Learning Pharmacology from Nauman’s MCQs

[All] praise is [due] to Allah , Lord of the worlds.

(Holy Quran 1: 2)

” A great effort”- Prof. Eice Muhammad, Senior most, well renowned Professor of Medicine, Punjab, Pakistan

“One who goes through this book will not only learn Pharmacology but also learn half of medicine”- Prof Khalil-ur-Rahman (Kemcolian, Senior Professor of Medicine and present Dean, Islam Medical & Dental College, Sialkot, Pakistan

One of the largest and most organized collection of MCQs, mostly my own.

Over 4500 mcqs divided into Sections, chapters, topics and subtopics…

Many scenario based and PBL based mcqs (as per Katzung’s Textbook of Pharmacology)

Testing all levels of cognition and much much more!

Pharmacology MCQs 

  • General Pharmacology MCQs
  • ANS Pharmacology MCQs
  • CVS Pharmacology MCQs
  • GIT Pharmacology MCQs
  • Respiratory Pharmacology MCQs
  • CNS Pharmacology MCQs
  • Blood Pharmacology MCQs
  • Endocrine Pharmacology MCQs
  • Chemotherapy MCQs
  • Autacoid Pharmacology MCQs
  • Opthalmology Pharmacology MCQs
  • ENT Pharmacology MCQs
  • Gyne/Obs Pharmacology MCQs
  • Medical Pharmacology MCQs
  • Surgical Pharmacology MCQs
  • Pediatric Pharmacology MCQs
  • Problem Based Learning (PBL) MCQs
  • And much more

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