI who’ve worked for yrs.”

“It’s not abt a MNA seat..its abt your party honoring you, recognizing you..besides, we have a right to know the criteria..”

“PTI ka nazariya INSAF aur TRUTH hai..ldrship pay laazim hai kay HAQ kee baat aur workers ka Jawab dehn..khamoshi kyun?”

“I request everyone to put an end to this NA seat business. I dont want any seat, but will always raise my voice for justice and merit.”

“Saloni Bokhari, Pres WW Punj, not on res seats? Not given party ticket either, after 17 years of service…not right. Explanation required.”

“Asad Umar wrong to say that Nafeesa Khattak in party for 16 yrs. I brought her in PTI few yrs ago. She is deserving, but not the other women.”

“Khattak and his 3 relatives in KPK? Criteria? Then have a deep check on Tax Evader CM Khattak who changed 6 parties”

“Do u remember the feeling u had when elections were stolen on some seats? that is exactly how @FauziaKasuri feels, support her!”

“humans with feelings not required in politics”

“IK’s loyal supporters are kept far away from much has changed”

“pls dont let PTI be a mafia that chokes voices of concern/questions.. All are accountable and must answer. We are good, if honest.”

“INSAF is explanation, merit, criteria of selection, and sharing of such info. Its not just about me.. many deserving left out.”

“One left PTI insulting IK in the media..then rejoined. Other was in Canada for 10 yrs? INSAF??”

“Stood by @ImranKhanPTI when none else did, when most of You were not even born, time for justice”

Reply to Official PTI Clarification
1. One reason why Ms. Fauzia Kasuri didn’t protest before when she was listed No.4 on the reserved women seats is most likely because she believed like many that PTI would ‘sweep’ the elections. She reluctantly accepted the injustice at the time

2. She is among top 10 founders of #PTI who is still in Pakistan & is NOT a dual national like many other founder members mentioned in the clarification who are residing abroad
She is mentioned as ‘Founding Member of PTI’ on the same website as the official clarification.
Her tweets:
“Have served PTI with honesty and devotion for 17 yrs My future is not in the hands of individuals, but in hands of Allah who will do INSAF.”
“Giving up dual citizenship small price for my belief in IK and my country..pray that I can work, along with my leader, for a Naya Pakistan.”

3. She is a much senior member than No.1-3 on the women’s seat list. She is Women’s wing president of PTI.
In 1996 when Fauzia Kasiri joined PTI the likes of Shafqat Mehmood & many others were in power as members of PPP
In 1998 when Fauzia Kasuri was in PTI the likes of Shafqat Mehmood & many others where in power as members of PMl(N)
In 2002 when Fauzia Kasuri was in PTI the likes of Shaqat Mehmood & many others were in power as General Musharaf’s supporters.

4. Tweet: “Asad Umar explains how IK planned to have Fauzia Kasuri in Parliament, yet how unforeseen events took over.” What does he mean by unforeseen events?

5. She was and is still called ‘Mother’ of PTI. How can a mother be No.4? How can one treat a mother like that
Her tweet:
“I love all our ISF kids and am honored that you consider me a mother”

6. Ms Shireen Mazari left PTI and only rejoined a few weeks before elections and placed number 1. What was the criteria for this strange ranking? What if Ms. Mazari had been at No.4 , she would have done the same! Maybe she rejoined only on this condition that she be placed no.1? Just saying….

7. Neutral Investigation is now needed to find out differences of killed PTI leader Ms. Zahra with PTI members as alleged by Ms. Fauzia Kasuri and new criminal investigation is now necessary. Remember no FIR was registered in the case.
“Former Sindh PTI president NaeemulHaq had severe differences with diehard worker and Sindh PTI vice president Ms Zahra Shahid Hussain and he wanted to remove her from the post” –Ms. Fauzia Kasuri

8. Neutral investigation required to find out if dual nationality citizens were allowed to contest intra-party elections as alleged by Ms. Fauzia and she was not allowed.
The dual nationality issue in Kasuri’s opinion was dealt with bias and she accuses PTI’s Hamid Khan, former Supreme Court Bar Association president, of it. She said after consulting Hamid Khan, who was heading the party’s election commission, she filed her nomination papers and submitted an affidavit on a stamp paper. She was disqualified, while several other dual nationals were allowed to run the elections.
“On March 21, I filed a review petition against my disqualification from contesting intra-party elections. To date, Hamid Khan has not replied.”

Her tweet:
“5 other dual nationals were allowed. Hamid Khan was told.Not fair. Yet, I kept quiet.”
Her retweet:
“No pti official has explained that y she (Ms Fauzia) was not allowed n those who holding Canadian residency visa were allowed to contest”

9. Neutral investigation required to see whether there are financial irregularities in PTI funds as alleged by Ms Fauzia

10. Why she crossed the red-line of making the issue public:
She clearly alleges on twitter that the PTI leadership including Imran Khan failed to answer her calls, emails, twitter messages etc. They only responded when they heard she may be joining PML N.
Her tweet
“Pls share the reasons with one from PTI is responding to any mails. I have a right to know..Insafians must know the MERIT”

11. Ticket for NA-48 or any other vacated NA seat could have been given to Ms Fauzia. In fact Ms Shireen Mizari should have been given seat in senate or then senate seat could have been offered to Ms Fauzia

All these queries have to be explained satisfactorily to Ms. Fauzia Kasuri for justice. I feel she has been side-lined because she was the only die-hard PTI leader (beside late Ms Zahra Shahid!) who had the guts to criticize party policies, point out mistakes/faults, make party accountable for funds/accounts and give better alternative suggestions to the party.
Ms Fauzia seems a person with principles and she will only return on her own terms and conditions

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