Obsequious Sycophants : Introduction

Obsequious people are usually not being genuine; they resort to flattery and other fawning ways to stay in the good graces of authority figures. An obsequious person can be called a bootlicker, a brownnoser or a toady.

Obsequious : characterized by or showing servile obedience and excessive eagerness to please

Obsequious people are usually not being genuine; they resort to flattery and other fawning ways to stay in the good graces of authority figures

Sycophant: a person who acts obsequiously towards someone important in order to gain advantage.

Sycophant: someone who praises powerful or rich people in a way that is not sincere, usually in order to get some advantage from them: Example : The prime minister is surrounded by sycophants.

Sycophant : A person who tries to win favor from wealthy or influential people by flattering them; Insincere flatterer

Recognition of Obsequious Sycophants

People who are pure obsequious sycophants of the establishment, government or party can be easily recognised as they give themselves away from their posts!

Examples of sycophancy will be given ahead

The Politicians

Most of the politicians except Ma sha Allah are direct or indirect obsequious sycophants of the global elite

Details here :


Hence one should remain neutral and not support anyone, especially wholly.

For politics is the great divide:


Alhamdulillah I have never voted in my life knowing that THEY will always win :


Complete Obediency to the IMF & World Bank

Every intellectual knows that the present government is walking with extreme difficulty on four economic crutches :

1. IMF

2. World Bank

3. Asian Development Bank

4. China

Hence we are forced into complete sycophancy, whether we like it or not.

And it is NOT wholly due to previous governments. It is now mainly due to the disastrous economic policies of the present government

Including the huge amount of loans taken by the government, much more than the combined loans of the previous governments.

And this government is even trying to get the IMF economic hitman Hafeez Sheikh inducted in the senate

IMF is the ICU of economies

Why is the PM lying all the time about the economy?

Who are they trying to fool? :-

Obviously the dangerous yes – men of the society.

Widely read :


IMF Yes-Man Lost the Islamabad Senate Seat : Orya Maqbool Jan et. al

The IMF – man Hits Back!

‘SBP to be made autonomous in line with IMF terms’

140 billion in new taxes to be levied on the public from July

‘Electricity prices raised once again’

And similar stories in the last few days

Continuing the total sycophancy to the IMF

IMF hits back at the public

It’s amazing to read to what depths supporters have to lie to defend their party

It was the IMF-man that had lost the Islamabad senate seat : Mr. Orya Maqbool Jan et al.

It’s far better to stay neutral in the present situation and era

Oh yes. I forgot.

آپ نے گھبرانا نہیں

If we fail to run the economy the way Allah Almighty has commanded us, we and our economy shall remain doomed.

No matter who the government is, no matter who the PM or finance minister is, etc.

We fail to correlate Islam with politics, for Allah Almighty says in several places in the Holy Quran that:

Those who will NOT judge/rule according to what Allah has revealed, then they are the disbelievers / the transgressors/the disobedient

الحق من الربک فلا تکن من الممترین

“The Truth is from your Lord, so be not among the doubtful” (Holy Quran)

Blind Belief in Science

Another example of sycophancy is the infallible blind belief in science,

Or some of the science being presented to us now a days,

Forgetting that in this era of fake news & falsehood spread by dajjal and his allies,

And that science is NOT the book of God Almighty or hadith,

although the Holy Quran has proved long ago many things science has proved today,

It is now becoming more and more difficult to discern even between true scientific information and false scientific information

And thus difficult to ascertain as to who are the real conspiracy theorists and who are the real fact checkers for every case, without the required extensive research,

(Remember divide and conquer policy of the elite, let them keep on fighting amongst themselves; thus the name – calling : fact checkers vs conspiracy theorists)

And a stage has come where every ‘scientific information’ cannot be relied on; does not have a 100 % scientific basis,

And things like faulty PCR testing, difference between analytical specificity and diagnostic specificity,

The ever-increasing role of pharmaceutical industry, evil scientists, politicians and the global elite cannot be ignored etc etc.


Hence as a scientist, one should question and investigate and study most information presented

And according to the lesson of Hazrat Khizr AS, that often what one sees is very different from the reality and when one believes one knows much but actually knows very little:


And hence always best to humbly say,

And Allah Almighty Knows best!

The Lockdowns

Complete Country – Wide Lockdown

Smart lockdown

Partial lockdown

Lockdown due to political purposes/political gains..

When will this drama created by the global elite end?

The whole world is asking this question

Answer : Probably Never. Not in the Near Future.

And it seems most of the people, especially running the government, have gone completely blind and/or have become total obsequious sycophants!

By dajjal and his allies

No wonder Allama Iqbal RA and Dr Israr Ahmed RA told and warned us of their mischief


Do we LOCKDOWN road or railway traffic for months or even weeks due to the large numbers of accidents’ injuries and mortalities?

Then why all this hype, over only Covid-19 deaths (extremely sorry for the loss), which in reality are less than 0.1 % of the total deaths.

Statistics have repeatedly proved that lockdowns have proven more harmful and lethal than Covid-19 itself

This was NOT what our Holy Prophet PBUH advised during a Pandemic and statistics have proven our Holy Prophet PBUH correct!

The Judicial System

We all know how free our judiciary is!

A Lone Voice Among the Judges

There is always a lone voice in every field fighting for the truth, for right and for justice.

Justice Qazi Faiz Isa, a symbol of bravery & hope, is one of them. He is giving his best efforts for the truth, personally putting everything at stake for justice.

We have seen very few / very rare politicians, judges, media personnel etc who refuse to bow down, who refuse to be bought and who refuse to be arm – twisted.

Who fear Allah Almighty alone and no one else.

For if all the SC judges were truthful like him, there would be no one left to hear cases against the PM and his government

This is opposed to other Mercedes loving sycophant judges :

BUT the high – ups detests such people who are NOT obsequious sycophants.

No wonder our politics, economy and judiciary are in the doldrums because most of the politicians and judges are obedient ‘yes – men’ of the state elite.

And the decline will continue as long as we keep on silencing the true patriots and supporting the traitors who are on sale all the time as well as those who keep on buying them.

We don’t need USA, Israel or India to destroy us; we have done that job ourselves….

The Media

Not much to write here. There are very few totally independent media personnel.

Most of the media personnel are obedient to the whims of their masters who are in turn working directly or indirectly for the global elite

And those that are sometimes innocent are wrongly labeled

Ultimate Sycophancy

This is being done by the world leaders: most of the presidents, prime ministers, kings of the world except Ma sha Allah.

Who are in almost complete obediency to the global elite, the Gog and Magog, the illuminati, the 1 % or whatever one wishes to call them

The FATF Example :

Pakistan has been trying for almost 3 years now to get out of a self-concocted grey list of the global elite and despite doing everything, it has failed. Sometimes new conditions are added and sometimes ALL the conditions are not fulfilled.

Pakistan even had to sacrifice its long – lasting friend Hafiz Saeed and his party just to please the FATF

Not knowing that Allah Almighty says in the Holy Quran (2 : 120)

“”And never will the Jews or the Christians approve of you until you follow their religion. Say, “Indeed, the guidance of Allah is the [only] guidance.” If you were to follow their desires after what has come to you of knowledge, you would have against Allah no protector or helper”

A tribute to one who defied the global elite and was NOT an obsequious sycophant :

Sycophancy : Bordering on Shirk

Complete Obsequious Sycophancy : A type of shirk

Due to the obediency اطاعت almost in toto to any institution, government, party or a person,

For then, one maybe pleasing the created while displeasing the creator in many instances,

And the basic principle is as mentioned :

لا طاعة لمخلوق فی معصیہ الخالق

“Shirk is more hidden in the Muslim nation than a black ant crawling on a black stone in the middle of a moonless night”

(Hazrat Abdullah Ibn Abbas RA)

And as mentioned at the beginning of this blog, in the verse of the Holy Quran, Allah Almighty may forgive whom ever He pleases EXCEPT the sin of shirk

Recognise the Shirk of this Era

And Allah Almighty knows best ……

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