Memoirs of Islam Medical & Dental College

“And say, “My Lord, cause me to enter a sound entrance and to exit a sound exit and grant me from Yourself a supporting authority.”

(Holy Quran 17: 80)

The Honorable Chairman, Islam Educational Group: Mr. Muhammad Islam:

Principal Islam Medical College: Prof Khalil ur Rahman:


Today marks one year since leaving Islam Medical & Dental College. The unforgettable sweet memories are still very much there.

I was enshrouded with uncertainty when I entered the city of Allama Iqbal RA. It was very kind of Honorable Chairman Islam Group, Mr. Islam to accept my job plea even before I got my MPhil degree.

And so I entered the college with grace and left with grace Alhamdulillah.

My Achievements at IMDC

Alhamdulillah. Achievements at IMDC :

Promoted to Assistant Professor and later on Associate Professor

Appointed head of department several times during the tenure including retiring as a head of department.

Two time internal examiner for students of MBBS and BDS. Honored to be mentor and examiner of the first students to get distinctions in Pharmacology in IMC & IDC & few others who came very close and the student who topped UHS 2nd Prof BDS examination.

3 of my books published during my stay here & received certificate of appreciation from honorable chairman (and through these books, I hope my contribution for the students of IMDC will continue)

Delivered most lectures in the department including 100 or more in two of the four years (BDS & MBBS combined)

My practical journal was followed during most of the tenure

Two times English editor of the College Magazine ‘Bazm-e-Islam’, including its first edition

Delivered presentation on ‘Integrated Teaching System’ to faculty

Alhamdulillah took only 7 days leave during the whole 4 years, two of them sick leaves.

Farewell to Respected Professor Muhammad Arif

The first professor and HOD of Pharmacology at IMDC!

The Legends Anwar Masood and Amjad Islam Amjad come to IMDC!

It was an amazing déjà vu at Islam Medical City when the living legends of Pakistan Mr. Masood Anwar and Mr. Amjad Islam Amjad came to IMC. It was more than 20 years back when Mr. Masood Anwar came to Rawalpindi Medical College where he read his famous ‘Bunyan’ poem which later on became a hit. It still remains a demand today as was witnessed at IMC along with other great poetry by the two maestros! Wonderful experience brought to us thanks to the IMC administration!

With the living legend Prof Eice Muhammad!

The Talents of IDC!

IDC’s (Islam Dental College) got talent!

As was witnessed in a great show, a wonderful entertainment in which everyone wholly participated; was well scripted & well organized, especially the skit ‘The Do’s and Dont’s of IDC’.
Well done! It proved you all have the potential; you just have to image this talent in your studies as well.

Memorable Picture with BDS Students

Poster Competition by Department of Pharmacology

Ma sha Allah, It was an eye-catching display of the most marvelous posters designed & prepared by the intelligent & talented students of MBBS & BDS at the wonderful poster competition arranged by the Pharmacology department of IMDC.

Never has there been a doubt about the huge amount of talent in the students of IMDC as was witnessed by all the faculty of IMDC & Pharmacy and lead by the honorable Chairman, Islam Medical City, Mr. Muhammad Islam, who gave out the prizes at the end.

All posters were worthy of appreciation but alas there had to be some winners and so a hearty congratulations to all the participants and to the position holders of the competition, including the 1st Prize winners.

IMC Class of Champions!

Abdul Rehman is a champion, Alee Sarfraz is a champion, Shuja Ikram is a champion, Adnan is a champion, every one of you is a champion.

Wow! What an extraordinary event, an amazing Annual Dinner, arranged by students of Final Year, the 2nd Batch of MBBS students of IMC.

It was a colorful event, full of extravaganza, entertainment & enjoyment all around for everyone.

Thanks to the organizers and everyone for the invite. A memorable occasion to put an icing on the cake to a memorable year in which one of the most intelligent students I have ever taught astonishingly raised the bar from 5% to 70%.

Best wishes and prayers to everyone in this class. We cannot of course forget the sad demise of our dear student/colleague Miss Bisma this year. So saddening.

I love the above pics so much that I put them on my Facebook, twitter and Wattsapp DPs and also on the back cover of my books!

IDC Class of Champions

Phew! What an amazing and cheerful event. Alas students of 2nd Year BDS (Batch IV) of IDC got time to relax after a hectic season of hard work. It felt like one large family enjoying a great get together, all in UNISON.

There were a lot of wonderful programs and a wonderful occasion to remember and cherish indeed. Thanks to everyone and especially the organizers.

As I mentioned I have great expectations from you all, from the toppers Miss Emaan, Mr Ali Raza, the ever respectful Jabran & Faiza, the ever smiling Danial, Shanza and Maham, the studious Miss Musharraf and Umair, the hero Jalal, the leader Inzamam & everyone else who I did not mention.

I am sure, I have great expectations that my children will prove, in sha Allah, that they are the BEST. In sha Allah I will be there for you if you need any help. I wish and pray the best for all of you this year and afterwards. I wish you all success in this life and in the hereafter. Ameen.

Authored 3 Books

This is the only institute where 3 of my books were published in 4 years, Alhamdulillah, with lots of appreciation from the students.

Finally I was given a certificate from the honorable Chairman, Islam group:

BDS (Batch 5) Party

Especially thankful to Ahmad, Usama and of course Bilal Idrees, who was one of my students who got distinction in Pharmacology! Prayers for everyone.

First College Magazine of IMDC! Bazm-e-Islam

Respected Islam Family:

Editorial Staff, me as English Editor

Interview with Respected Principal for College Magazine

The End of the Chapter 

All good (and all bad) things come to an end. Life is a journey and my journey at Islam Medical & Dental College finally comes to an end. My resignation was at last, reluctantly accepted.
It was an immense pleasure and a great professional experience for me to work in this prestigious organization.

I have enjoyed a lot being a part of the team here and I am thankful for the opportunities provided by the honorable Chairman, Dean IMDC and Principal IMDC during my stay. I am also thankful to the entire faculty, my great colleagues and to all the wonderful students of IMDC for the wonderful memories.

I am greatly indebted to the institution and wish the college all the best in its future endeavors.

Thank you very much Jazak Allah Khair for all the wonderful memories and much more.

Lots of prayers for everyone, Chairman, principal IMC & IDC, colleagues, faculty, administration and all dear students!

Islam Medical & Dental College and its wonderful memories will never be forgotten!

Note: Sorry, did not share any photos of females for Islamic/ethical reasons.

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