Pakistan Earthquake, Nuclear Tests and HAARP

“They said, “O Zul-Qarnain, indeed Gog and Magog are [great] corrupters in the land.”

(Holy Quran: 18: 94)

This is most likely another of one of the corruptions of Gog and Magog discussed here:

The Corruption of the Modern Day Gog and Magog

Former US Secretary of Defense William Cohen speaking at the University of Georgia, said ‘I have no doubt that the US has the capability to cause an earthquake the magnitude of the one that hit Pakistan.’

“Washington’s New World Order Weapons Have the Ability to Trigger Climate Change”

On June 19, 1992, the United States conducted an underground nuclear bomb test in Nevada. Another test was conducted only four days afterwards. Three days later, a series of heavy earthquakes as high as 7.6 on the Richter scale rocked the Mojave desert 176 miles to the south. They were the biggest earthquakes to hit California this century.

Only 22 hours later, an “unrelated” earthquake of 5.6 struck less than 20 miles from the Nevada test site itself. It was the biggest earthquake ever recorded near the test site and caused one-million dollars of damage to buildings in an area designated for permanent disposal of highly radioactive nuclear wastes only fifteen miles from the epicenter of the earthquake. Although the quake provoked renewed calls for a halt to plans for storing radioactive materials in such an unstable area, the larger questions have still not been raised in the United States:

Do nuclear bomb tests actually cause earthquakes? Do nuclear tests make the planet more prone to geologic disruption? Whiteford studied all earthquakes this century of more than 5.8 on the Richter scale. “Below that intensity,” he explained, “some earthquakes would have passed unrecorded in the earlier part of the century when measuring devices were less sensitive and less ubiquitous. But for bigger quakes the records are detailed and complete for the entire planet.”

HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare

So Whiteford was able to make a simple comparison of the earthquake rate in the first half of the century, before nuclear testing, and the rate for 1950 to 1988. In the fifty years before testing, large earthquakes of more than 5.8 occurred at an average rate of 68 per year. With the advent of testing the rate rose “suddenly and dramatically” to an average of 127 a year. The earthquake rate has almost doubled. To this day the U.S. military attributes the increase to “coincidence.” . . .

In an even more revealing analysis, Whiteford studies so-called “killer earthquakes” in which more than one thousand people have died. He compiled a list of all such quakes since 1953 and matched them with nuclear test schedules. Some test dates were not available, but in those that were, a pattern was evident: 62.5% of the killer earthquakes occurred only a few days after a nuclear test.

Many struck only one day after a detonation. More than a million people have now died in earthquakes that seem to be related to nuclear tests. Again, the governments of the nuclear nations claim the results are mere coincidence. Officially the U.S. energy department maintains that even their most powerful nuclear tests have no impact beyond a radius of 15 miles.

The claim is challenged by the instruments of modern seismology that can register nuclear tests anywhere in the world by measuring local geological disruptions. Whiteford speculated that although the reverberations may fade within fifteen miles of a test, they are merely the first ripple of a wave that travels through the planet’s crust and spreads around the globe.

Within the data he found other suggestive patterns. The one-two nuclear test punch that preceded by only a few days the July earthquakes in California this year may reveal a special danger. The largest earthquake this century took place in Tangshan in North-East China on July 27 1976. It measured 8.2 and killed 800,000 people. Only five days earlier the French had tested a bomb in the Mururoa atoll in the Pacific. Four days later the United States tested a bomb in Nevada. Twenty-four hours later the earthquake hit China.

Who will the world hold responsible if suddenly an unprecedented series of violent earthquakes and volcanoes shake the earth? Will nuclear testers be able to assure the world they were not responsible?

Decisions announced by the American  administration to “limit” tests in size and number for five years are meaningless. They represent little or no change from what in fact has been the practice for the last several years. They avoid dealing with the mounting call by Congress and the world–through the UN–for a halt by all nations to all testing forever.

Any US President will actually veto any effort to halt testing. Bush said he wanted testing to continue “for at least ten years” to check the safety and reliability of nuclear bombs. The Russians and the French no longer feel the need to conduct such “checks,” and have halted testing altogether. Why cannot the USA?

Various studies by British, American, German, Japanese and Canadian scientists have warned that nuclear tests are weakening the Earth’s crust, triggering earthquakes and causing the poles to shift.  Within a microsecond of an underground nuclear test, billions of atoms involved in the explosion release enormous amount of energy –pressure inside the exploding device reach several thousand kilometers and temperatures as high as 100 million degrees.

Often individuals wonder whether construction of a reservoir, hydrocarbon production, or the injection of fluids into the ground caused an earthquake at a specific location. Several well-documented cases exist where such large engineering projects and damaging earthquakes are genetically related.

In most of these cases, the engineering projects themselves most likely did not create the stresses that caused the earthquake, but rather changed local conditions in such a way as to allow an earthquake to occur.” says the abstract of a Ph.D thesis submitted to a Western University and that is what HAARP is doing!

HAARP (High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program)

Yes. It’s true. USA & Russia in competition own the very new technology which can cause huge alteration in earth’s atmosphere. They have been working on this project since 1981. and recently both of the countries have been found claiming each other for causing natural disasters all around the world specially Tsunami in Indonesia, Hurricane Katrina, & Wilma (more to come), Earthquake in Pakistan and many other natural disasters which are indirectly artificially created by such nations (USA, RUSSIA).

Evidence from Ahadith:

At the moment, everyone might be astonished by reading this fact, but truly it is now possible to control weather and use the weather as the most disastrous weapon in upcoming wars. The technology which is widely used by USA and Russia is called HAARP.

The HAARP array in Alaska, the most powerful in the world and part of the Strategic Defence Initiative, is capable of sending an enormously powerful electromagnetic pulse at a targeted point deep underground, anywhere on the Earth. Those who monitor HAARP transmissions have observed unusual bursts of activity preceding a recent number of seismic events. It could mean nothing, but are people crazy for taking notice?

The objective of this Project is to determine physical nature of the induced seismicity under electromagnetic impact caused by the MHD generator and to develop a technology of the controlled electromagnetic impact (EMI) on the Earth crust aimed at the seismic hazard reduction.

Physics of HAARP

Seismicity (Geographical and historical distribution of earthquakes) is a process that is highly sensitive to external impacts, both natural and technogenic. The induced seismicity is caused mainly by human technological activity.

Changes in the seismicity regime are observed during water-storage reservoir flooding; in the regions where intensive oil & gas extraction takes place; during deep-well disposal of wastes, etc. Also stated is the fact that underground nuclear explosions may effect spatio-temporal seismicity distribution and initiate its increase at separations up to 200-2,000 km.

Recently, principally new results are obtained concerning the seismicity regime variation under the EMI (Earthquakes and Megacities Initiative) caused by the MHD (magnetohydronamic) generator. The preliminary analysis of the EMI results shows the following principal features of such induced seismicity:

Significant spatio-temporal variations of the seismicity regime are revealed: the seismic activity after the MHD runs is pronouncedly higher than before the runs.

Sharp activation of local earthquakes takes place on 2th-7th day after the MHD runs, its duration being within several days.

The increment of the total energy release after the MHD runs is 5 to 6 orders of magnitude higher than total energy inserted into the load from the MHD generator.

Also noted is a tendency to spatial coincidence of the induced seismicity zones with the active areas of seismogenerating zones.

The analysis seismicity variation with depth shows that the highest response takes place in the upper 5-km layer of the earth crust.

We are witnessing boys in men’s bodies being enabled to play with toys UNIMAGINABLY dangerous and toxic. If we don’t collectively–AND SOON–succeed in redirecting the brilliance of these people into positive, life-affirming and life-enhancing endeavors, we will surely witness the evolutionary progress of life on Mother Earth over the past 25,000 years pushed over the edge into the abyss of non-being for many, many millennia to come.

Thus HAARP seems to be a reality; at the least it cannot be dismissed. Scientists, geologists and meterologists have confirmed the above facts.

Recent Developments

Russia and other independent research agencies have claimed in the last 10 years that floods in Pakistan in 2010 and several times after were caused by HAARP weather technology:

Similar for floods in the Middle East including Saudi Arabia and UAE

From Pakistan to Iran to India to greater Middle East…its freak weather which is wrecking havoc to the region….
What on earth is happening..? decades of messing with nature, global warming, artificial modification of weather, cutting down of forests:

May Allah Almighty have mercy on us. Ameen.

And Allah knows best

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