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Nauman’s Textbook of Pharmacology 

“The biggest achievement for a teacher is to have done something for his students.”

  • Over 3000 copies sold in one and a half years
  • Most read book by students in Punjab Pakistan especially toppers
  • First book of Pharmacology written by a Pakistani to go through the 3rd Edition
  • Addition of plenty of diagrams and tables
  • More clearer concepts; rational therapeutics of many drugs
  • Classification of drugs given at start of every chapter
  • Only textbook with Learning Objectives given at start of each chapter
  • Comprehensive answers to Most UHS (University of Health Sciences)-type SEQs

    • Each section of the book is preceded by learning objectives of that section.
    • The learning objectives are designed in such a way that all aspects of the section are covered & the following text covers in appropriate detail all the questions & queries pertaining to those learning objectives.
    • The book will be useful for undergraduate medical & dental students of MBBS & BDS respectively as well as postgraduate students of M. Phil and even for students for the FCPS exam and USMLE exams
  • Highly beneficial for students of MBBS, BDS, D Pharm, MPhil and students preparing for USMLE, FCPS, AMC, PLAB & other medical/pharmacology examinations


“Students’ results have improved after reading your book. Most of the top students read it”

(Prof. Hidayat H. Khan, PhD, ex-Professor & Head of Dept, LMDC)

“Dr. Nauman has produced work which I have rarely seen from other professors. I have learned some things from him”

(Prof. Muhammad Arif, PhD, ex-Professor & Head of Dept, IMC)

“Dr. Nauman has the ability to combine information from several books & organize it one book in a beautiful manner. No answer can be found that is not in his book”

(Dr. Azeem Azmi, Associate Professor of Pharmacology, IMC)

‘I have always found the language and understanding better from your manuscripts than others’

(Dr. Hina, Asst. Prof of Pharmacology)

‘It’s an honor for me being your student’, you really are a great mentor for us; sincerity, professionalism, hardworking, enthusiasm & much more were the real lessons which you taught us in a wonderful way’

(Dr. Nawaz Ameen, LMDC)

‘The best teacher ever; thanks a lot for all your hard work, guidance & encouragement’

(Dr. Noor-ul-Ain, IDC)

‘You are one of the best teachers I have come across in my life. Thank you for always being there for us. We are blessed to have to have you as a teacher’.

(Dr. Moeed Naqvi, IDC)

‘Such a healthy writer; stay blessed sir, keep writing.’

 (Dr. Syed Uzair Iqbal, LMDC)

‘I want to thank you for each and every thing for you are the only teacher of IMC who understood the difficulties of students at their level & tried to help us as much as possible.

(Dr. Hira Khalid, IMC)

‘You are an inspiration, an forgettable mentor; your book & mentor has made me a master of pharmacology’ (Dr. Najaf Chaudhry, LMDC)

‘People say that teachers are guides but I believe that nurturing teachers like you are our second parents. You are the best’ (Dr. Saman Ijaz, IMC)

‘I am proud to have you as a teacher sir’ (Dr. Anas Imran, LMDC)

‘One of the most amazing teachers of LMDC; you have always been an inspiration’

(Dr. Fawad Rai, LMDC)

‘I want to thank you for all the effort that you have put in to make us learn and understand Pharmacology. I have realized it more in these few days in our medicine ward. Whenever I go through management in Davidson, your lectures come in my mind and I am able to understand it only because you made us understand drugs so well. You really are one of the best teachers ever. All your students are very lucky sir’

(Dr. Maham Khan, LMDC)

‘Awesome sir! I still read your lecture notes while prescribing medicines instead of reading pharma guide.

 (Dr. Fareeha Tariq, Dr. Arooj Khalid & others, LMDC)

“Sir, you are no less than a father, such an amazing and humble person you are. Students not only admire you they are inspired too!”

(Dr. Rubab Kiran Butt, IMC)

‘I read a few chapters of your book and it covers 3 different books, katzung, lippicott & multiauthor, at the same time; perfect time saver for students. Thank you for making our life so comfortable with this book. You are our ambassador of pharmacology’

(Dr. Sarmad Butt, IMC)

“Best book of Pharmacology, it for sure covers each and every aspect of each topic with detailed description of each group of drugs”

(Dr. Amema Imran Paul, IMC)

“Your book at times really helps us & surely it’s a gift for PG Trainees especially because pharmacology is not an easy subject.

(Dr. Kiran Shah, IIMC)

‘Your sincerity inspires us….your hard work motivates us….You set a great example for all of us’

(Dr. Zahra Malik, IMC)

‘One of the best teachers of IMC’

(Dr. Marium Kaleem, IDC)

‘Best professor of IMDC’

(Dr. Muatar Batool, IDC)

“Most respectable and hardworking teacher ever”

(Dr. Maryam Shahid Malik, IMC)

‘Best teacher of the world’

(Dr. Fariha Mariam, IIMC)

And it goes on ad infinitum……………

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Learning Pharmacology from Nauman’s MCQs

For comprehensive classification of drugs :

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