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  1. Objectives of Covid – 19 Plandemic being fulfilled
  2. PCR Test Manipulation in Favor of Vaccines
  3. The Psyop of Fear
  4. Vaccine Related Deaths and Covid – 19 Cases
  5. Vaccine Booster Doses
  6. Natural Immunity, Herd Immunity being ignored
  7. Ivermectin Still being widely ignored
  8. Medical Fascism
  9. Censoring of Covid 19 Truth Continues

Please kindly read following blog for primary truths about Covid – 19:

Obectives of Covid – 19 Plandemic

Many of the objectives of the Covid 19 Plandemic have been or are in the process of being fulfilled:

The Psyop of Fear

Psychological operations (PSYOP) are operations to convey selected information and indicators to audiences to influence their emotions, motives and objective reasoning, and ultimately the behavior of governments, organizations, groups, and individuals.

PCR Test Manipulation in Favor of Covid Vaccines

They continue to manipulate PCR tests in favor of advancing their objectives; in favor of Covid – 19 vaccines

This is how China quickly got rid of the Covid!

Why Should I be Vaccinated?

Can you help solve a mystery?

The mystery : Over a hundred covid cases break out on a military ship, all personnel on board has been double jabbed.

What caused the outbreak?:

Injuries to Health Due to Covid – 19 Vaccines

What about those who cannot be vaccinated due to a valid doctor – certified disease / condition? :-

Long Term (3-5 or more years) Harms of the Vaccines May Be More Severe & More Common But may not be correlatable

Vaccinated Creating and Spreading the Variants and Disease

Also mentioned in a previous blog by the Noble Prize Winner Luc Montagnier

Vaccine Related Deaths





European Union


Thus the number or ratio of deaths or injuries due to the Covid – 19 vaccines Vs the unvaccinated may be much higher due to the false positive rates of Covid – 19 as explained above

More reports of vaccine injuries and deaths coming in daily!

Vaccine Booster Doses

3rd Booster Dose

Now they are talking of a necessary 3rd dose of Pzifer for another scariant.

And then they will talk of yearly booster doses.

The Chinese vaccines have already proven to be even less effective from recent research studies

But people will keep on vaccinating themselves with these vaccines and committing medical harakiri

When Ivermectin has proved effective as a prophylactic option even against the so called delta variant in India,

Why is our media and medical community in Pakistan and other Muslim countries quiet about this option?

Whither Natural OR Herd Immunity?

Ivermectin Still Being Ignored

Medical Fascism

Censoring of Truth Continues

The 2.5 minute video clip that permanently suspended my channel:

Conflicting Science

Where Are Our Intelligence Agencies?

Yes, people are correctly asking. Where are the intellegence agencies?

Where is CIA?

Where is ISI? Which is supposedly said to be the best spy agency in the world

If a small agency like Brass Tacks and other independent doctors societies are able to pick up the Covid-19 hype,

Why can’t the ISI?

Or is the ISI working for the same people who many, already thought they are working with since many many years?

Miscellaneous Comments

For those still unwilling or unable to comprehend & want to deny no matter what:

And Allah Almighty Knows Best!

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