Iran’s Dangerous Political Games


This article is not intended to be sectarian or incite sectarianism. It is just to point out political faults/mistakes of the government of Iran. Political leaders throughout the Muslim world are not sincere to the Muslim Ummah and its cause, with almost all of them having national and/or personal interests as their primary goals.

Why Shah of Iran Became a Threat to Zionists Interests?

The historical record shows that the Shah was becoming more independent, and was acting in the national interest of Iran. His policies and disagreements angered the British and U.S. elite.

Reasons for removal of Shah of Iran by USA & Britian

  • Shah was becoming more independent: History has seen that whenever a ruler in Middle East became independent, whether he be Saddam, Qazzafi or the Shah etc, he was removed or killed
  • Ended the Feudal System The Shah bought land from the upper classes and, along with the crown’s own land, sold it back cheaply to tenant farmers. Over one a half million people became land owners, thus ending the old feudal system.
  • Iran was becoming a Nuclear power. The Shah developed plans for a $90 billion nuclear power program.
  • Oil Prices. The Shah’s decision to increase Iranian oil production angered U.S. oil companies and others who wanted to maintain artificial scarcity in the international oil market in order to keep prices high and make more profits.
  • Opium Profits. The Shah took serious measures to stop the flow of opium into Iran, which greatly damaged British interests. The Rothschilds and London’s financial empire depend on the world opium trade to retain their power and influence.
  • Economic Threat of a Modern and Independent Iran to Interests of British-U.S. Elite. The Shah was building up Iran into a modern state by enriching the country and strengthening the middle class.
  • To Create Artificial Clash of Civilization between Islam & the west.
  • To Create a Sectarian Clash (between Sunnis & Shias)

When a true leader acts in the interest of his country and his people, the elite secret societies get rid of him. They either kill the patriotic leader, like John F. Kennedy in 1963, or they instigate a revolution against him, like the Shah in 1979.

Shah Was no Nice Guy Either

  • He was brought in by the same Zionists who threw him out
  • Shah of Iran did not come to 3rd Muslim Conference in Lahore in 1974; almost every other Muslim country representative came
  • Iran did not take part in the Arab-Israel wars in 1967 or 1973.
  • He turned the country secular and liberal. He brought an end to the wearing of the veil etc
  • Iran had official relations with Israel until his time.

Who brought the Clergy into Power in Iran?

The British and U.S. Governments installed Khomeini into power in 1979. As long as Shah of Iran was there, Sunni Shia conflict or war was not possible. So, therefore, for USA & British Zionists, it was necessary to get rid of the Shah of Iran and bring a Shia regime to replace him.

So, when the Iranian revolution occurred, the western world publically opposed it, but inside they were happy, secretly welcoming it and practically they did nothing about it.

In Shah’s own words. “If you lift up Khomeini’s beard,” he said, “you will find Made In England written under his chin.”

BBC put Khomeini on a public pedestal and amplified his voice, making his brand of Islamic revolution the only alternative option to the Shah’s rule.

The BBC gave free hours of free broadcast to Khomeini from Paris. It is unbelievable. Every time there is a person who is fighting ‘royal’ forces, in the sense of their being autocratic, the BBC gives them a free hand and carte blanche, without trying to understand what their views are.

The fall of the West’s puppet Shah of Iran was actually not a surprise to the elite. They had decided to let him fall. He had been empowered by America’s CIA, and then abandoned when the time was ripe for a strong reaction. The man who replaced him, the Ayatollah Khomeini was British MI6.

Reality of Khomeni

Khomeini was an Islamic demon who was handed the throne of an ancient nation by foreign powers. He turned out to be more cruel and despotic than the Shah ever was in his 26-year rule.

  • Why did the U.S. and other Western powers delivered arms to Iran in the 1980s if they considered the regime to be its enemy?
  • Why Khomeini decided to release the American hostages on the day that Reagan was declared the new president of America? Why give a victory to your enemy? It didn’t make any sense.
  • Like all tyrants, he wanted power, blood and war. And he wasn’t even a legitimate Ayatollah. A superior Ayatollah granted him Ayatollah status in 1963 to prevent his execution. He returned the favor in 1979 by putting him under house arrest and erasing the evidence of his gracious deed.

Iraq-Iran War

  • Israel sold Iran US$75 million worth of arms from stocks of Israel Military Industries, Israel Aircraft Industries and Israel Defense Forces stockpiles, in their Operation Seashell in 1981
  • Arms sales to Iran that totaled an estimated $500 million from 1981 to 1983 according to the Jafe Institute for Strategic Studies at Tel Aviv University. Most of it was paid for by Iranian oil delivered to Israel
  • Arms shipments from the U.S. to Iran in the Iran-Contra Affairfacilitated by Israel.
  • Israel’s June 7, 1981 attack on Iraq’s Osirak nuclear reactorwhich set back Iraq’s nuclear program. In fact, Iran bombed them first, back in 1980, but they only damaged secondary buildings.
  • Israel is also reported to have supplied instructors and non-armaments help to Iran for the war effort.
  • A decision of the Reagan administration to allow Israel to channel arms of US origin to Iran to prevent an easy and early Iraqi victory
  • On 7 June 1981, a squadron of Israeli Air Force F-16A fighter aircraft, with an escort of F-15As, bombed and heavily damaged the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq
  • Despite all the speeches of Iranian leaders and the denunciation of Israel at Friday prayers, there were never less than around one hundred Israeli advisers and technicians in Iran at any time throughout the war, living in a carefully guarded and secluded camp just north of Tehran, where they remained even after the ceasefire
  • Israel’s goals were to: reestablish some influence in Iran which was lost when the Shah was defeated in 1979; intensify the Iran-Iraq War and weaken both Iran and Iraq, both of whom opposed the existence of Israel; prevent Iraq from conquering Iran as they feared a victorious Saddam Hussein; and create business for the Israeli weapons industry.
  • So both Iraq and Iran were being aided by the Zionists to prolong the war.

Why USA has never attacked Iran (and probably never will)?

  • Despite USA & Israel’s leaders speaking against Iran for decades, one must wonder why USA has never attacked Iran, despite giving themselves many reasons to do so.
  • The simple reason is to keep it as a ‘scare factor’ for the Sunni Arabs
  • This was one of the major reasons for bringing in a government controlled by Shia clergy: to counter the Sunni Arab nations
  • Similarly USA may never attack Saudi Arabia (until the end maybe). It is also being used as a lever by US/Saudis that God forbid, the Holy Cities are being attacked, come (join us) to save it.

Iran Spreading & Igniting Sectarianism in Pakistan (Along with Saudi Arabia)

  • Fighting Proxy War in Pakistan
  • Iran has been morally & financially supporting Shia factions, parties and even individuals in Pakistan.
  • Shia militant groups are being sponsored by Iran
  • Iran provides financial support to Shia madrassas & mosques in Pakistan
  • There have also been instances where Shia volunteers have been recruited to fight along pro-Iranian forces in the Middle East

  • Iran’s Threat to Pakistan
  • ‘Iranian soldiers will target terrorists inside Pakistan borders’: Iran threat
  • ‘Can bring 75, 000 armed fighters into streets of Pakistan’: Iran ambassador’s threat
  • It is impossible because there are 3 million Baluchis in neighboring Iran who hate Iran government so much because they have been suppressed: no government service given, no representative in Iranian parliament, can’t pray Friday, Taraweeh, Eid prayers according to their own Fiqah; do small jobs including smuggling, live in very poor conditions
  • If Iran does such a thing, it will pay for it
  • Iran has always accused Pakistan of not protecting Shias. As it turns out, it is Iran’s support or stupidity which is getting Shias killed..
  • It is time that Iran realize that our mutual enemy is India
  • Iran has a lot to answer on Kalbhoshan case, Iran’s role in supporting RAW Ops.
  • Listen to the confession of Kalbhoshan Yadav again!! Iran’s support to RAW is allowing RAW to fund TTP/BLA in Pakistan to kill Shias:

  • “I am Kalbhoshan Yadav, I operate from Iran, my job is to support terrorists in Pakistan to kill Hazara Shias”
  • Even Iran has deliberately or naively, supported the slaughter the Hazara Shias in Pakistan. Today, when Pakistan asks Iran to close down Indian consulate in Zahidan, Iran refuses. When Pakistan asks Iran to hand over team of Yadav, Iran refuses. When Pakistan asks Iran to stop Indians from using Irani soil, then Iran refuses.
  • The Pakistanis must ask Iran….why are you supporting RAW to kill Pakistanis..both Sunnis and Shias..??
  • Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline (TAPI)
  • Iran still has not fulfilled its promise to complete this project due to a strong Indian lobby in Iran.
  • It is said that it will never be completed due to pressure from USA and because Iran does not need it.

Interference in Afghanistan

  • Supported Northern Alliance & Hizb-e-Wahdat against Taliban in 1994 in order to destabilize the Sunni government
  • And continues to defy the Taliban
  • Hizb-e-Wahdat sided with the Americans after 9/11 invasion of Afghanistan
  • People go to Iran for military training

Interference in Iraq & Syria

  • Iran again sided with the Americans in Iraq and helped form a Shia government there.
  • Iran sided with Russia in Syria in compliance with its national interests
  • People being trained in Pakistan, Iran etc and sent to fight in Iraq and Syria
  • Iran also interferes in Bahrain and other countries.
  • Iran is in a way trying to provoke Sunni Shia war according to the wish of Zionists (just as Saudis are), which was not possible with Shah of Iran.

Interference in Yemen

  • Iran’s interference in Yemen lead an excuse for Zionist-lead Saudis to attack Yemen (probably was a combined conspiracy).

Nuclear deal with USA

  • This secret love affair between USA & Iran helped in forming this nuclear deal (Mr. Orya Maqbool Jan)
  • Economic ‘sanctions’ against Iran were lifted which were never strictly implemented

Friendship with India & Chabahar Port

  • There is a strong Indian lobby in Iran working for India’s interests and against Pakistan. There is a strong Indian influence in Iran.
  • India’s films are dubbed and released same day in Iran.
  • One of the reasons for Iran turning Anti-Taliban was because of Indian influence as Anti-Taliban leaders like Ahmad Shah Masood have their homes & families in India till today.
  • Chabahar port is a port in India is developing for many possible future benefits:
  • Iran would provide an alternative access to trade with Afghanistan bypassing Pakistan
  • Lowering Pakistan’s hold/influence on Afghanistan
  • To counter CPEC
  • May be used as a transport route for NATO goods and supplies.
  • Provides India access to the Middle East and Gulf countries increasing trade and ties.
  • Provides India a foothold in the western Arabian Sea, which is important as many of our energy imports pass,
  • Boost to Iron ore, sugar and rice exports (all top import items in Iran) which have been ailing
  • Reduced Current Account Deficit: Reduced transportation costs will allow India to import crude oil, urea and dry fruits at lower prices
  • The import cost of oil would reduce many-fold; India investing fertilizer plant in Iran, could potentially saves 50% of fertilizer subsidy.
  • Food Security: Because of easy access to central Asia, India’s plan to setup fertilizer plant in countries like Mongolia would be released soon.
  • Iran providing many routes for India to Afghanistan to fight a proxy war against Pakistan
  • And many more benefits
  • India, Afghanistan & Iran seem to be ganging up against Pakistan.
  • India has replaced Pakistan in both Iran & Saudi Arabia

Iran has Taken Over Saudi Arabia as the Next Favorite to USA

  • Underneath it now seems Iran has taken over Saudi Arabia as the next ‘favored’ nation of the Global Elite for completing its evil designs (new wife of USA)
  • Iran has changed from Islamic state to a political state
  • It is only looking for its national interests, not interest of Islam or Muslim Ummah
  • Iran may have no official relations with Israel but is still in contact due to political strategies.
  • It’s not a Sunni Shia war any more. It’s an Arab Non-Arab war, a Saudi-Iran war
  • Some innocent Iranis say to innocent Sunnis to get out of Iran because they don’t even accept them as Shias even though they are!
  • Foreign Shias killed in Iraq-Iran War are buried in separate grave yards in Iran!

Human Rights Violations in Iran

  • Lack of Freedom of Expression
  • Security authorities continued to clamp down on free speech and dissent, and revolutionary courts handed down harsh sentences against social media users, including death sentences in some cases. As of December, according to ‘Reporters Without Borders’, Iran held at least 50 journalists, bloggers, and social media activists in detention.
  • Many voices are suppressed.
  • On July 13, 2014, a Tehran revolutionary court had previously sentenced eight Facebook users to a total of 127 years in prison for allegedly posting messages deemed to insult government officials and “religious sanctuaries,” among other crimes.
  • Lack of Freedom of Assembly and Association
  • Scores of people were held for their affiliation with banned opposition parties, labor unions, and student groups were in prison. The judiciary targeted independent and unregistered trade unions, and security and intelligence forces continued to round up labor activists and leaders.
  • Political Prisoners & Human Rights Defenders
  • Main political opposition remains in exile since the expulsion of the Shah of Iran
  • Political groups are suppressed.
  • The authorities continue to imprison dozens of activists and human rights defenders on account of their peaceful or professional activities.
  • Judiciary officials continue their efforts to further erode the independence of the Iranian Bar Association and restrict the right of criminal defendants to access a lawyer of their own choosing during the investigation phase of national security cases.
  • Women’s Rights
  • Much is spoken and written about concerning lack of women’s rights in Saudi Arabia, but many are not aware that the situation is similar in Iran
  • Women are forced to wear the veil
  • Iranian women face discrimination in many aspects of their lives, including personal status matters related to marriage, divorce, inheritance, and child custody.
  • Treatment of Minorities
  • Authorities restrict political participation and public sector employment of non-Shia Muslim minorities, including Sunnis.
  • They also prevent Sunnis from constructing their own mosques in Tehran and conducting separate Eid prayers.
  • Refugees
  • Afghan refugees and migrant workers, estimated at between 2.5 and 3 million in number, continued to face serious abuses.
  • Afghans continue to face barriers to receiving many forms of social services; are at higher risk for arbitrarily being stopped, questioned, and/or detained by authorities; and have little recourse when abused by government or private actors

Iran’s Internal Problems

  • Not a True Democracy
  • All constitutional laws are in control of the clergy and no one can replace them, even with the wishes of the people
  • There have emerged factions among the clergy.
  • Iran has transformed from an ‘Islamic state’ to a pure political state.

  • Drug Problems
  • It has become common knowledge that substance abuse among young adults in Iran has become one of the biggest problems youth in the region face today
  • Published epidemiological studies in international and domestic journals show that drug use and abuse is a serious mental health problem in Iran.
  • Heroin, opium and cannabis are the most frequently used illicit drugs, but there are new emerging problems with anabolic steroids, ecstasy and stimulant substances, such as crystal methamphetamine.
  • Dirty Money in Politics
  • A large part of the moral corruption in this country comes from the introduction of dirty money into politics,” Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli was quoted by state news agency IRNA.
  • “For example, a candidate in municipal elections spends 20 billion rials ($600,000). When asked where it came from, he says friends helped him. This dirty money is everywhere.”

Jews Living in Iran

  • There are around 2.5 lakh (250,000) Jews living in Iran
  • In Asfahan trade market there are many Jews

Islamic Eschatology

  • Hadith: “The Messenger of Allah (PBUH) said: “There will be a dispute following the death of a Khalifa, and a man of the Bani Hashim will flee from Al-Madina to Makkah (fearing that people will try to make him the Khalifa). (Recognizing him as the Mahdi) some of the people of Makkah will come to him and will bring him out against his will, and they will pledge allegiance to him between the corner (Black Stone) and the Maqam.(Sahih Muslim & Abu Dawood)
  • Interpretation of the Hadith: A person will emerge from Madina and hurry to Makkah and people will urge him to force and accept the pledge and he will accept and proclaim himself to be Imam Mehdi.
  • It is a fact that Makkah or Madina have never been Shia cities and there is nothing to suggest that this fact will change.
  • So the Imam Mehdi will be a Sunni as Sunnis in Makkah will obviously not force or accept the pledge of a Shia.
  • Hazrat Anas bin Malik reported that Allah’s Messenger (PBUH) said: The Dajjal would be followed by seventy thousand Jews of Isfahan wearing Persian shawls. (Sahih Muslim – Book 041,Hadith Number 7034)

Clarification about ‘Shia Genocide’

  • There is no such thing as ‘Sunni genocide’ or ‘Shia genocide’ and these terms should not be used at all.
  • Using these terms just ignites flames of sectarianism
  • Terrorism has no religion; terrorists just need an opportunity to kill as many as they can, whether Sunni, Shia, Christian etc
  • According to an Iranian news agency: total number of Shias killed in 17 years is around 1850 and total Pakistanis killed…80,000. This proves that it is only terrorism.


I believe Iran should:

  • Not interfere/meddle in internal matters of other nations
  • Should aim for peace and harmony in and with brotherly Muslim countries
  • Should strive for unity among Muslim countries
  • Should concentrate on its own internal problems including rights of minorities
  • Should not spread or ignite sectarianism anywhere
  • Should not make any hidden or open alliances/deals with the Christians and Jews

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Other References

And Allah knows best.

ہمارے پڑوسی ملک ایران ⁦🇮🇷⁩ نے ہم پر 70 سال میں بہت سے احسانات کئے مگر چند ایک آپ سے شئیر کرتا ہوں فیصلہ آپ نے کرنا ہے ⁦🇵🇰

1-‏ایران کا ہم پر پہلا احسان یہ تھا کہ ⁦⬇⁩
1965 میں جب پاکستان پر رات کے اندھیرے میں بھارت نے جنگ مسلط کردی تو پاکستان کے پاس دو دن بھی لڑنے کیلئے ہتھیار پیسہ نہیں تھا تب سعودی عرب،دبئی نے پیسے اور چین نے ہتھیار دیے جبکہ ایران نے بھارتی طیاروں کو اپنے اڈوں سے فیول مہیا کیا

2-‏ایران کا ہم پر دوسرا احسان یہ تھا کہ ⁦⬇⁩
1971 کی جنگ میں بھارت کو ایران کی جانب سے باقاعدہ ہوائی اڈے فراہم کیے گئےمسلک کا کارڈ کھیل کر معصوم پاکستانیوں کے زریعے مشرقی پاکستان میں فنڈنگ کی گئی اور پاکستان کے دو ٹکڑے کرنے میں بھارت کا ساتھ دیاجس کا اعتراف اجیت دوال کرچکا ہے

3-‏ایران کا ہم پر تیسرا احسان ⁦⬇⁩
خمینی انقلاب کے بعد پاکستان میں فرقہ ورانہ فسادات کروائے گئے
امن و امان کیلئے کوششیں کرنے والے علماء کرام کو شہید کروایا زائرین کے نام پر جانے والوں کو وہاں ٹریننگ دے کر سلیپر سیلز بنا کر پاکستان میں لانچ کیا گیا

4-‏ایران کا ہم پر چوتھا احسان ⁦⬇⁩
ایران نے 2002 میں بھارت کے ساتھ ایک ایٹمی معاہدہ کیا جس کے تحت مستقبل میں پاک بھارت جنگ کی صورت میں بھارت ایران کی سرزمین استعمال کرسکتا ہے
بھارتی کٹھ جوڑ کے بعد ایٹمی پروگرام میں پاکستان مدد کررہا ہے کہہ کر دنیا کو ہمارے خلاف کردیا

5-‏ایران کا ہم پر پانچواں احسان ⁦⬇⁩
گواد پاکستان کا مستقبل ہےگوادر پورٹ کی کامیابی کے بعد ایران نے پاکستان کو نقصان پہنچانے کیلئے گوادر سے 70 میل دور اپنی چاہ بہار بندرگاہ بھارت کو 100 سال کیلئے لیز پر دے دی ہے جس پر بھارت کے 10 ہزار فوجی گوادر کو نشانہ بنانے کیلئے موجود ہیں

6-‏ایران کا ہم پر چھٹا احسان ⁦⬇⁩
اسرائیل اور امریکہ ہم سے پروکسی وار کررہے ہیں
بھارت، امریکہ،اسرائیل،ایران پاکستان کے خلاف ایک ہیں
اسرائیل اور امریکہ بھارت،ایران کے زریعے پاکستان میں دہشت گردوں کو بھیجتا ہے
کلبوشن ایرانی شہری بن کر ایرانی پاسپورٹ سے پاکستان داخل ہوتا تھا

7-‏ایران کا ہم پر ساتواں احسان ⁦⬇⁩
عزیز بلوچ، بابا لاڈلہ سمیت تمام ٹارگٹ کلرز ایران میں ٹریننگ لے کر کراچی سمیت سندھ میں ٹارگٹ کلنگ کرکے فرقہ واریت کو ہوا دیتے رہے
کسی کو یقین نہیں تو جے آئی ٹی رپورٹ پڑھ لو

8-‏ایران کا ہم پر آٹھواں احسان ⁦⬇⁩
کچھ قبل ایرانی فوج نے بلوچستان بارڈر پر پاکستانی چیک پوسٹ پر حملہ کرکے چھ پاکستانی فوجیوں کو شہید کر دیا
کیا کوئی دوست ملک ایسا کرتا ہے؟ کیا کبھی چائنہ نے ایسا کیا؟ پاک چائینہ بارڈر پر کئی میل کا علاقہ فری زون ہے اور اسے سچی دوستی کہتے ہیں

9-‏ایران کا ہم پر نوواں احسان ⁦⬇⁩
ایران نے ہر مسلم ملک سے لڑائی کی
شام،عراق،لیبا اور اب یمن میں فرقہ واریت کو ہوا دے کر خانہ جنگی کا ماحول بنا رکھا ہے
پاکستانی فوج یمن میں لڑنے نہیں گئی جبکہ ایرانی حکومت اور میڈیا پاکستانی افوج کے خلاف یمن پر حملوں کا جھوٹا پروپیگنڈہ کرتا ہے

10-‏ایران کا ہم پر دسواں احسان ⁦⬇⁩
اس مشکل وقت میں سعودی عرب پاکستان کا ساتھ دے رہا ہے پاکستان میں سعودی ولی عہد سمیت ایک ہزار بزنس مین لیکر آیا تو ایران کو تکلیف ہوئی ایران پاکستان میں فنڈنگ کرکے اپنے ایجنڈز کے زریعے ہمارے مہمانوں کے خلاف بول کر ہم سے دور کروانے کی کوشش کرتا رہا.

11۔ایران کا ہم پر گیارواں احسان ⬇
بھارت اور اسرائیل کے ساتھ مل کر بھارتی راجستھان سے پاکستان پر حملے کی سازش بناتا رہا.

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