Following are basic guidelines for an ideal political party for forming and running an ideal government:

  1. Every party should have a written manifesto laying down basic guidelines and principles based upon what the leadership thinks is best economically, financially, culturally, foreign policy etc for the nation based on a 4-5 year plan. No party should make promises that it knows it will not be able to fulfill.

2. Every party should choose patriotic men & women as its leaders. They should be honest, free from corruption & other crimes. These are the basic fundamentals for running a future successful government. Unpatriotic and corrupt leaders should be unceremoniously kicked out of the party so that they don’t get elected.

3. Members of every party should work with sincerity for the party. They should not be aiming and running around for top positions within the party. They should appreciate and propagate with truthfulness good points about their party but also positively criticize the bad points to their party leadership.

4. There should be no element of professional jealousy and leg-pulling within a party. Disputes between members should be resolved amicably. If unsettled issues should be raised in party meetings and solved with mutual concensus.

5. Elections within the party should be held at the base root levels regularly.

6. There are tough questions in politics for which we may have no answers, but one should stick to basic principles and not make compromises, otherwise it would be just hypocrisy

7. Compromising on party principles for paltry & temporary gains is sheer hypocrisy & is always noticed by the intelligent public.

So, once compromises are made, most public confidence is lost and all future good work done by the party maybe taken as granted with no appraisal. It thus becomes a lose-lose situation

8. No party is perfect, but should be ready to accept and thus try to rectify its mistakes. Inability to do so will always lead to more loss and more mistakes

9. One should appreciate the good points of ANY party and condemn the bad points of ALL parties, but before doing so, see if these weaknesses are present in one’s own party as well or not.

10. Once in power a party should try to fulfill all the promises it has made to the public in its manifesto and all other parties should extend their cooperation in good work, BUT also condemn, positively criticize & if possible try to stop wrong actions planned or taken by the government.

11. No government should ever tell lies to the public. Once promises are broken, all trust will have been lost there and then and chances of being re-elected become slim, let alone letting the country fall into further disaster.

12. The first priority of any new government is to improve the socioeconomic conditions of the common man. Then comes health & education. These take priority over culture, entertainment and sports etc.

13. In a country like Pakistan, safety & security of its citizens should also be taken top priority. Each and every life should be considered as valuable as the life of a MP.

14. A new government should try to emulate and even improve the good actions of previous governments and also try to remove as many weaknesses the previous governments may have had.

Every government should try to maintain peaceful relations with its neighbors and all other countries. This will also improve the socioeconomic condition of the country through bringing in more investment.

15. Such ideals of political perfectionism hardly ever exist in any country but these are the basic principles and targets that every party should be aiming for. If all countries in the world acted upon these principles, there would be much needed peace around the world!

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