Solutions to Pakistan’s Bleeding Economy in Medical Terminology

“And whoever desires other than Islam as Deen – never will it be accepted from him, and he, in the Hereafter, will be among the losers” (Holy Quran 3:85)

Deen should be translated as Deen, for it comprises all aspects of life including economics, politics, social life etc

Severe Bleeding from Blood Vessels

Severe bleeding from any major blood vessel like the aorta, superior or inferior vena cava, femoral artery etc can be very dangerous. Loss of 1 liter of blood can produce moderate hypovolemic shock, loss of 2 liters of blood can produce severe shock and loss of more than that can cause death. Major cause of severe bleeding is a major traumatic injury to a major blood vessel of the body.

Economic Bleeding

Pakistan’s economy is severely bleeding. There are several indicators, e.g. foreign exchange reserves held by the State (central bank) of Pakistan continue to decline steadily; rupee continues to fall as compared to the dollar.

At this rate of economic bleeding, the state could become bankrupt (economic death) very soon.

Initial Medical Treatment of Severe Bleeding

Stop the Bleeding!

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Apply presssure internally or externally.

Treating moderate to severe internal bleeding involves the administration of intravenous vitamin K and other drugs for bleeding disorders like Anti-fibrinolytics (e.g. tranexamic acid), fresh frozen plasma and blood etc.

More recently, doctors have begun to administer very high doses of complexes and compounds that stimulate clotting.

Sometimes, doctors may give intravenous fluids rich in electrolytes to people with internal bleeding.

Once an individual is stabilized, or no longer at risk of death, treatment involves locating and stopping the source of the bleed.

BUT these are all temporary measures. Bleeding will continue if permanent management of bleeding is not done.

Initial Treatment of Economical Bleeding

Adopt extreme austerity measures is like stopping the bleeding by applying pressure by torniquet etc)

Taxation, inflation is like giving blood

BUT these are all temporary measures. Bleeding will continue if permanent management of economical bleeding is not done.

Permanent Medical Management of Severe Bleeding

If permanent measures are NOT taken to stop severe bleeding, bleeding will continue and the person can bleed to death.

How long can volunteers keep on giving blood? There can be complications from multiple blood transfusions like spread of serious infections.

Following is a detailed discussion of management of severe abdominal vascular trauma with bleeding from major blood vessels:

The following is discussion of management of severe chest trauma with bleeding from major blood vessels:

Application of ligatures to stop bleeding permanently:

There are several other procedures/methods to permanently stop bleeding.

Identify ALL Bleeding point and stop bleeding permanently from all.

Permament Treatment of Economical Bleeding

If permanent measures are NOT taken to stop severe economic bleeding, the economy will continue to bleed. Otherwise bleeding will continue and get worse and worse in a vicious cycle.

How long and how much TEMPORARY MEASURES like regular tax increases and inflation (blood transfusions) can the public endure?

How much more pressure can the public bear before their blood vessels erupt and condition worsens?

Unless the following drastic permanent measures are taken nation can go into default (economically bleed to death).

1. Stop all national and international interest based transactions like few other countries have done (this will stop the bleeding by vastly decreasing debts). It is the most important cause of a bleeding economy.

Major part of budget is paying off debt due to interest based loans.

Why should public pay for system based on riba which increases debt which in return increases taxes on the poor public. It becomes a viscious cycle which turn worse and worse.

Why should the poor pay for increase in taxes due to interest based earnings by the rich?

2. Enforce Islamic taxes: payment of Zakat (and Ushr and Jizya) and ensure their correct utilization. Islamic taxation like Zakat restores normal circulation (of money) in the society.

3. Avoid the IMF and World Bank etc. This will also permanently help in stopping bleeding and also stop the complications of such economic blood transfusions.

Major Economists have stated many times that ‘ Less loss (less economical bleeding if we went to IMF earlier (Not more gain)!

4. Stop all sources of bleeding due to corruption: theft, wrong use of government money, money laundering, bribery, government perks and priveleges, gas and electricity line losses, bleeding from losses to national organizations like PIA, Railway etc (stop bleeding from all sites)

5. Catch big culprits of corruption (a kind of theft) and give the punishments laid down in the Holy Quran as well as confiscate the wealth they have stolen. This will be hindrance for others and serve an example for all and thus again stop the bleeding.

People should stop voting such known corrupt people into power and governments should stop giving them ministries and other high portfolios, again to stop the economical bleeding.

6. Accountability should be across the board (remember to stop bleeding from ALL sites)

7. Increase exports and decrease imports, especially of unnecessary items. This will increase blood supply as well as decrease bleeding.

8. Promote businesses: industrial, agriculture, small or large businesses etc. This will increase the blood supply to a bleeding economy/

9. Tightly secure major economic blood vessels e.g. Gold (Reko Diq) and other mineral stores, Thar Coal, Oil and Gas discoveries. Open up more collaterals.

10. Get away from Petrodollar and start buying and selling in other currencies like in Chinese or Russian currencies.

11. Close the Zionist controlled-central banks

12. Revert to Sunnah money. Another permanent and best way to stop the bleeding economy. Read the following article:

Finally a summary of the above in this article:

And Allah knows best!

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