The Global Elite

The World is a Stage and Its Leaders are it Puppets. True or False?

Surat No 59 : Ayat No 2 :

٭  فَاعۡتَبِرُوۡا یٰۤاُولِی الۡاَبۡصَارِ ﴿۲﴾

“So take warning, O people of vision.” (Holy Quran 59 : 2)

The following are a series of images, each sending a strong message, for the people of vision.

About the global elite, Gog and Magog (Yajuj and Majuj) of the modern era or whatever one wishes to call them.

The Mafia

Who are the Mafia?

He is a member of the global elite. This statement was given by many of our favourite Marhoom Aalim Dr Israr Ahmad. Is it correct?

Are not people in his own party part of the mafia? You know, I know and whole Pakistan knows and he doesn’t? The sugar mafia saga:

Doesn’t he know that foreign elelments in his party are among the mafia; we all know and he doesn’t?

We all know of the corruption of many people in PTI and he doesn’t?

We all know of corrupt people including ministers in his government from other parties.

Aren’t the same or similar components of the ‘mafia’ present in every government, thus maintaining the status quo?

Are some politicians from many parties members of the global elite?

And then hiring IMF’s men as finance minister and governor state bank?

But he is supposed to be the chief executive of the country and he has all types of criminals in his government?

More mini-budgets and inflation to follow.

Is he is doing all this intentionally or are these mistakes? Or is it the mafia in and out of his government?

Does all this now give proof to Dr Israr Ahmad’s statement and that of Hakeem Saeed’s?

One should listen to the longer version of this speech.

Was IK was brought into power by the global elite?

Was this all planned by the Zionists many years ago as was pointed by Hakeem Saeed Shaheed.

Remember PTI suddenly came in 2011 from nowhere. Was this all planned by the global elite?

Financial tilt towards USA, foreign policy tilt towards USA, military tilt towards USA,

Permanent destruction of Pakistan economy and industry, record inflation, record loss in the number of jobs, complete surrender to the IMF,

The horrifying reports and predictions of Pakistan’s Economy given by chief economists Hafeez Pasha, Dr Farrukh Saleem and others are frightening enough.

Plus all other points given before including suppression of Foreign funding case.

We cannot keep our eyes and ears closed anymore!

Even the media and his own government ministers are speaking against many government policies.

And a part of the establishment is very much concerned:

Are the global elite after our nuclear arsenal? Do they want to leave us so much bankrupt that we are forced to do so? Beware! :-

And Allah knows best.

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