The Pros & Cons of the Government of Mr. Nawaz Sharif

“Praise be to Allah, the Lord of the worlds”

(Holy Quran: 1: 2)


I am NOT a member of PML (N) but as a neutral just highlighting here some of the great achievements of Mr. Nawaz Sharif & his government. After all we do have to give our democratically elected & darling government its due share of positives.

If the people of Turkey can rally behind their leader despite all his drawbacks why can’t we?

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Besides it is always recommended in Tarbiyyah (spiritual guidance) programs to talk good of a person/organization before mentioning the negative points:

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The Achievements

  1. CPEC

Many believe the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) can change Pakistan’s destiny.  Even the Indians are concerned & envious about it and are trying to wreck its plans & its working.

The term which has probably received far greater traction in the print and electronic media, more than any other, is “game changer”.

This Economic Corridor has been called a “game changer” and even a “fate changer” by an overly enthusiastic Pakistani press and government, with some analysts even saying that this $46 billion “unprecedented” Chinese investment over the next decade-and-a-half will make Pakistan the next Asian Tiger.

The Chinese President’s visit gave rise to the signing of 51 Memoranda of Understanding and projects worth $46 billion in sectors which include energy, infrastructure, security, and broader economic development. For energy, $34 billion investment was envisaged and $12 billion in infrastructure projects. It was estimated that $15.5 billion would be spent on coal, wind, solar, and hydroelectric projects.

The ambitious plan includes energy projects with a capacity close to 10,000 MW to be completed by 2018, with more to follow. Most of the money is expected to be spent on the construction of the corridor itself. One of the key externalities to the Chinese investment is the fact that a “Special Security Division” of the Pakistan Army, consisting of perhaps 10,000 Pakistani troops and headed by a Major General, would be set up to guard the Chinese workers and their investment, particularly in Balochistan, given the militancy and insurgency in the province.

Around 8,000 Chinese workers are employed in Pakistan at the moment under at least 210 projects after China invested $46 billion. Some 8,000 military personnel, 500 SSG commandos and paramilitary troops are performing duties at different projects.

Another 7,000 Chinese nationals are expected to arrive in Pakistan once construction of other projects starts.

Gwadar, CPEC Seaport ads on buses of London, UK :

Pakistan’s Chief of Army Staff General Raheel Sharif, upon returning from a meeting with the Chinese Premier, has reiterated the Pakistan military’s resolve to safeguard the CPEC, and has stated on many occasions that all opponents to the project will be dealt with. He was reported as saying recently that “hostile intelligence agencies averse to this grand project, especially Indian intelligence agency RAW … [are] blatantly involved in destabilizing Pakistan”, and that “we are totally aware of all campaigns against the corridor and I vow that the security forces are ready to pay any price to turn this long cherished dream into reality.” China’s civil and military leadership has also pledged “full support”. Much is at stake here, for both countries.

Probably this is why many internal & external enemies of Pakistan are trying to wreck this great project by any means possible.

2. Rising Economy

Pakistan predicted to be world’s fastest-growing Muslim economy in 2017

3. Metro Bus Service

The Metro bus projects in Islamabad, Lahore & now other cities like Multan  are the only unique service of its kind where a VVIP has become a common man and all car drivers stop at every red signal and an ordinary person is granted with a VIP & Wifi protocol through air conditioned travel from one part of the city to the other.

The project has changed the lives of the ordinary people who rush towards their work places in the minimum possible time and hence are performing well and, of course, more efficiently.

This initiative has brought a social and economic revolution for both the city as well as the citizens. The persons reaching Lahore for their earning jobs and business activities etc or those going outside the city on daily basis enjoy the benefits of the rapid travelling equally and hence this project is not only meant for people but also provides the modern journey to the inhabitants of nearby cities.

We should keep in mind that the MBS is an affordable initiative, which goes a long way in reducing emissions and traffic volume. It offers safe, reliable and comfortable transport while saving time and fuel.

It also helps attracting investment, and more importantly, creates a new culture of public transport and land use in a congested city. The provincial government deserves the credit for being the first in Pakistan for inception of the new concept of public transport, a first step towards modern town planning and urban development.

4. Orange Train Project

The Orange Line Train is said to be the common man’s ride that will move through places where people with low income and living standards are spending lives.

It will also benefit thousands of commuters in the busy city of Lahore. Metro Train is expected to provide local transport facility to 250,000 passengers on daily basis.


5. Pakistan Railway

Marred by three decades of deterioration, bad governance and corruption, the Pakistan Railways (PR) though steadily but is coming back on track. The PR management made some significant improvements in financial and operational sides in 2015. This has been acknowledged by all leading newspapers & their experts around the country.

The turn-around has been achieved due to renovation and refurbishing of obsolete engines and launching of cargo trains.

The induction of new locomotives, increase in cargo trains and other positive steps have improved the financial health of the department which had been virtually laid to waste over the decades because of bad-governance, nepotism and corruption.

The strenuous effort started three years back not only arrested the deterioration but helped improve the efficiency of the Railways as well as enhanced the image of the national institution.

The Railways enhanced its passenger operations by upgrading express trains. It also increased number of freight trains and actively working on development projects including some most important and much needed under the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).

The Railways launched Green Line Train between Rawalpindi and Karachi in May. It is the first kind of executive train with modern luxuries facilities available for the passengers and it covers the distance in 23 hours between the port city and Rawalpindi. The Railways upgraded Karakarm Express on November 23 and refurbished two rakes of Hazara Express. It made plan to upgrade Business Express, Karachi Express and Pakistan Express in current financial year.

Pakistan Railways earned Rs 5 Billion more than the target given by the Government in 2014-15 and Rs 2 Billion more in 2013-14 fiscal.

The department now feels happy when passengers approach for getting tickets and proper seats of the trains, because in previous regime, nobody bothered to contact for seats. It is a healthy sign and proof of improvement.

Now, trains are full of people; many passengers don’t even mind to stand rather than to have a seat.

 6. Coordination with Army: Zarb-e-Azb

Operation Zarb-i-Azb has been a phenomenal success.  The backbone of the terrorists has been broken and their main infrastructure has been dismantled.

“Support of the entire nation for its valiant armed forces and the resolve expressed against terrorism after the December 16 APS attack has been the bedrock for Operation Zarb-i-Azb,” further stated Lieutenant General Asim Bajwa in his tweets.

He added that overall improvement in security and law and order is owed to Zarb-i-Azb, which can be witnessed with festivities and national events being celebrated, and stability is being achieved.

7. Less terrorism related incidents

After years of terrorist attacks, military coups and political upheaval, Pakistan for now has settled into a period of relative calm.

“Over the past nine months, government statistics show, major terrorist attacks have declined 70% and Pakistanis are flocking back to shopping malls, resorts and restaurants,”

People are feeling much more secure.

More than one million tourists, locals and foreigners, visited the northern areas during the current season, according to the Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC). 

“The growth in tourists visiting these areas increased by 25% as compared to last year due to measures taken by the government to improve law and order situation in those areas,”

8. Rangers achievements in Karachi

“Government fully supports and is firmly behind Rangers to ensure peace in Karachi:” Interior Minister Ch. Nisar.

He said Article 147, 148 and 149 of the Constitution of Pakistan empowers the federation to ensure peace all over the country and take necessary steps in this regard.

Even MQM has admitted Rangers role in restoring peace in Karachi

9. More Jobs; helping people

The government has been providing jobs in many sectors including the health sector to doctors, pharmacists & other personnel.

The government has approved many demands of the YDA

Other people who approach their respective MPAs & MNAs are also provided jobs. They are also helped in other aspects as well.

 9. Decreased & Scheduled Load shedding; Further hope for improvement

Pursuing its commitment made to the nation before General Elections 2013, to wipe out darkness from Pakistan, the Pakistan Muslim League-N government is vigorously working over its plans to provide uninterrupted electricity to every nook and corner of the country.

To the fulfillment of its claim to completely end power load-shedding by year 2018, and to eliminate the power related miseries of masses, a number of small and mega projects have been initiated by the government.
The duration of power outage has already been decreased both in rural and urban areas of the country in wake of some concrete steps taken by the government.

“In a bid to enhance power generation and eliminate load-shedding, the government has launched several power projects and that electricity generation would be increased to 18,000 mega watt by the end of this year,” said State Minister for Water and Power Abid Sher Ali.

He said load shedding had been restricted to six hours in urban areas, while eight hours in rural areas as a result of solid efforts by the government. Masses have also expressed satisfaction over the steps being taken by the government to end power load shedding. “The situation is far better than it was three years ago when PML N came into power as not only the duration of load-shedding is reduced but unannounced load-shedding has also been stopped,” said Jameel Ahmed, a retired government officer.

 10. Foreign Policy improved

Government of Pakistan has a satisfactory & much improved foreign policy. It has become less dependent on USA & its F-16 air jets.

It has now reached over to Russia with business & other relations improving steadily. This is a very significant event regarding future predictions. Russia’s incline to Pakistan over India is extremely significant:

Muslims & Orthodox Christians- A Truce in the Making

Besides Pakistan has strategically maintained good relations with its Muslim brothers including Saudi Arabia, Turkey & Iran, handling difficult situations with great diplomatic resolve (e.g. concerning whether to join the Saudi Arabian led alliance & joining war against Yemen etc)

Pakistan has strengthened its ties with China especially via the CPEC project.

Ch Nisar With India on Kashmir & Other Issues:

  1. Laptop, Yellow Taxi Scheme & BISP

Government of Pakistan has continued some beneficial schemes including lap top scheme, Yellow Taxi scheme for self-employment & continuing a scheme of the PPP tenure, i.e. the Benazir Income Support Program for the welfare of the poor.

Numerous local & international scholarships are being given to talented students for higher studies (MPhil, Masters & PhD etc). Loans are being given to students and doctors.

  1. PSL

Under the government of Mr. Nawaz Sharif, the Pakistan Cricket Board finally launched its first official t20 cricket tournament in UAE & plans to continue to do so.

Zimbabwe also became the first international team to tour Pakistan since 2009.

  1. Victory in AJK Elections and many by-elections

Probably all the above are reasons why PML N overwhelmingly stole the elections in Azad Jammu and Kashmir held recently, despite all the negative propaganda.

Conclusion of Pros

I believe much negative propaganda against the government has been made to hide many of its great achievements. Probably no other party has done this much for the country as much as PML N has done for Pakistan.

Other parties including those in opposition, should assist, facilitate and/or suppport the government in its good works besides criticizing its bad points. This is what more civilized and advanced nations do for the betterment of the country.

The recent kidnappings in Lahore & other negative tactics could be a ploy to discredit its achievements, but emergency efforts should be made to stop this racket & catch & hang the culprits as soon as possible.

The Cons 

Despite all these positive points much more emphasis is needed on ENDING corruption, nepotism, improving health & education, providing justice to individuals & the society including granting them basic human rights, decreasing vulgarity & other negatives from the media & most of all abolishing interest-based economy in the country & solving the Kashmir issue.

Riba, Car Leasing, Insurance & the Stock Exchange

Some of the above actions require a change at an individual level as well as the government level e.g. corruption, justice etc

The only politics one should be doing is for establishing Deen Islam.

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Note: Article has been written keeping in mind the newly passed Cyber Crime Bill.

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