No Blessings in Riba !

“Allah destroys interest and gives increase for charities. And Allah does not like every sinning disbeliever.” (Holy Quran: 276)

Economy : Zero Performance According to Analysts

Unbearable Inflation According to the Public

What if this was YOUR mother or YOUR sister etc? Currently there are several lakhs, if not millions, like her. This is actual picture of the current account of our economy

Any PTI supporter or any human with a heart would feel ashamed after listening to her. Why should she be happy about the current account deficit; what benefit is that giving her?

Similar views given by majority of people in random interviews.

Reality of Current Account Deficit:

IK, PTI and its supporters continue to lie and misguide the people about the true picture of the economy. They are giving false hopes by giving false / irrelevant details about the economy.

They should give the real indicators of successful economy like percentage decrease in inflation (not happening, keeps on increasing).

The only little improvement (irrelevant for the poor) are due to the huge amounts of loans from IMF, World Bank, Asian Bank, Commercial banks etc.

One should read Ansar Abbasi’s column mentioned above. In only ONE YEAR this has happened!

Tremendous Amounts of loans also being taken by the government from commercial banks (not state bank). Thus keeping the rupee artificially afloat for some time:


How will these loans be returned? With more taxation, more inflation, more devaluation, more interest rates etc.

And establishment may also be thinking ‘enough is enough, this PTI is a bigger evil and even a bigger security threat than PMLN or PPP.

With these tremendous loans, any government would have brought at least some relief to the common man. Where is all the money going? Besides paying off previous loans, some relief should have been given to the common man.

Plus all the money that is supposedly being saved due to far less corruption and money laundering; why is all this not trickling down to the common man???

Answer 1 : IMF in Total Control

Right now IMF is in total control, with IMF men heading and running the economy, which itself is a perfect recipe for disaster.

Answer 2: Corruption

Even government personnel not paying their taxes, including PM:

Answer 3: Riba & Paper-Based Monetary System

Inflation is going to even tremendously increase further. Electricity prices keep on increasing every 1-2 months.

Sui gas companies just few days ago asked for further 31% increase after 200 % increase in June. Increase in gas and electricity will further increase the price of bread and many other every day commodities.

Shylock (IMF)Demanding His Pound of Flesh!

The IMF, World Bank etc will demand their flesh of blood (سود سمیت) aka Shylock in Merchant of Venus and this why these mini-budgets are released upon the poor and even the middle class every month or so.

Anyone who thinks the Zionist-backed IMF and World Bank will bring relief to the common man is living in fool’s paradise and being extremely naive like PTI’S supporters or being cunning like the government.

This will mean more inflation, more taxation and the vicious cycle will continue ad libitum.

Even no guarantee of jobs now!

Correct statement : no one would probably want to become PM after 6-12 months with the way economy is going a week or so ago:

Even The Establishment is Feeling the Heat?

Please, for the sake of Allah Almighty stop misguiding the people and tell them that we will only succeed by applying the principles of Islamic economics. Or is it a case of cognitive dissonance or confirmation bias?

The lies being told by IK, PTI ministers and supporters explained in detail in this program, how IMF has been deliberately HANDED control of the economy along with evil designs of the global elite (Zionists):

The Solution

You will be held responsible for your misguidance and even punished for it, even though you are not in government and thus have no direct role. What answers will you give to Allah Almighty on the day of judgment?

That is the promise of Allah Almighty given in the Holy Quran several times. If we will NOT do and advise what He has commanded we will be doomed.

Riasat-e-Madinah should be based on principles laid down in the Holy Quran and Ahadith?

May Allah Almighty prevent us from hypocrisy. Ameen.

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