Indeed, those who love to see indecency spread among the believers will suffer a painful punishment in this life and the Hereafter. Allah knows and you do not know

(Holy Quran 24 : 19)


Imran Khan’s Statement

Secular Liberals’ Wrong Stance

Causes of Rape / The Making of a Rapist

Role of Media

Deterrents and Solutions

Punishment of Rape in Islam

Dr. Zakir Naik’s Full Analysis on the Issue

Imran Khan’s Statement

It was a correct statement as mentioned here by

Mr. Raja Zia ul Haq, President Youth Club, Islamabad

He repeated the same statement in an interview to foreign agency recently

Importance of Hijab or Niqab also highlighted here:

(Sahih Bukhari)

Secular Liberals Wrong Stance

Secular Liberals are wrong to criticize him on this statement which although half – true is correct as explained by Raja Zia ul Haq

But the statement itself is coming from a leader of a secular party with many secular liberal minded ministers

And many secular liberal followers as we saw in the days of the dharna,  many in the feminist movements, عورت مارچ and other instances…

Why IK’s Statement Was Incomplete?

There are other causes of rape besides women’s clothing as explained ahead

This is not the first time he has done this.

He should leave these matters to the Islamic scholars or Ulema Kiraam

He gives these controversial statements frequently so that the public argue over one another with many supporting him and many opposing his views. Extremely clever!

To only blame the victim was wrong. What about the victims who are fully or decently dressed and get raped?

What about the boys who get regularly molested as recent as in the case of a Mufti recently?

Causes of Rape / Making of a Rapist

Most (90 %) of the Time women’s clothing is NOT responsible for rape

(Sahih Bukhari)

Role of Media in Promoting Rape

What about the daily vulgar programs on national and cable television?

What about the vulgarity on social media, Twitter, FB, instagram, tiktok etc

What about the pornography on the internet?

And the feminist movements, عورت مارچ etc?

Why can’t all these be blocked by the government?


Islamic Punishment for Rapists

The punishment for rapists in Islam Number 1:

The Punishment of Rapists in Islam Number 2:

If the Islamic punishment for rape mentioned in the Holy Quran and Ahadith is carried out in public and shown on national TV, then the crime would be very much minimised

Has any proven criminal been handed out such a punishment during this tenure in this manner?

DNA evidence may also be accepted in rape cases:

Dr. Zakir Naik’s Full Analysis on the Issue

Much of this has been mentioned in detail by Dr. Zakir Naik here:

Youth Club’s Full 1.5 Hour Video here :

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