Indeed, Allah does not forgive associating others with Him ˹in worship˺, but forgives anything else of whoever He wills. And whoever associates others with Allah has indeed committed a grave sin

(Holy Quran 4 : 48)

Height of Hero-worship

It is absolutely amazing to see what lengths idol worshippers will go to defend their heroes.

About IK, they claim:

All journalists, reporters, analysts are wrong

All economists are wrong

All opposition members are wrong every time including those from JI.

Ms Sita White was wrong about her accusation

All doctors are wrong including those supporting PMDC and opposing NLE, MTI etc.

All mafias are wrong including those in his cabinet but IK is still right

All lawyers and judges passing judgments/remarks against him or his party are wrong

Generals are wrong and statements made by IK against them in the past are right

All the public including most of his voters speaking against him now are wrong.

All policemen are wrong.

All reports about foreign funding case, BRT, other corruption cases etc are wrong but IK is right

All intellectuals, scholars, Ulema Kiraam are wrong.

The author of the book ‘confessions of an economic hitman’ is now wrong and IK is right in continuing to negotiate with IMF

Or in other words, to summarise, the whole world maybe wrong but our hero is right.

All of these people are wrong and telling lies and only IK is right and truthful? That he cannot and never has done any wrong. Is this not hero-worship?

They try to defend each and every mistake / error of his pointed out to them; they directly or indirectly are trying to prove that he is

معصوم عن الخطا. استغفراللہ و نعوز با اللّٰہِ

All these and much more to prove their idol is ‘sadiq and ameen’. Astaghfirullah.

It reminds me of a famous joke about a similarly much adored former president of USA Mr. Ronald Reagan. He was so much popular and loved by his country men that it was joked that if people saw him raping a woman, they would rush to save Mr. Reagan and ask the woman angrily ‘What are you doing to our President?’

Then later in his life, Mr Reagan suffered from Alzheimer’s dementia and couldn’t even remember that he was once the president of the most powerful country in the world!

Will IK suffer a similar fate to show the people who is the ONE GOD?

Blinded by Hero-Worship

Unless one correlates politics with Islam, one will always be having a political insight of the one-eyed Dajjal.

These are not my words. These words have been very often quoted by Sheikh Imran Hussain and others with spiritual insight from the Holy Quran (being like Hazrat Khizr AS).

They become so blinded by their heroes that they fail to recognise the numerous teachings of the Holy Quran their political idols are defying

They are probably suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome:

No matter how many verses of the Holy Quran like these or Ahadith one reminds them of, they remain defiant and keep on blindly defending their gurus, even ready to wage war against Allah and His Prophet PBUH.

No matter how many lectures one gives them, they remain adamant.

صم بکم عم فہھم لا یرجعون

Stop Worshipping IK !!!

People should stop worshipping IK.

Accept his numerous mistakes.

He is NOT infallible.

Their policy is to defend every wrong or keep silent and forget it.

Mr Orya Maqbool Jaan once said in a program that if IK God-Forbid claimed prophethood one day, many of his supporters would believe him

This is the similar view of many others as well, speaking generally.

This dangerous mentality should be discouraged. Just open twitter & one will see social media at work at tax-payers expense.

Harsh but bitter realities.

That is the height of the hero-worship going on.

This is exactly how Dajjal will entice his followers.


And the Holy Prophet PBUH did say there would be many small dajjals before coming of the main one.

This is why I wrote this second article for such ‘idol’ worshippers after this first one:

After all, what will the PTI worshippers do when Imran Khan dies? Who will they worship then? …..

May Allah Almighty guide us all. Ameen.

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