‘Objectives behind Project Malala’


After having established without any considerable doubt, in my previous article, that the ‘attack’ on Malala was yet another false flag operation, especially after observing the following tweets found on Twitter of former Australian prime minister Malcolm Fraser supporting Malala by saying:

‘Pakistan rallies behind shot girl This girl has moved the world, let her live and be well’ and see what the response he gets from a famous current australian politician Peter Pyke :

‘Sir, Yes but project Malala : The CIA’s Socio-psychological intelligence operation’.

Now people are asking questions as to why, who benefits out of all this melodrama?

‘Benefits’ of the Malala Hoax

1.  Multibillion Dollar UN Education First Campaign

The fact that the multi-billion dollar U.N. Education First campaign was set to kick off at exactly the same time that Malala was shot is not something that you can ignore. Nor is the fact that her father owns a for-profit school which stands to increase in size and scope immensely from this contrived incident. On top of all of that, there was a vast and growing opposition in Pakistan to U.S. drone strikes and their own government’s brutal crackdown on the opposition in North Waziristan which is now silenced because of the staged attack on Malala.

Gordon Brown is heading up the U.N. Education First program and he immediately latched onto the Malala story making her the front person for his multi-billion dollar global privatization scheme. Here is the chronology of the events:

  • July 2012 – Gordon Brown announced as head of new UN Global for-profit Education program – announces roll-out to be in  “autumn of 2012
  • Sept. 24th 2012 – Global Business Coalition for Education meeting “Girls Education Challenge” published
  • Sept. 27th 2012 – Gordon Brown holds press conference for new UN Global for-profit Education program – one reporter shows up
  • Oct. 2nd 2012 – “The One World Schoolhouse: Education Reimagined” published – lays out plan for global for-profit school system
  • Oct. 5th 2012 – Google Talks with Khan about “One World Schoolhouse” which promotes global for-profit school model
  • Oct. 8th 2012 – Fortune publishes “When Salman Khan met Bill Gates“
  • Oct. 9th 2012 – Malala shooting staged –  her father owns a for-profit school in Pakistan and has aspirations of going national.
  • Oct. 14th 2012 – Gordon Brown declares “Malala’s Next Fight” is to help push the U.N. global for-profit education system

On Oct. 5th 2012, just 4 short days before Malala was supposedly shot and primed to take the stage as the global face of a new United Nations universal education agenda headed by confirmed globalist Gordon Brown, Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt sat on stage with Salman Khan in one of their widely publicized Google Talks.

He has a petition out there called “I am Malala” in which he DEMANDS :

  • We call on Pakistan to agree to a plan to deliver education for every child.
  • We call on all countries to outlaw discrimination against girls.
  • We call on international organizations to ensure the world’s 61 million out-of-school children are in education by the end of 2015.

Problem is, there is a clearly defined history of this new campaign for a global for-profit education system, a “One World Schoolhouse” model which will offer up a nifty pro-Western education for Pakistan’s children, at the cost of billions of tax-payer’s dollars from the middle class of countries already in the throws of an economic terrorism campaign.

2. Fight for Continuation of Drone Strikes

Just a few months before, in Pakistan, lawyers and human rights activists were seeking a declaration that the drone strikes amount to acts of war, in order to pressurize the Pakistani air force into shooting down drones operating in the country’s airspace. Secondly the first serious legal challenge launched in the English courts to the drones campaign, lawyers for a young Pakistani man whose father was killed by a strike from an unmanned aircraft, are seeking to have the sharing of UK locational intelligence declared unlawful.

Then the PTI peace march again drones a few days before the ‘Malala attack’ that gained world wide attention further strengthened the case against drone strikes. Thus the Malala attack provided a great opportunity to restart the drone attacks on the pretext of killing the perpetrators of the crime!

Since Malala’s supposed wounding, U.S. drones have struck three times in North Waziristan killing a total of 20 people. If the disclosed percentages hold true, 17 of them were neither “terrorists” nor active fighters of any kind; and several of them were children.were neither “terrorists” nor active fighters of any kind; and several of them were children. ‘We have to kill their children to protect our and your children like Malala’ is their repeated reply to protest against drone strikes.

Where is the justability of that? Malala sits comfortably in a hospital in the heart of the global financial terrorism capital of the world (London) while other children and civilians die on the ground under rubble and ash. Malala’s father meets with executives from the Global Business Coalition on Education while other fathers make arraignments to bury their children!

The drone strikes are dismantling civilization in regions of Pakistan where they are being used to silence dissent. A recent study about how life under the constant threat of death from above shows that people avoid the very kinds of collective human activity and community that makes civilizations what they are. It’s a long term destabilization campaign designed to make people terrified to come together in any meaningful community-based manner. That includes sending your kids to school. But of course, that’s because the Taliban kills teachers and students, right? Wrong.

“A damning dossier assembled from exhaustive research into the strikes’ targets sets out in heartbreaking detail the deaths of teachers, students and Pakistani policemen.” Daily Mail. It’s even admitted in this article that the Pakistani military in North Waziristan use local schools in their ongoing military campaigns thus making those schools a target and being able to add them to a list of schools damaged by the Taliban.

3. To Make Case Stronger for North Waziristan Operation

Right after the Malala staged drama, America and the western world all had this “see, we told you” look. The national consensus orchestrated by the Pakistan government against American drones lead to the following American reply: you have foreign terrorists sitting in North Waziristan and if you don’t go after them, America will go on using drones. And a few days after, this Malala attack was orchestrated to make the case stronger for operation in North Waziristan. The Pakistan Army has been resisting the temptation to do so for various reasons including having its hands already full with in so many other battles and due to the gravity of the consequences if such an operation did take place.


4. To blur the reaction of the people for the anti-Islam film against the Holy Prophet

Emotions were running high throughout the Muslim world against the anti-Islam film against the Holy Prophet (PBUH) that even resulted in YouTube being blocked in many countries including Pakistan. There were calls for introducing an international law against any sort of insult to the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as in the case of the Jewish ‘Holocaust’. Right after this Malala drama, everything was forgotten, even this blasphemy against our Holy Prophet and the Tehreek Nifaz Liberal Organization took charge (TNLO) !

5. To Create a better image of Americans in Pakistani society

“74% Pakistanis consider United States an enemy country, up from 64% a year ago, according to a recent survey. It is mainly because they believe USA is the major cause of the mess in their country including bringing the war on terror to the country; US and NATO were responsible for the unprovoked Salala massacre of 24 Pakistani soldiers; then the endless ‘do more’ mantra and continuous demand to mount an operation in North Waziristan; the endless drone attacks; the Pakistanis believe Americans were behind the Osama Bin Laden fiasco and the Memo-Gate scandal; the US-India strategic and nuclear agreements have also added fuel to the fire under which India has now more say in Afghanistan than Pakistan. USA may have tried to divert the anger towards the Taliban and the problems with the militants in North Waziristan and the FATA areas; and thus in this way create a better image of themselves.


6. Pakistan Blaming the Attack on Afghan Militants

Pakistan in return has been quick in blaming the attack on Afghan militants including Mullah Fazlullah. Pakistan has often accused the Afghan and ISAF authorities of Afghan militants crossing the border and perpetrating terror attacks in the northern belt of Pakistan.

Pakistan has shared a dossier with Afghanistan and ISAF on the issue of Maulana Fazalullah’s alleged involvement in the attack on Malala Yousafzai and two other girls.

Pakistan had requested Afghanistan to hand over Maulana Fazlullah, claiming that he was involved in planning major attacks in Pakistan from across the border, including the attack on peace activist Malala Yousufzai.

Afghan authorities had said that Islamabad has not shared with them any intelligence regarding the presence of fugitive Pakistani Taliban, including the notorious Mullah Fazlullah, in eastern Afghanistan. Sources added that Fazlullah has been involved in planning 15 major attacks in Pakistan, from Afghanistan, including attacks on security check posts and villages which have claimed almost 200 lives. Maulana Fazlullah, also nicknamed “Mullah Radio” is the leader of banned militant outfit Tehreek-e-Nafaz-e-Shariat-e-Mohammadi (TNSM). Known for his fiery radio broadcasts in Swat Valley, he is also sometimes referred to as chief of the Swat Taliban.

The REAL GAME behind Project Malala

So what is the real game behind this blame game? Americans blaming Pakistan and Pakistan blaming Americans? What is the real deal?

The problem was the Taliban. They had worked a deal with the Taliban from ’95-’98 to build the massive pipeline which would bring LNG and oil from the Caspian Sea basin to the developing India/Pakistan territories but unfortunately, the investors insisted that U.S. troops be stationed in Afghanistan to protect their investments along the route of the pipeline. The Taliban wanted assurances that they be officially recognized as the legitimate government in Afghanistan. Negotiations broke down.

Back in those thier days, the Clinton and Bush regimes didn’t give a damn about  Malala’s “rights”. All they cared about was a pipeline deal. Everyone knows that liquid gold is going to be pumped into the neoliberalized free-trade zones of India and South China while the American tax-payers foot the bill in the interests of “national security”. The question is, who can promise the most stable and secure means by which to transport it? And who can do it for less? Time was running out. The people of USA don’t want another war for oil. Enter little courageous Malala.

In the forefront of this global economic/energy conflict, are two main pipeline concepts designed to bring enormous amounts of LNG to the energy starved regions of Pakistan, India and South China: the TAPI (trans-Afghan) pipeline, supported by the U.S., Britain, and NATO countries and you have the IPI (Peace Pipeline) supported by the Iranians, the Russians, the Chinese and certain politicians in Pakistan.

“The tussle over the IPI and the TAPI is not a mere economic battle; it has far-reaching geopolitical dimensions. The IPI and TAPI are symbols of the ‘new great game’ – the main goal of which is gaining control of oil and gas reserves in this region. The US and its allies want Pakistan to abdicate the IPI and pursue the TAPI only; India has already done so. Now, China and Russia are supporting Pakistan to withstand the US pressure for giving up the IP project.” The Nation May 2012

The trans-Afghan pipeline is underway but meeting heavy resistance from various nationalist groups in both Pakistan and Afghanistan who seem to resent this pipeline being secured through their country by a foreign occupying force at the barrel of a drone missile strike while the Peace Pipeline is now moving forward in the Balochistan area of Pakistan since they finally secured a contract with Russia to build the final Pakistani leg of the pipeline. India is still waiting in the wings and no one actually believes they will reject the LNG once the Peace Pipeline is complete.

In order to understand the Malala psyop, one must understand the players involved and the nature of the micro-political tensions inside Pakistan. The two areas which are most referenced by the talking heads in the military (namely the ISPR propaganda branch of the Pakistani military) when it comes to talking about the rising Taliban influence in Pakistan that must now be crushed because of little innocent Malala, are the Swat Valley and Balochistan and they are key regions in both the IPI (Peace Pipeline) and the TAPI (trans-Afghan pipeline).

The United States (and by that I mean the Carlyle Group, Unocal, Exxon, Chevron, JPMorgan Chase, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Barclays, BP, Bank of England, Royal Dutch Shell, etc) wants to clear the path for their stalled Trans Afghan Pipeline (Turkmenistan-Afghanistan-Pakistan-India (TAPI)) while they wish to stop Gasprom from building the last stage, the Pakistani stage, of the Iran-Pakistan pipeline, the Peace Pipeline which is set to begin construction by Russian crews in December of this year with completion targeted for 2014.

When was the last time you actually heard a politician or a politicians mouthpiece like CNN claim “you’re with us or with the terrorists”? Yes, that’s right, it was when they wanted to go into Iraq to get all that oil. It was when they wanted to start bombing Afghanistan to get rid of the stumbling block to the Trans Afghan Pipeline. And the same global elite were asking Pakistani’s rulers once again ‘Are you with us or against us?’ and we obliged once again……

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