Rise in Hajj fares in State of Madina!

A 100 years ago, one could perform Hajj with only around a few hundred/thousand rupees. Now it has been raised to over 4 lakh as a minimum.

The basic cause of this inflation is the utterly haram paper money and on top of that an interest based economy. Poor spend their whole lives saving money to perform Hajj, only to find out that fares have increased, dreams probably shattered and now they will have to save money for another several years, by the time they might not be in this world anymore.

Many of these are old people, with little responsibilities left in life, except a desire to perform Hajj; or a son saving money so his parents can perform Hajj and so on. *

Inflation would never have occurred if we had stuck to sunnah money (dirham and dinar as mentioned in Quran and Ahadith) and a riba-free economy.

With such an Islamic system, one would perform Hajj with around about the same amount of Dirhams/dinars as one did 100/infinite years ago. Such is the PERFECT monetary system laid down by Islam. Inflation is an off-shoot of paper money and riba.

The whole economy has now become based on Riba; our daily monetary dealings involve an element of riba and we pray that our worship including Hajj is accepted.

Correct that Hajj is compulsory upon those who can afford it. But the government should make the task easier for the citizens. It can EASILY decrease the fares and give some subsidy from the Halal earning it gets throughout the year.

First of all this decision could have been made for next year and such a big increase should NOT have been made all of a sudden.

According to Ulema Kiraam, it is NOT allowed for governments to give a single paisa from bait ul maal for Hajj. BUT it is also agreed by scholars including of Islamic Ideology Council that government allowances can be given for (hotel) rent and for food expenditures.

Governments can easily help Hajis in this regard and pay this on their behalf. The government can also take less Hajj airfare (without the profit) or at least not increase the airfare. Anchor Junaid Saleem in his ‘Hasb e Hall’ program has estimated a minimum of 8 billion rupees that the government can easily set aside for this.

If the government can facilitate Sikhs and Qadianis in their religious pilgrimages, why not facilitate Muslims? If the government can put aside money for industries, for building and running cinemas, many other subsidies on tourism, train fares etc etc, why not give relief for this very noble mission?

No harm in providing some targeted subsidy and facilitation to low income Hajis who fly once in life

Does the government NOT understand the significance of Hajj and its impact on an individual and on the society? Was increasing Hajj fares the only way they could reduce their expenditures?

They had other options including increasing fares of only private Hajj (especially tax on luxurious Hajj packages), limiting the increase only to those who perform Hajj yearly or very regularly, etc.

Food items at Pakistani camps in Hajj are sold at a higher rate in Saudi Riyals than at Indian camps! Pakistani governments continue to commercialize Hajj!

Other Muslim countries (Malaysia, Indonesia, Egypt etc) are giving relief for Hajis and even a Non-Muslim government like India was in the past giving some relief for Hajis.

With the current economic system and with such continuing poor governance since over 70 years, inflation will continue and Hajj fares will continue to rise. There has to be some end to this madness (especially for the poor and weak) and I always iterate that the END is coming very soon …


Perhaps this may be one of the reasons for one of the signs of the End Times that Hajj will come to a stand still …..

The basic fact is that this is yet another of the numerous anti-Islam actions of the government of PTI, and numerous attempts of getting more and more secular. One of the basic steps towards secu-larism is to reduce/abolish subsidy on religion and deregularize it :

With this decision, private Hajj fares will also increase with even more proportion. This is yet another disappointing start for the government of PTI !

This may have been one of the numerous conditions of IMF, as reported in a section of the media:

First they don’t know how to run the economy and then they do this injustice!

  • *Note : One has to look at other priorities like rights of one’s family, relatives and neighbors, especially paying one’s Zakat before going on Hajj; helping such needy people with Zakat and/or Sadaqat or other type of help is better if one is intending to perform another Hajj. 

And Allah knows best!


رات کو جی ٹی روڈ پر ترنول اسلام آباد کے قریب ایک پٹرول پمپ سے ملحقہ ٹائر شاپ سے گاڑی کے چاروں ٹائروں میں ہوا چیک کروائی اور حسبِ معمول دکان والے کو 20 روپے پکڑائے تو وہ کہنے لگا کہ 30 روپے ہو گئے ہیں۔۔۔
میں حیرانی سے اسے دیکھنے لگا۔۔۔
میرے خیال میں تھا کہ پچھلے دو ٹائروں میں شاید ہوا زیادہ کم تھی تو اس وجہ سے کہہ رہا ہے تیس روپے ہو گئے ہیں میں نے کہا کیوں بھئی تیس روپے کیوں ہوئے ہیں؟؟؟
تو میں اسکے جواب پر اسکا منہ تکنے لگ گیا کہ سوال گندم جواب چنا۔۔۔
اسکا جواب تھا بھائی صاحب #حج مہنگا ہو گیا ہے۔۔۔


میرا حیرت زدہ منہ دیکھ کر یا اپنی روٹین میں وہ پھر سے گویا ہوا۔۔۔
بھائی صاحب۔۔۔
تیس روپے دے دیو۔۔۔
میں نے کہا کہ یار حج مہنگا ہو گیا ہے پر اس کا ہوا بھروائی سے کیا تعلق؟؟؟
تو کہنے لگا صاحب بہت گہرا تعلق ہے۔۔۔
میں نے پوچھا وہ کیسے تو کہنے لگا بھائی صاحب وہ اس طرح کہ میں پچھلے تین سالوں سے حج کیلئے پیسے جمع کر رہا ہوں میں نے بیس روپے ہوا بھروائی میں سے پانچ روپے الگ کر کے حج والے کھاتے میں ڈالتا جاتا تھا۔۔۔
اور اس سال میرے پیسے پورے ہو جانے تھے۔۔۔
اور میں پاسپورٹ بھی بنوا چکا ہوں۔۔۔
لیکن آج مجھے کسی نے آکر بتایا کہ حج مہنگا ہو گیا ہے۔۔۔
تو میرے تو پیروں تلے زمین ہی نکل گئی کہ یہ کیا ہو گیا ہے؟؟؟
تو میں نے سوچا کہ حج تو کرنا ہی کرنا ہے چلو ہوا بھروائی کا ریٹ ہی مہنگا کر دوں۔۔۔
صاحب جو میرے بس میں ہے وہی کرونگا نا۔۔۔
اب میں ڈاکا تو نہیں ڈال سکتا نا۔۔۔؟؟؟
اب میں ان تیس روپوں میں سے 15 روپے حج فنڈ میں ڈالوں گا۔۔۔
لیکن میں پھر بھی یقین سے کہہ نہیں سکتا کہ اس سال میں حج پر جا پاؤں گا کہ نہیں دس روپے ریٹ بڑھا کر بھی۔۔۔


میں نے تو تیس روپے دیکر اس حساب کتاب کے سائنسدان سے جان چھڑائی۔۔۔۔
تے ڈپٹی نوں کال کیتی۔۔۔
ڈپٹی میں بے ہوش ہون لگا آں تے مینوں چھیتی چھیتی چک کہ ہسپتال لے جا۔۔۔

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