Say: “Nothing befalls us except that which Allah has written for us. He is our Protector”. And in Him let the believers put their trust.”

(Holy Quran 9 : 51)


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Medical Negligence of Gigantic Proportions

The Overwhelming Evidence

The Flaws in Public Health Organizations

Medical Fascism

The Covid – 19 Vaccine Fraud : Medical Genocide

Covid 19 Vaccine Alarming Death Rate

The Continued Censorship

The Decree by Muslim & Non – Muslim Scholars

Psychological 5th Generation Warfare

This was all planned many years ago

Summary in Urdu

Unbelievable Denial!

Medical Negligence of Gigantic Proportions

Why the Medical Negligence?

It is NOT simply a matter of a plea or promotion of Ivermectin

It is an inquiry as to why information about this drug and much other vital information about Covid-19 was suppressed VERY EARLY ON IN THE PANDEMIC (As early as March / April 2020)

Hundreds and thousands of lives could have been saved

Who are the culprits?

The media OR

Medical doctors OR

Virologists OR

The epidemiologists OR

The politicians OR

All are responsible to some extent?

“All the medical professionals are guilty of the grossest form of medical negligence. There is NO emergency here & there is NO need of emergency vaccination. “

(Dr.Roger Hodkinson, an eminent clinical pathologist.

Who knows Big Pharma better than Pharmacologists!

The Overwhelming Evidence for Ivermectin

At the end even they have invented a sister drug of Ivermectin:

The Flaws in Public Health Organizations

Is The WHO (World Health Organization) Really Safe?

Scientific Disinformation?

The WHO is Misguiding People?

The WHO Disinformation Campaign

The WHO is fooling the people?

Independent WHO Needed?

Medical Fascism

Informed Consent is Necessary

Vaccines Cannot be Enforced: Nuremberg Code

Listen to the last 20 seconds:

Forced Vaccinations

Vaccine Passports

People With Opposing Views are Mocked, Harrassed, Ridiculed, Bullied etc

The Covid – 19 Vaccine Fraud : Medical Genocide

Vaccines Still Undergoing Phase 3 Clinical Trials

What Was the Rush For?

Dangers of Spike Proteins

Interview with mRNA vaccine inventor Dr. Robert Malone and popular serial entrepreneur Steve Kirsch:

Info about toxic Spike proteins : Wrongly fact – checked by Facebook, Google etc

Spike Proteins May Cause Infertility

Spike Proteins May Cause Leukemias, Lymphomas etc

Other Unbelievable Vaccine Adverse Effects:

”The Coming Vaccine Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR) Pandemic “

Vaccines Don’t Work

Now You Can’t Fly on an Airplane

The Variant (Scariant) Fraud

Now They Are Treating VAERS caused by the Vaccines!

Covid 19 Vaccine Alarming Death Rate

Compilation Video Clip of Moms Dying due to Covid – 19 Vaccines

The Continuous Censorship

What in the world is going on?

Censoring good information about a useful drug (Ivermectin) and

Also censoring bad information about  dangerous drugs (Covid-19 vaccines)

100% NOT ON BBC NEWS : mRNA inventor alerted the FDA about the spike protein dangers.

Is this not enough to open one’s eyes?

With so many ADRs not getting reported to VAERS

Many are now concerned about the intermediate and long term effects of these vaccines

And also other co-factors like strenuous exercise, people with co-morbidities, allergies etc

*Much may be exposed by the end of this year or later but by then they will have their next pandemic ready as mentioned in ‘operation lockstep’ over 10 years ago and by Bill Gates himself*

The longer 3 hour YouTube video also got removed:

Even I got warned by FB and YouTube Removed my Videos

Fatwa of Ulema and Scholars Well Versed in Medicine on Covid-19 Vaccines

They have clearly mentioned that Covid-19 vaccines are haram/not permissible

Principles on Which the Fatwa is Based:

These are agreed by all.

1. Treatment is necessary to save life

2. But the treatment should not be more harmful than the disease itself

3. And there is no alternative available

4. One should avoid the doubtful

If the treatment is harmful and especially if:

There is an alternative available

And there is enough doubt about their safety,

Then it (vaccines) would not be permissible

And the Aalim here clearly states that Ivermectin is a clear alternative to vaccines

And much evidence has been given by doctors, (including in Pakistan from people who I know) around the world in favour of Ivermectin:

Plus the chances of dying from Covid-19 vaccines are much more than dying from Covid-19

Plus no long term studies have been done on any vaccines

Plus the continuous daily reports of morbidity and mortality due to the Vaccines

Plus the real agenda of the Covid-19 pandemic

So many other reasons mentioned by the Aalim in this detailed 22 minute YouTube clip

And by other intellectuals.

Hence he has given his fatwa

Similar fatwa by other scholars well versed in medicine and who know about Ivermectin and vaccines

If more Ulema Kiraam are told about this miracle drug, and about the numerous harms of vaccines, they will most likely give the same fatwa.

‘Fatwas’ By Non – Muslim Scholars

Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA)

Notices To European Parliamentarians

Fatwa’ by mRNA Vaccine Inventor:

Psychological 5th Generation Warfare

“This is the fine art of deep subversion that the Pakistani state and people around the world do not understand…

The entire Covid disinformation is a global psychological operation…

5th GenWars are built upon disinformation and psychological warfare..

Subversive agents are media & journalists…”

This Was all Planned Many Years Ago

George Bush, 2005:

The Currency Reset and Covid-19

Most of the objectives of the Covid-19 pandemics which we mentioned very early last year are now being described by many people

One of them is the currency reset

There is much much more to this, as those who have been following alternative media may be knowing:

Operation Lockstep:

Even Fox News Admits Operation Lockstep by the Rockefeller Foundation:


The Preparation for Armageddon and Greater Israel

We Are Reaching the Climax

Sorry for the expletives in the video

Slowly but surely we are reaching the climax, the pivot

From political, health and economic point of view

We have to look at them together, not separate or isolated events

The political crisis in the Middle East is about to unfold and take a dramatic turn

The Covid-19 pandemic has tamed but expect an even greater one coming as planned under operation lockstep 10 years ago

Hajj has again been limited this year but will be abondoned with the next pandemic

Economies around the world are collapsing (great depression) due to the pandemic and an economic reset is also expected

There are also political crises nationally in many countries with inflation, joblessness, poverty etc

All for the creation of greater Israel, the penultimate stage of Dajjal

New World Order, the great reset is the aim to achieve this goal

But countries like Russia and maybe China will resist this new world order

And finally the climax or pivot will be the Big War or Armageddon:

Also followed or preceded by Imam Mahdi AS:

Round about the sequence of events we expect

Summary in Urdu

And Allah Almighty Knows best

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