PTI : A Party of Turncoats

PTI another status quo Party? :

Why PTI is Just Another Status Quo Party

Mr. Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan

Welcome to PTI’s Taliban spokesman, Mr. Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan! This person Mr. Fayyaz-ul-Hassan Chohan, representing PTI on TV talk-shows the last few days, is well known to me since my college days. He is basically a seemingly nice but quite an emotional person (like most ultra-conservative Muslims). This emotional (and very pathetic) attitude was quite evident throughout the two shows.

He was our city leader of Islami Jamiat Talaba (student wing of JI) in early 90s. I remember him taking me unexpectedly & suddenly to Asghar Mall college one day, which I afterwards found out, was for a physical confrontation with MSF (Muslim Student Federation). And I also found out later that he had packed my car with live ammunition! I immediately ran away from the scene and heard afterwards of casualties from the scenario.

Later on he came member of Pasban and Shabab Milli (JI’s militant wings). It was only later on that I found out that he became an MPA of Jamaati Islami under MMA. Okay that was little bit surprising but expected, him being a political leader of student wing of an Islamic party since childhood. But what shocked me afterwards was his joining PML Q and then his joining PTI, in other words an ever revolving LOTA.

My friend adds here: “Mr Fayyaz met me in early days of Rawalpindi Medical College in a rally against America on Murri road where he introduced himself from my town Sargodha.He was burning american flag and a jeans wearing dummy .I asked why u always burn jeans. He said its American culture. Few months later he met me in RMC college ground in EID milan party. He was wearing jeans. When i asked Mr. Fayyaz why u r wearing American culture. He became aggressive and started shouting at me in my college. A doctor save me at that time”

I personally believe, from the FATWAS and Islamic lecture he was giving in these talk shows, that he does NOT belong in PTI, because this is not the motto nor style of PTI, and because the FATWAS he was giving could also apply to many people of PTI including his leader as well.

He was literally hitting below the belt ‘ Get Maulana’s (Mr. Fazlur Rahman) blood test done’, ‘Haq Char Yar’, Maulana sitting with Na-Mahram lady whose legs were uncovered (such type of accusations could easily be thrown back at his own leader; I mean, seriously what kind of non-parlimentary street language nonstop nonsense was that?

And then his false claim in defense that Imran Khan and PTI unlike Mr. Fazlur Rahman did not get votes in the name of Islam! Did he forget ‘Islamic Welfare State, Madina Model State and other campaign slogans? There were so many other false claims, reports and FATWAS that they are not worth mentioning.

I am sure even many PTI supporters must have been disappointed watching his shows. His right place is in some extremist party like the TALIBAN (TTP); that is where he rightly belongs! It is people like him that promote the image of Taliban Khan.

This blog is not in any way to favor Mr. Fazlur-Rahman who is basically a copy of Mr. Chohan; it’s basically a case of two Maulvis of two different parties fighting over Halva (misusing Islam for political gains)!

It is also to point out that most of the top leaders/MPAs/MNAs like Mr. Chohan have come from status quo and thus PTI has now become a part of the status quo. No new Pakistan, its all old stuff!

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Why PTI is Just Another Status Quo Party

3 thoughts on “PTI : A Party of Turncoats

  1. During a talk show dated 4-feb-2014 I was sure that this guy must be from IJT, He could be a disgrace to any party that he joins because IJT and Jamat e Islami pollute your mind and make you believe in irrationalism. I found your blog when I was trying to look for his profile.

  2. Mr chohan behave like a spoiled kid ,having no shame. He can be a good help to Imran khan for changing his room bedshits which gets dirty due to frequent presence of “F” species in his villa.

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