Ok alright students enough time wasted with that political CONTAINER OSPE! Presented are the learning objectives to see how much you have learned from this live presentation. By now, one should have put all the pieces of the puzzle together!

By the end of this presentation the political student should be able to:

1. Appreciate the fact that Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri was just a puppet/dummy of some organization (s) (So don’t blame all of this on him ALONE).
2. Name the organization(s) behind Dr. Tahir-ul-Qadri
3. Describe the objectives of the organization(s) for the long March.
4. Explain why Dr. Qadri was the chosen puppet? Also explain why he was the wrong choice (from his past history and his behavior at the long march).
5. Barring this idiotic dummy, explain the correctness or otherwise of the cause/objectives of the long march.
6. Explain whether the objectives of Dr. Qadri’s master(s) were achieved or not at the end?
7. Explain whether the timing of the arrest of Prime Minister Mr. Raja Pervaiz Ashraf ordered by Chief Justice of Pakistan was a coincidence or not
8. Deduce which political parties played a pro-establishment role and which played an anti-establishment role and which party remained neutral
9. Explain which side the mainstream media was supporting
10. Name some famous TV anchors and famous journalists supporting the masters of Dr. Qadri and those against them.
11. Explain why the Mainstream media, knowing them all along, did not disclose the masters of Dr.Qadri.
12. Name the establishment and non-establishment/government personnel who went into the puppet’s container for the final talks
13. In short, Identify Dr. Qadri’s ‘Hussainis’and ‘Yazeedis’ that he often mentioned in his speeches
14. Guess the future plans of Dr. Qadri, the puppet!

If you are unable to understand or comprehend these learning objectives, then close your NEWS Channels.This is not your game!

The fact remains that the mainstream media all around the world never tells us the real hidden facts and persons behind the events. Mainstream media around the world has failed to tell us the truth about 9/11, 7/7 in London, 26/7 in Mumbai, 3/3 Pakistan, Raymond Davis Fiasco, Faked killing of Osama Bin Laden, Tradegy at Salala, Malala Drama, Tahrir Square, D-Chowk etc.

The media personnel hide the crimes, the hidden agenda of the politicians, the establishments or the Global elite etc whoever they work for. One feels that for peace to occur around the world, the first people that should be hanged are the corrupt media personnel, and then the criminal and corrupt politicians.

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