“And they devise plans and Allah too plans; and Allah is the best of planners.” Holy Quran (8: 30)

The recent protests by PTI and other parties are very good in the sense that a complaint has been registered concerning rigging in the elections but it should not turn into civil disobedience. This is what enemies of Pakistan are wanting. Complaints should be handled in a legal way and taken to courts as I mentioned in my last blog, especially if one wants to continue democracy in Pakistan.

If people want a revolution then it should be planned and all parties/all the nation including PML N should be part of that revolution, not only a few parties, otherwise there will be a civil war. Enemies wants to create another Tahrir square-like situation and create chaos leading to civil war in Pakistan. And thus the CIA plan to divide Pakistan by 2015 will be complete.

If you insist on a revolution for ur rights, then rest assure, it will be a bloody one, feuled by the enemies of Islam and it may not end until Pakistan is divided. We have already heard Altaf Hussain’s anti-Pakistan remarks yesterday feuled by the protests, plus protests amid unrest in Lahore and other cities, giving an indication that perhaps the message of Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri was right.

Islamic ruling on Forceful Removal of a Ruler/Khalifah

Scholars differ on what to do when a ruler/Khalifah deviates from teachings of Islam personally and/or in implementation of Islamic laws including justice. Views include:
a) Fight him according to some scholars if there is high likelihood of success and minimum bloodshed expected.
b) Be patient, and let him lead, to avoid Muslim bloodshed. This is the strongest opinion: the majority of the ahl-ul-hadith and scholars of the Sunnah advocate this view including Malik, Ash-Shafi’i, and Ahmad.

“Fitnah is worse than killing” (Holy Quran 2: 191).

This means that mischief in the land (like civil disobedience) is worse than killing

Revolution in Islamic sense should only be for the creation of an Islamic state or Khilafat, which is okay if there is high likelihood of success with minimum bloodshed as advised above by scholars, but we shud ALL be united in that we are striving for an Islamic state, and in only that case will God’s help be with us and we may have Martyrs and Victors, otherwise the revolution will be useless, and without God’s help even if it succeeds (less likely), with no martyrs and no Ghazis and much bloodshed.

So one has to carefully make the best choices (without emotions) for a better Pakistan. This may be a critical moment in the history of our beloved country. Beware of the plans of the enemy. Do u want ur Naya Pakistan to be ‘a divided Pakistan’? (CIA-induced Pakistan Spring?)Think over this without any party basis. Thank You

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