In the Words of Neutral Anchors and Journalists

This was expected as predicted by the writer in this blog:

Many neutral anchors like Rauf Klasra, Amir Mateen, Arshad Sharif, Haroon Rasheed, Ayaz Amir, M. Malik, Irshad Bhatti etc etc who spoke against policies of PML N Government (including Panama Issue) are expressing their shock over incompetencies of the PTI Government

Latest Overall Picture Midway

Overall Picture : Direction-less Government

PTI Now Running Government with Former Politicians/Cabinet Members of PPP and Musharraf

Government without any Plan

PTI Government has totally bowed down before IMF! Chief Economist Ashfaq Hassan

Dwindling and Frightening Running of the Economy. Please watch this program weekly!

Experts Say PTI now cannot Blame Previous Governments after 8 months in Power!

Wrongful Increase in Petrol Prices due to Political Interference in OGRA!

More and more PTI Ministers found to be involved in Mega-corruption!

Weird Shuffle in Cabinet and Bringing in IMF-favorite Economic Advisor

Bowing down to IMF and record Inflation

PPP ministers included in Cabinet!

Corrupt Ministers and Continuously fighting amongst each other in cabinet!

Raillu Kattas and Thappar Ghardi!

Cannot even fix Cricket: Nepotism, favoritism and Corruption:

Every mafia/lobby has taken unfair advantages in PTI’s tenure!

Even Previous Pro-PTI Anchor Speaking against PTI; Ashamed, Disappointed and Severely criticizing PTI

Another Pro-PTI Anchor Speaks Out! Clash between CM & Governor Punjab; Disastrous situation of Health Department!

KP Ministers Allowed to Officially Travel in Helicopters

Death of Austerity Drive; Members of Punjab Assembly Receive Increase in Pay, allowances and many other Kickbacks!

Unjustified Increase in Petrol Prices (Involves corruption, mismanagement etc) and Infighting

PTI Government not Providing Expected Relief; not any where near Expectations :

Dwindling Economy, Stocks, Reserves, Exports and Inflation !

And Even More Inflation!

Destruction of Bureaucracy and New Corrupters!

Electricity Crisis crops up again in winter !

Gas and Electricity Crisis will Worsen

Gas Crisis

No Direction or Sight to End Corruption:

PM Imran Khan legalized his own Illegal houses (Bani Gala) while common peoples’ houses were demolished !

Bani Gala still NOT regularized!

Still 2 Pakistans; Different rules for the Elite Class!

The Non-Ending U-Turns

He opposed loans (called it begging) but IK is himself getting loans

Giving multi-billion rupee contracts to Party favorites (Razzaq Dawood)

More loans from Islamic Banks with Markups (Interest) and Guarantees/pledges!

Increasing Costs and More Loans for Peshawar Metro Bus

Continued Delay and Faults in Peshawar Metro BRT

Worsening of Economic Crisis

Worsening/Mishandling of Circular Debt by PTI Government

PTI Government Doing Fraud with People on Gas Bills

Proxy Attendances in Assembly Halls for Parlimentary Halls

Promotion of Secularism instead of Madina State

Weird Statements of PTI Ministers!

Prohibition of Alcohol Rejected:

And once again alcohol ban rejected!

The New ‘Modi Ka Yar’ Imran Khan:

No Police Reforms : Sahiwal Tragedy

Sahiwal was a Test Case for the Government: It failed !

Media is being Silenced !

Increase in Hajj Fares with no Subsidy!

Senators, Ministers sent on trips to UK, USA, Iraq on Tax-Payers Money despite Economic Crisis; Kashmir Cause as an Excuse

Failed Foreign Policy!

Crackdown on Previously Holy, now called Non-state Actors

Revival of Deadly Hindu Festival Basant in Pakistan

New Crooks in Town : Zulfi Bukhari


Nepotism and Favoritism in Naya Pakistan


Promotion of Qadianiat


Zionization of Pakistan


Innocent Aalim Dies in Jail

Ulema Kiraam in Jail

Federal Minister Shireen Mazari on Opening Indian Corridors :


Encroachment Drive

Reality behind Release of Asia Bibi


Selective Accountability


Terrorist Activities Bubble up Again!

Continuous Heavy Protocol by Government Officers

Continuous War against Abolition of Riba

War against Allah and His Prophet PBUH (Support of Riba)

Opening Previously Opened projects in PTI’s Name and Credit & their own still yet incomplete Peshawar Metro Project!

Poor Economic Strategy


Twice Huge Devaluation of the Rupee


Promotion of Films, Cinema, Drama etc


CONCLUSION : A Confused Government

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